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  1. It's what they do anywhere else when season tickets are sold out or nearly !
  2. Greegsy, although he is a great stopper, has his shortcomings including his distribution ! He appears also to have a bit of the red mist syndrome which has resulted in red card(s) or near misses ! He is 37 now so I hope that the management team are actively looking at his situation and especially with regard to potential successors - was disappointed to see Kelly go as I thought he could have proved excellent in the long term ! I think we have all become aware of his discipline problems over this past season
  3. Algeran


    Daniel is a complete enigma, He is utter gash for a substantial part of the time then delivers worldy goals or assists - not really enough to justify a starting berth or even being retained. We need players who are able to demonstrate a half decent level of consistency !
  4. Don't the Mods/Administrators just get rid of this shit ? We just rose to the bait and now/soon it will be all over Kerryfail Street ! Sorry I see he has now presumably been banned !
  5. I agree. it would be the wrong message to send if Morelos were to start and you don't tinker with a winning side. But at this stage in their careers, Morelos is clearly the better player ( potentially ) ! As for the here and now ?
  6. Personally I hope not ! and NO I am not a tarrier in disguise !! Need to take into account the minutes he has left us playing with 10 men AND the number of games for which he has been unavailable due to suspension ! And yes we will be extremely lucky to get anything like £12m for him considering 5 Reds and 17 Yellows this season so far !
  7. Absolutely no point in playing Worrall now as he will be going back to Forest unless, that is, you have 'dreams' of catching the scum between now and the end of the season ! Whilst SG will no doubt be looking towards the window, he will also be looking at the best he can get out of current players so, unless he has expectations of signing some on a permanent, perhaps you shouldn't expect too much between now and then ! PS. I think that Goldson has the ability but has burned out and will be fine next season now he knows what to expect !
  8. Too early to even discuss - come back in two years !
  9. Algeran


    That is how I read the SFA site so CG should be available. He played against the scum in December with the benefit of pain killing injections and I fear that he is still carrying that same injury from before that time. IMO, he is still the best centre back we have !
  10. Personally Kent yes, Worrall I hope not !
  11. Frankly, at the time in January/February, I would have been content to see him going back but, given Goldson's injury, it was probably as well we had Worrall available as McAuley didn't fill me with confidence.
  12. Agreed and Katic also has a goalscoring ability !
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