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  1. tbf if he scores the chances we maybe win 1-0 at parkhead and draw/win the 2-3 game at Ibrox so it might have meant something haha
  2. so did Villarreal tbf and we beat them on away goals
  3. Would take a Haller and Jovic less Frankfurt right this second to be honest.
  4. couldn't care less if he scored against celtic or not. if jack, arfield, Kent want to do it and win us games and Morelos scores 30+ against everybody else then I genuinely could not give 2 fucks.
  5. No point trying to even ask him questions like this, cunts an absolute moon howler. 'Alright, names Bears, thoughts on pedos?'
  6. It's as if you can't talk about football with any of your mates that are celtic fans without mentioning it for some people in here. It's mental. It's a podcast talking about footballing issues (I assume, no that I have or plan to listen)
  7. I don't go about my work asking celtic fans what they think about Child abuse nah. Would be pretty fucking weird.
  8. Just to clarify, do you do that in your own place of work? Nah?
  9. you're overly angry for something you don't need to listen too. fairly embarrassing to see
  10. You’ve counted 6 mistakes? (Made them up) if correct, he got 14 goals and 14 assist? So his goal difference is +22. Decent going.
  11. No thanks, ForeverAndEver.
  12. You are worse than forever and ever and he calls players rats
  13. Talking shite. Offside, Down the left backs side and cut back, coulibally then toes it onto their goal scorer. You’re talking utter pish.
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