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  1. GA1972


    The only other player that had a moment of quality was Fraser in the first half, Grezda was taking the piss out of Paterson But don’t let that stop you from taking an opportunity to put down a player you clearly don’t fancy despite the fact we’ve barely seen him
  2. GA1972


    This your first time watching football? He was the best player on the pitch first half
  3. GA1972


    I’m sick of putting things into perspective and people telling me to be content with 2nd place and to be thankful for where we are We are Rangers, 6/7 years is too long, we must do better and soon
  4. GA1972

    Rotating your centre backs

    Goldson has looked dodgy ever since Worrall got put next to him beforehand he looked like an absolute wall and even a leader
  5. Shut you absolute tit Head in the sand loyal, just got beat off a team in turmoil that couldn’t play football 2 weeks ago or in any of their games since and couldn’t defend but I’m apparently a fenian for pointing out some negatives Away and wank over a picture of Gerrard while us realists continue to worry about how wank we actually are as a football team
  6. Good to see Grezda getting a real chance to make an impact tonight........
  7. Oh to be young and full of hope
  8. We made some subs and we’ve had a couple of decent attacks What a shock, imagine subs actually changing the course of a game a little bit. This substitution nonsense will never catch on
  9. Our midfield/team are incapable of keeping the ball without Jack, no composure or in Ejaria’s case too muc composure
  10. Both just as bad, passengers
  11. Was defending just fine until the gaffer blew his confidence by dropping him for that blonde dumpling
  12. I’ll carry Flanagan and his one leg back to Liverpool
  13. Morelos is a fucking idiot, we’ve won a throw in high up the park. Why’s he jumping into the defender, when he’s already had that foul against him about 3 times tonight
  14. That clip of Gerrard just staring into the distance sums it up, he hasnt a clue what to do to change this game We should’ve buried this team at 3-2