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  1. But at the same time we have kept a clean sheet every time he has played...
  2. Helander is too slow. Luckily not many teams in SPFL will be good enough to take advantage of that.
  3. Both are very good striker. Both have what the other Lacks. Morelos lacks a bit of composure in front of goal and possibly good close control. Edouard has both of these. But what morelos lacks can be taught. What Edouard lacks cannot be.
  4. Happy with the three points but that display in their final third tonight was absolutely shocking. Generally good performance though shouldve absolutely horsed them by 4 or 5.
  5. Mcgregor tavernier goldson Katic Flan (if fit) barisic if not davis jack aribo arfield ojo morelos
  6. Tbf Dumbarton is full of Curries, McIlroys n deeleys. Inbred as fuck. Fenian tarrier minks St Pats amateur team is the product of inbreeding. Pretty decent at football but it helps when you’ve got mongo strength etc
  7. Winning when we don’t play well is the most important thing. We play shite last year we drop points. This year we’ve played shite a lot and only lost one Game. Hopefully they play into form
  8. There isn’t anything about Legia. celtic though in trouble for effectively doing the same. Consistency 🤔🤔
  9. If you Genuinelly don’t think it’s a horrible thing to do, ask how a guys dead sister is to his face, then you’re the issue here. Singings songs etc is nowhere near the same as going up to someone and asking how their dead relative is. If it happened to any one of us in the street we’d be fucking furious and want blood.
  10. Is that another quote from his eleven year old? 😁
  11. Is that what happened? Sky showed absolutely zero clips of it so I thought something must have happened to Morelos
  12. Quite clearly doesn’t trust the quality of his wingers
  13. One hundred and two. The amount of points to play for. Today we lost 3.
  14. Always gonna be a few like that. Cunts say nothing when we win n crawl out under their rocks when things like today happen.
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