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  1. 3 weeks ago he’s talking about Polster getting a crack in midfield when Tav is back because he’s earned it but now he’s playing with the development squad and not even getting on the bench Gerrard is Bi polar
  2. We haven’t had one monumental choke that ranks up with those More loads of moments where we find ways to lose from great positions whether it’s in individual games, the league table, cup finals etc Becoming the Spurs of Scotland
  3. Aribo is capable of being that driving force, you see glimpses of it but he needs the freedom to do it
  4. Maybe be better with a better team around him playing more to his strengths? Just because it doesn’t work out for someone elsewhere doesn’t always mean they’re pish
  5. Come up with some more plans, some new ideas, test them out to prepare for next season Give some of the youth a chance with a view to introducing some of them into next seasons squad
  6. Should’ve had 2 assists as well, pass to Morelos was excellent Once Defoe is back I think him and Kamberi could be a good partnership, both looking to link with the other striker
  7. Could it be any worse? Stewart and Polster to me have both looked fine when they’ve played yet just like Kamberi loads have decided they’re shite just because of where they were signed from Polster couldn’t be any worse than what Kamara,Davis or Arfield have been offering up Likewise with Stewart and Kent
  8. McGregor Tav Goldson Edmundson Barisic Polster Jack Stewart Aribo Hagi Kamberi The 3 behind Kamberi to have free reign to switch positions across the front 3 to mix our attack up a bit and get support to him Polster in midfield because the rest of the midfield are fucking horrible Can’t play Katic after that today and Kent needs a run out of the team
  9. The problem is none of them are the solution Goldson is a diddy and Helander can’t move, Katic is too raw to be playing next to someone that isn’t rock solid
  10. The way he’s going there’s more chance of one of us managing Liverpool
  11. Don’t see how you can have faith he’ll be the man to take us forward from here We probably can’t afford to get rid of him, in an ideal world we could throw money at someone like big Sam and 1-0 our way to a title
  12. GA1972


    Goldson was wank today as well, Katic was just even worse
  13. Goldson, McGregor and especially Katic should do better for the first goal Leading up to the corner a bit of communication between the 3 would’ve sorted that situation then Katic’s attempted clearance gets worse every time you see it
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