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  1. Andy King is fucking gash, a generic Premier League nothing player. The kind of player that you forget exists until Leicester sub him on with 5 minutes to go when the games already done
  2. What I don’t get is why he doesn’t want to carry the ball anymore at all His first instinct now no matter where he is or what the angle is or if anyone is standing in front of them is to hit the ball into the box but aim it at absolutely no one Looks like he’s gotten old over the summer and lost all his pace and agility
  3. Bring McPake back in and drop this waster Has no business being a Rangers player as bad as if not worse than Dalcio and wouldn’t have looked out of place in the team that didn’t get out of the championship
  4. At least had the balls to challenge him unlike his defensive partner And cost us one less goal than our captain did
  5. Pretty much every big game or in Europe we’ll take 10/15 to settle into the game We were just lucky Legia in both legs, Young Boys, Feyenoord etc didn’t capitalise on us being absolutely shit for that period as you can get yourself a decent advantage by getting at us before we’ve woken up as Hearts showed today Scum didn’t either but then Goldson handed them 3 points
  6. Katic wasn’t at his best today and yet again didn’t cost us any goals but will be out if not on Thursday then next weekend. Still better than Goldson defensively who got turned inside out by Ikpeazu towards the end and at one point almost let Hearts in on the break because he was too busy on the ground appealing the ref Tav was shocking again all around, cost us points with a completely weird decision again and he’ll stay in Double standards, not good enough
  7. Jelavic would’ve absolutely shat on this league in its current make up single handedly
  8. Should be well clear at the top of this and the Europa Have shot ourselves in the foot in 3 key games with a combination of pish individual errors and pish tactics
  9. I’m sick of loan deals shafting us into having to play donkeys like Ojo and Worrall If clubs want this clause in a deal then we should walk away as this is the second season in a row it’s costing us
  10. Jake Hastie is better and any of the lads out the youth team are better This guy isn’t even SPL level never mind Rangers class
  11. I wouldn’t even say we’re playing 4-3-3 right now as Arfield isn’t really playing on the right wing at all so we’ve got this weird disjointed formation that you couldn’t really explain in numbers like that where Tav is covering the full right side meaning a midfielder (Jack or Kamara) has to drop in and cover and you’ve got zero creativity. If we’re going to play that way I do wonder if it would be better moving the wide player to the right as all Ojo seems to do is get in Borna’s way Arfield can’t create and Ojo is useless so on a day like today that leaves you back to last seasons tactics of give the ball to Morelos and hope for the best when your midfield 3 are sitting so deep
  12. End of Gerrards post match reaction sounds like he’s already shitting it from Porto Im expecting them to be nothing special, us to look petrified and probably hand them a couple of goals out of nothing on the way to a comfortable Porto win
  13. I was content at getting rid of Candeias, we needed someone better but we didn’t replace him at all and that’s where the problem lies Hopefully when Jones is back we can have him and Kent playing wide
  14. Needs to be playing further forward, not in our own half Came as a positive player who’d go at the opposition, we’ve turned him into a deep lying sideways passer
  15. Aribo should be playing at the top of the midfield 3 with Jack and Davis/Kamara behind and an actual wide player not Arfield on the right
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