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  1. Salopian


    Listen. I get that Salop are some level behind Rangers. I get that there is a difference between English League 1 and the Scottish Premiership but, what Docherty is getting is raw experience in a very competive league against some biggish clubs, wherever this loan takes him he will undoubtedly be a much better player for it. Quite a number of Championship clubbs have been alerted to his potential Gerrard has a slightly tenuous link to Shrewsbury, (he was a very regular attender to our games when he was younger because his mate played for us) so I don’t believe it was pure chance that he choose us as Docherty loan club. Anyway, the big fear for us Salopians is that Rangers recall him in January, we appear certain they will, from the comments on here it looks more hopeful
  2. Salopian


    Docherty has been a revelation at Salop. High energy, neat tidy distribution and a genuine goal threat from midfield, we love him. MOM against both Sunderland and Barnsley in the last two home games. Looks to be enjoying his football and will definitely play at a higher level than us, and deservedly so. He won’t escape the attentions of Championship scouts who always attend our games.
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