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  1. Was in LA last year with a mate during summer and he kept getting stick for wearing a NY hat and never thought that it obviously means something over there and said that exact thing, magine a guy cutting about Ibrox with a celtic top on, no even aware he’s doing something wrong.
  2. https://www.vipleague.lc/1-livingston-vs-Rangers-live-streaming
  3. How does that work, do season ticket holders get first dibs on extra tickets or are they only allocated 1 (if even that)
  4. https://www.vipleague.lc/1-fc-porto-vs-Rangers-live-streaming
  5. Man City vs Atlanta, £20 a ticket for a champions league game yet double that here for the Europa. Shocking tbh.
  6. https://www.vipleague.lc/1-hearts-vs-Rangers-live-streaming
  7. Same feeling after the old firm, were there for the taking and fucked it.
  8. Same, was really optimistic before hand. Standard from both sides was awful, should’ve been there for the taking. Really hope we up the game over there, otherwise I don’t see it. A dunt to their treble will hopefully affect their confidence as well but it’s been a while since they bottled it.
  9. Minutes silence before the match, applause at 2.
  10. Fantastic view, shame about having to watch it! Cracking gesture again though, much appreciated.
  11. Come the end of the season think we could look back at this game as being pivotal imo. Not saying it’s a title decider but a win here will boost our confidence majorly and hopefully get their nerves up for making future mistakes. Getting through on Thurs and this being at Ibrox will go a long way too
  12. Have you used one before? They are usually one per account, create a new email and try again edit - just caught up, get a new gmail or that and it’ll work fine
  13. Thought it usually mirrored itself as well, that we would’ve played Feyenoord last
  14. Is that the confirmed dates for Europa nights?
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