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  1. you said we couldn't claw back points against them, that is a disgusting attitude for a supposed bear, away back to your soap dodging forum
  2. they are worse than parasites, they have no shame, everything going on in the world and all they want is a tainted title
  3. I know , keeper had a bunnet on as well that clip is hilarious, in amongst that crowd anyone up for a game of cards
  4. away back to your own forum, you are worth watching
  5. as per people have said no disrespect to him but when you look at it he was one of the ones who said nothing and quite happy to keep the clubs filthy secret under cover, it's a certainty there will be an inquiry into the abuse but it will be when all these guys have snuffed it and taken what they know with them, so will not be taking part in the applause, the club are just playing right into the hands of the media with this applause as they will be highlighting any of our fans that don't take part, Rangers fans shocking display there is the headline
  6. Think this is going to be 2-1 to the famous, win today and make the last few games interesting, anyone going to the game stay safe
  7. This is the 2nd time Rangers players have been attacked by the junkies, wtf is going to be done about it, sweep sweep probably
  8. here is Steve Clark getting ready for his second half team talk
  9. totally agree about he shouldn't have been red carded, think that should be appealed
  10. 3-1 for us and put these sheep shagging bastards back in their place
  11. the pitches should not be allowed that is a given, but that excuse only goes so far as there is one of those pitches at the Hummel training centre, so surely they could practice on that before playing at these stupid grounds that have them, so they can at least get a bit better on them
  12. what a performance from every player they should play like this every week, a few good additions in the transfer window and 55 is on
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