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  1. Our only hope at winning the league is for celtic to be worse than they’ve been in a long time Which says it all about Gerrard and his record domestically. He’s making Neil Lennon look like a good manager
  2. I’d say if you’re on the Hibs side you say great saves Marciano thank fuck for him But on the Rangers side, holy fuck Arfield has 2 absolute sitters there. Fair enough the first one finish could’ve been better but it is a great save by the keeper. Second one the keeper shouldn’t even be a factor he’s absolutely fucked that
  3. GA1972


    Loved Gio, would love him back but March was the time for a decision like that not now
  4. Honestly when I’ve seen Itten I’ve liked him. Still settling in but he makes a lot of great runs that go completely unnoticed by a useless midfield. People desperate to write him off despite the fact he’s barely played and when he did against Killie got played at right wing. Roofe already grabbed a couple of goals and starting to look good, I’ll admit in his first couple of games he looked like he had never seen a football before If we’re going to continue to try and walk the ball into the net then we’re better with Itten and Roofe up top because it isn’t Morelos game
  5. You make some good points but this section is absolute garbage
  6. 2 great saves? I saw 2 fucking garbage finishes, the second one in particular
  7. Substitutions there were fucking disgusting Hagi had one assist, should’ve been 2 and our only creative midfielder. Hauled off for Defoe who didn’t kick a ball Kamara finally coming into the game getting forward, made a couple of runs into the box and then he’s the man to make way for Itten (our 4 million pound striker who only gets 5 minutes and no service to try and save our skin) Meanwhile Davis and Arfield useless as ever still plodding about the middle of the park
  8. Any game you look at on the fixture calendar and think ‘oh that might be tough’ ends up in a fucking slog We never ever turn up and make these games look easy
  9. Bringing Defoe on was an absolutely useless decision
  10. Be as well, events on the pitch in our game seem to have no impact on his decision making when it comes to subs etc
  11. Those Kent and Arfield chances still can’t believe we didn’t score
  12. Davis is still on What game is the manager watching
  13. When I’ve seen him his movement is excellent and good runs he makes go largely ignored That sub is horrendous though, Kamara finally looking alive last 5 minutes and he’s hooked
  14. Constant crosses in and we’ve got Itten sitting on the fucking bench
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