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  1. Not liking this, ‘Fuck it, it’s 3 points approach’ But fuck it, it’s 3 points.
  2. Another link http://www.hesgoal.com/news/58972/Heart_of_Midlothian_vs_Rangers.html
  3. Still in this game, Davis been great in starting and team needs to react positively in the second half and keep the head and belief. Morelos to get a goal and shut everyone up!
  4. Don’t think so, it’s going right and the hand makes it go left. He’s poised to dive and the deflection puts it the opposite way, no chance imo.
  5. Think the price is due to the stance rather than the name, imagine it would be this price regardless who it was at this stage.
  6. Morelos & King in terms of contributions. Think there’s a debate for most surprising/ disappointing in there as well. Dunno what the spoon that said Davis is our worst player was thinking, though.
  7. Think it’s just having a pop at his interview skills. The captain shouldn’t do a deep sigh before starting to talk about his club being in a final ffs. And it’s fine if he does his talking on the pitch.... “if”
  8. Not jumping the gun at loosing a 2 goal lead, the difference in play 1st and 2nd half is justified to be angry at. still earlyish days though and think there will be more surprises till the end of the season, one fuck up and we are back in.
  9. Wasn’t even the second half that we were pish, was after their goal. Wind was out our sails, and for some reason Ojo coming on for the last 15 or so was the answer... or Katic for the last 3? Shite decision. Still, keep it positive, they fuck up once and we can go back top, big slog ahead but let’s not spit the dummy right out the pram.
  10. Throwing away a two goal lead, bad mindset for the weekend and fucking feels like a loss rather than a point. Basturt.
  11. https://www.vipleague.lc/1-livingston-vs-Rangers-live-streaming
  12. https://www.vipleague.lc/1-fc-porto-vs-Rangers-live-streaming
  13. Man City vs Atlanta, £20 a ticket for a champions league game yet double that here for the Europa. Shocking tbh.
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