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  1. exactly man and it willl always be ibrox to us but we need a bigger ground every home game this season has been a sell out.
  2. why not go to sony,samsung,coke cola and l bet you would get 25million at-least for a 10 year lease ?
  3. We should get some company to sponsor ibrox (i know it's a touchy subject ) and that alone would let us exspand ibrox for free.
  4. she is a catholic and a celtic fan so that's the only reason this bitch got the job.
  5. get the bitch sacked a tarrier placement bitch get her out of here.
  6. it's terrible follow follow is for old men that all agree with each other and if you don't your banned.
  7. or Valencia win Rangers win and Killie win 22/1 bet365 the perfect storm😁
  8. he was just doing what most goalies do protecting themselves. Explain why it was a red?
  9. looking forward to this and have feeling Killie will take points off the beggars.
  10. was never a red corrupt bas...ds
  11. last 2 games v killie have cost me 110pound in bets ffs.
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