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  1. 😂😂😂 your right someone at BBC will find their desk cleared and stuff in a box, get it right up the BBC shower of shite
  2. This is the 2nd time Rangers players have been attacked by the junkies, wtf is going to be done about it, sweep sweep probably
  3. Defoe got no service today and the midfield kept passing sideways
  4. mjg224


    he is past it, we have a lot better than him he was woeful today and has been any games he has played for us
  5. mjg224


    agree with this thought he was very good and looking forward to see how he develops
  6. here is Steve Clark getting ready for his second half team talk
  7. totally agree about he shouldn't have been red carded, think that should be appealed
  8. 3-1 for us and put these sheep shagging bastards back in their place
  9. he needs to find a consistent starting 11 and don't think he should have changed the team from the one that tore apart the beasts from the east
  10. the pitches should not be allowed that is a given, but that excuse only goes so far as there is one of those pitches at the Hummel training centre, so surely they could practice on that before playing at these stupid grounds that have them, so they can at least get a bit better on them
  11. not making excuses just highlighting that when we play them there is always a break after it, you are right there is no excuse for that poor performance but it seems to be anytime there is a break we lose all momentum and that is something that needs to change
  12. not making excuses for that poor perfomance last night but why the last few games v them has their either been an international break or winter break, if we played Kilmarnock after that game the team would still be buzzing and maintained the momentum, the other side if we get beat we have to wait weeks to back into action, on a side note Defoe and Davis should not have been on from the start
  13. mjg224


    should have kept his head down, no need for the fist pumping at the end bit disrespectful to his new employers and not doing much to help himself being liked by our support
  14. it should have been the same starting 11 from the last game, we need to stop signing old players looking for a last pay day, there also must be some good up and coming prospects from the youth set up that could do a job
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