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  1. 73LEE

    Sheep v Rangers

    Morning everyone. I'm looking for one adult ticket for my son. Happy to swap a Villarreal match ticket if someone can help me out. Thanks a lot. Please PM me. Cheers, Lee.
  2. 73LEE

    Europa Tickets

    OK mate, no worries. Cheers
  3. 73LEE

    Europa Tickets

    I can't make the Moscow match, but want to go to the Villareal match. Would you like to go halfs on the 2 match package? You take the Moscow tickets and I take the Villareal tickets. I am looking for 2 tickets. Cheers mate
  4. 73LEE

    Europa Tickets

    Do you have 2 tickets available for the Villareal match mate?
  5. 73LEE

    Rangers v Spartak Moscow

    Morning everyone. They are selling the 2 match package online now. I can't go to the Moscow match, but I am home for the Villareal match. I am looking for 2 tickets for the Villareal match. Would anyone like to go half's with me on the 2 ticket package - you take the Moscow tickets, and I take the Villarreal tickets? Thanks in advance guys and girls. WATP
  6. 73LEE

    Sheep v Rangers

    Morning, afternoon or evening Bears! Just throwing my name in for 2 tickets if available. Would even take the 1 if I could get hold of that! Cheers in advance, and fingers crossed!!