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  1. GA1972


    Attitude is shocking, looks almost apathetic to what’s happening on the park Can have all the ability if you want but if that’s your attitude you’ll get nowhere especially at this club
  2. Since when has finishing 3rd been treated like this? Very strange
  3. Should’ve kept the first team in to leave this mob in tears Send out a message even when it doesn’t mean anything to us we’ll still crush you
  4. Least they can spread our reworded song book around Europe
  5. All this to get beat by shite like FC Santa Coloma or Shkupi
  6. Kent is giving this lot a taste of their own medicine, I love it
  7. Good to see nothing being said about the Findlay assault on Halliday by this commentary team
  8. 2 goalkeeper subs in one game That has to be a first
  9. Craigan would be a terrible manager, solution to everything is to get the ball ‘in behind’
  10. Kent is so bad at shooting, the only thing stopping him from being already far too good for our level
  11. Best ever season and your shitey club won’t even get Europe Cheer up Steve Clarke
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