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  1. Was a very good player, if he’s anything like what he used to be he’s exactly what we need
  2. GA1972


    I like Kent, if we could get him cheap I’d take him but I’m not in this camp of people who thinks we should be spending 4-5 million on him as the end product just isn’t there most of the time. Halliday has played well with Kent but takes on a completely different role to Borna IMO
  3. GA1972


    No saying it’s Kent’s fault as such but it’s quite clear there’s fuck all understanding between them, Kent never looks for an overlap he always takes his man on or passes inside Also Kent has far too many on here wanting to shag him for one moment in the OF, boy is the definition of flattering to deceive
  4. Got mine and it’s fine looks good but I was 3 when I had the original so I couldn’t tell you if there’s any difference
  5. If you want a spare lilac kit mate https://standoutjerseys.bigcartel.com/
  6. Got one with the Umbro badge from Aztec Retro as well as the home top and the home CR Smith top a couple months back
  7. GA1972


    Clearly a good player as we all thought when we played Osijek who’s being made to look shite in our team Not the strongest in defence (what full back is in the modern age) but made to look worse by Kent always looking to cut inside when he gets the ball rather than linking with Borna
  8. Shows you just how bad we are at the moment. a team made up of players from teams we’ve struggled against getting humped off the Kazakhstan B Team Bates and McKenna the back is hilarious, 2 overrated horses who can head and hoof
  9. Up until December it was an 8 or a 9 with slight marks off for conceding a couple of silly last minute goals, losing the semi final to the sheep and not getting through Europe despite being the best team in our group (Not on paper but we were only 2nd best in the 1st half of the away leg at Villarreal and were the better side in every other game) Since then we’ve been so bad that it’s turned the season overall into a 4 for me, it looks like the wheels have completely come off and we aren’t playing at nearly the same tempo we did in the first half of the season Questionable signings, team selection and lack of ability to change anything are a real worry alongside our bottle completely crashing since January
  10. GA1972

    Maurice Edu

    He was a limited albeit athetically gifted player who had double the guts of all our present squad members combined Always conducted himself well and still speaks well about the club Gave me one of my favourite memories in football with that goal and he thoroughly deserved it Happy retirement Mo
  11. Written off far too early after barely appearing Deserves a chance to show he can offer more than Candeias or Kent with a run or games
  12. Spoon burners brought in Gauld when he would’ve improved our team Not saying he’s a great player but he would’ve given us a creator
  13. These players exist in every league in the world even smallest ones. They aren’t all multi million pound superstars, any player with some vision and range of passing from midfield would’ve improved us ten fold but we weren’t even linked with anyone fitting that description
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