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  1. Burts91


    Last year knocked out of Europe by Progres. This year one game to get to the last 32. 1 more point in the league this year. Definitely a lot of improvement.
  2. celtic fans have said we aren't the same club for years. celtic have said the same. Why give them any special treatment in terms of ticket allocation? The Full Broomloan to those horrible cunts was always horrible to see. Worst site in football is watching them celebrate a goal at ibrox with a full stand of green and white in our stadium. Hopefully they don't take the allocation, Liewells a fanny. We continue to take whatever we can to the piggery. Fuck celtic, fuck their fans and fuck their club. The more Rangers fans that get to watch the games at Ibrox the better.
  3. Burts91

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    Shouldn't matter what team we play. We are better than Aberdeen with any of Flanagan, Halliday or Barisic starting. Coulibaly started really well, maybe worth playing him through poor form to see if he becomes the same player again. Personally think we massively missed his energy in the first old firm game so wouldn't be shocked if he starts that as well. Fancy us to do the business tonight. Crush Aberdeen by 3 or 4 goals after a hopefully quick start.
  4. Burts91

    Did the 'journey' finally end yesterday?

    The journeys over when we see the Brendan Rodgers decapitated heed in gerrards left hand whilst the league title is being lifted by his right hand. Lets also have Liewells body parts used corner flags at Ibrox.
  5. Burts91

    That Was One Hell Of A 0-0 Draw.

    I think they are a good team, definitely beatable though.
  6. Burts91

    That Was One Hell Of A 0-0 Draw.

    Quite clearly they are not pish.
  7. Burts91

    That Was One Hell Of A 0-0 Draw.

    A poor team who have beaten Betis, drawn with Valencia, Atletico and top of the league Sevilla. Very poor team.
  8. Burts91

    Windass Meets Si Ferry

    he played against Aberdeen
  9. Burts91


    Cannot believe people genuinely think this guy is a remotely talented footballer. It's honestly true that absence makes the heart grow fonder because he's dog shit. Infact, worse than dog shit. You throw a ball at a pile of dog shit and it would control it better. Absolutely no hoper, hopefully never ever see him in a Rangers team again. Terrible.
  10. Burts91

    Alexandria balloch

    agree with this prick
  11. Burts91

    Alexandria balloch

    Glenroy or McKenzies
  12. Burts91

    Gaffers reaction

    how can you expect someone who was in mid air to stay on their feet when the landing foot was swept away from them? Wild shout.
  13. Burts91

    Never winning the title this season

    It doesn't seem as though very many people have perspective on fan forums at times. Everything can't click instantly. Players have played Thursday sunday now for weeks. There has been 14 new signings , a new management team, we effectively have a whole new squad this season as opposed to last season. I would much rather be in this position domestically and be in the Europa league group stages than have 12 points and be out of Europe. Europe is massive for us as it shows actual progression, where as a league season is 38 games long with a ton of twists and turns. This international break has come at pretty much the perfect time, the squad can gel more when training together and it gives us time to get a couple players back from injury. We have seen much better teams go to them, Aberdeen and motherwell and drop points. Our main issue last season was the home form in the league. Give players a bit of time because Rome wasn't built in a day. Gerrard has laid down defensive foundations that make us VERY difficult to beat. We have a much, much stronger squad now than we have for years. We are a fanbase who, dependant on ages, have been potentially spoiled with sucess' for many decades. Try and give everything a bit of time and a full season, there will be up's and downs for certain but there has been so much progress made in such a small timescale considering we have a manager who is taking control of his first club. I have no doubt that with the players we have brought in, who are good players, that over the next couple of months everything will look much better.
  14. Burts91

    A Case For The Defence...

    If you make yourself difficult to beat you'll always have a chance to win games.
  15. Burts91

    Another signing incoming maybe