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  1. He won't be doing any favour to Rangers until he retires from International football and even then would remain to be seen if he could get back to last seasons performance level !
  2. It was very similar to the games against them last season - cut back and Wham Bam !
  3. I think that Goldson is probably the best of the four centre backs BUT he has hardly missed a match since he came here. Always supported him but he seems to have become a bit error prone so, maybe, dropping him may actually be a good thing as it would take pressure off him and help him recover his reliable form !
  4. Nah - we just need a new RB !
  5. Against these cheating c-n-s I am not too optimistic given the referee's performance thus far !
  6. If the players look to the technical area and see the gaffer displaying motivational signs the they are likely to be motivated and react accordingly. SG doesn't seem to be quite as enthusiastic these days IMO .
  7. I think you are doing a disservice to the EFL Championship - try League One ! 😁
  8. Not so much a step down as a leap into the unknown, Dodoo to become a latter day dodo ! anyone ?
  9. I wonder if he would have been signed if the club had thought there was ever a realistic chance of signing Ryan Kent on a permanent !
  10. Agreed and also don't keep backing off and backing off - sometimes tackle is required !
  11. The whole problem is Tav is not a defender therefore shouldn't be playing RB. Tav is great but I've always maintained he should be starting in midfield
  12. I agree, the problem SG has is that Helander is left footed so may be considered a shoe in for LCB. It's a conundrum for sure but definitely Goldson should be an interested spectator for a while as SG considers Katic (who has been playing well) V Edmundson (who has never ever put a foot wrong)
  13. Davis made more than a few uncharacteristic through balls / poor passes but he was certainly better than most / all of the others !
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