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  1. Fantastic view, shame about having to watch it! Cracking gesture again though, much appreciated.
  2. Come the end of the season think we could look back at this game as being pivotal imo. Not saying it’s a title decider but a win here will boost our confidence majorly and hopefully get their nerves up for making future mistakes. Getting through on Thurs and this being at Ibrox will go a long way too
  3. Have you used one before? They are usually one per account, create a new email and try again edit - just caught up, get a new gmail or that and it’ll work fine
  4. Thought it usually mirrored itself as well, that we would’ve played Feyenoord last
  5. Is that the confirmed dates for Europa nights?
  6. Hopefully Morelos shows his absolute class, he’s been great but has a point to prove against this mob.
  7. The gaffer certainly knows his stuff, total % of European games won/ not lost must be up there as one of the best for our managers.
  8. https://www.vipleague.lc/1-Rangers-vs-legia-warsaw-live-streaming Thats it live with commentary
  9. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/51260/Rangers_vs_Legia_Warszawa.html In polish or something https://www.vipleague.lc/1-Rangers-vs-legia-warsaw-live-streaming Keep an eye on that, should come up
  10. Said that, try and give Barisic a confidence boost and keep Flanagan to get into them on Sun. Not what I would’ve picked but happy otherwise
  11. Are you travelling from far out? Found it easier to leave the car completely and get train to town/ Partick and walk down to the underground and get a drink on the way. Getting the subway back is brutal though, don’t mind a walk back to the west end if it’s a nice night.
  12. Amazing! Had seen the results and couldn’t quite believe it . Major thanks to @Sparkle for the gesture, was happy to give again to a great cause and cheers for organising @govanblue
  13. Yep agree it’s the way to go, think SG might play Barisic for Flanagan after the goal and to keep his confidence up and keep Flanagan fresher for Sunday.
  14. Alfredo for both, see how the game goes on Thursday and if it’s a canter swap earlier for Defoe. Similar on Sun but more on temperament with Morelos, hope he keeps his composure as they’ll be out to be on the wind up with him.
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