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  1. Minutes applause before the Holland , Northern Ireland game. Rousing from the whole stadium. NI boys now doing the bouncy, brilliant.
  2. Was working in Lloret that summer and went to the game with 2 Dutch mates. One of them got lifted after the first goal. Not sure why we didn't get lifted but went back to Lloret after the game thinking that's the last we'll see of him(Franco's regime), but he turned up next morning. They were only interested in those with British passports so released him, lucky guy. His best mate was Ruud Krol (Ajax) who stayed in our flat for a couple of nights .
  3. Colin Stein hat trick,was that not his first game after joining from Hiv's from memory he also scored the only goal against them in the cup the following couple weeks.
  4. Rangers 2 Aberdeen 2 1959 Even remember the team Niven Little Caldow Davis Paterson Stevenson Scott McMillan Murray Baird Wilson
  5. BBC reporting their pitch is diseased surely got it wrong must have really meant club.
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