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  1. There’s a Middleton street in Alexandria.
  2. Tbf you’re probably only ever 4/5 players away from matching anyone. albeit two of those 4/5 are Messi and Ronaldo
  3. I remember this game. Was disappointed to only have a 1 goal lead at the time but the harchester keeper was superb. Some header from Amato. Always thought that Scott Lucas was over rated.
  4. Dream team was incredible. Linda Blocks heel turn was sensational. Jamie Parker having schizophrenia n being gunned down by the army in the Harchester United stadium was a great episode! So tense.
  5. think to be a club legend you have to have some longevity combined with good success. For me people like Wallace and McCulloch fall under this category. Very subjective question though
  6. First things first the cunt needs to learn English.
  7. Ignore the cunt. He always goes on about serial losers but he’s the biggest fucking serial loser out the lot. Talks constant shite. He might as well be a fucking fenian the amount he hates most of our players. Cunt
  8. Nah I don’t mean it like that. Was just saying just because someone follows and spends lots of money doesn’t mean they have any football knowledge other than watching if you get me? Fuck the pope
  9. Just cause people spend money it doesn’t always mean they know what they’re talking about tbf
  10. If that’s the case it’s not on your credit file anymore. As long as you’ve no bumped anybody since 2013.
  11. Got told he’s very forgetful to the extent the players thought he was losing the plot. Dementia is what I’ve heard from a couple of guys now.
  12. I was referring to Barisic, thought a few posters mentioned him prior to my post. Grezda is shite
  13. you do not start for Croatia without being a good footballer. Some people just don’t suit the game of football in Scotland.
  14. Burts91


    Both goals were from set pieces.
  15. Biggest difference for me this season is last minute goals. We have lost probably around 8-10 points due to these where as celtic have gained around 15. mentality is as much a difference as player quality imo.
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