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  1. thank you atleast Donald is a PROTESTANT SON.
  2. Ive renewed the CHINESE VIRUS will be over by November imo.
  3. as our statement has said we have shown a light on these CORRUPT CANTS.
  4. he walked out on us Walter Smith twice the manager and person imo.
  5. Speak ENGLISH dum dum ffs.
  6. it's always been THE Rangers
  7. i will contact them after the 1st of june although im sure the auto renewal will work cheers
  8. hey kid your f..k all faggot

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    2. HuistraHairDo


      How old are you? 

    3. dmgers2


      47 U

    4. dmgers2


      And Huistra was average 

  9. The Last of us was the best play-station game ever.
  10. dmgers2

    PlayStation 5

    No chance this is happening this year unfortunately
  11. dmgers2

    Doom Eternal

    it's easily the best doom game possibly ever imo.
  12. dmgers2

    PC Gaming Build

    wtf hang him
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