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  1. They seem to have signed up most of the real football journos around as well. By real I mean ones that talk about tactics and football as opposed to what fans are singing and biomechanics Hopefully one step closer to putting cunts like Bill Leckie and Tom English out a job
  2. We shouldn’t fear Legia at all, those suggesting they’re a big step up from Midtjylland are thinking of the Legia of a few year ago Look at their league, they’ve lost 2-1 to Pogon Szczecin and drew 0-0 with Slask Wroclaw who are joint top of the league. If we were to draw either of those teams in Europe and go out it would be a catastrophe yet they’re both currently better or equal to Legia. Our European track record is also very decent since Gerrard took over. We should be confident of winning over there and finishing it off in style at Ibrox as we did with the Danes
  3. The notion of taking one of our best players out of position to then leave us potentially weak at both full back positions is madness. Most of the players mentioned in the OP were also better than pretty decent on their weaker left foot which Tav isn’t even a little bit. A lot of the players mentioned in the OP also weren’t left backs, just players who occasionally played there out of necessity if there was suitable cover at right back In a game where we’re starting with Jones and Arfield behind Morelos I do think Ojo could be better than what we have at left back given his athletic gifts if he can get stuck in, particularly in the OF against that rat Forrest to keep him quiet or against a quick winger in Europe but it isn’t something we’re able to try as we just can’t afford the gamble if he ends up being complete pish out there. Doubt Liverpool would be happy with that either. We must sign a proper starting Left back
  4. Aye that was incredibly worrying but I can’t remember them having a sniff in the first half after that They were very content to knock the ball about in their own half for a team chasing 3/4 goals Edit: I can vaguely remember some shoddy defending down the left letting that horse at number 9 get a decent shot off but that’s about it
  5. Aside from the MOTM talk I was actually a bit disappointed in the lack of ambition shown by Midtjylland. I was expecting them to seriously try and take the game to us from the off and let us rip them apart on the break but they never played with any real urgency at any point. Would’ve been fuming if I was one of their fans travelling over to see that
  6. Jack, Katic, McGregor all would’ve been decent choices as well but I’d have went with Arfield I’d have said Morelos as well if he hadn’t played so many absolutely horrendous passes to no one
  7. GA1972

    Left back

    Use Halliday just now and try to sign someone else Flanagan tries his best he’s just not a left sided player at all , should be used as RB cover
  8. All good mate didn’t think you were 👍🏼 Turn of phrase still stands, maybe it was his Mrs who nominated him then 😂
  9. I thought our play dipped more as a result of not having Jack on rather than how Docherty played which shows how good Jack has been.Think he’d have slotted in better if either of the other midfielders were subbed for him.
  10. No idea clearly someone who doesn’t know anything about football, I’d have picked about 20 of the players on the pitch ahead of him tonight with him 21st and Sviatchenko the worst on the park
  11. Good win tonight, unspectacular but job well done Steve Davis mum must’ve been the one handing out the MOTM award though
  12. Every team we play tries that pish They must think it’ll get in our heads or something like the last 4 mobs that came here tried that, they didn’t win either
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