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  1. GA1972

    Ryan Jack

    You can see in every game that he wants it bad, as far as I’m concerned he’s our most important player even if Morelos is our best player
  2. Turned into the warrior I thought we’d signed last summer and he’s an excellent footballer What a player
  3. He was widely defended on here at the start of the season due to racking up some stats that were similar to Kent’s last year The difference was Ojo racked them up playing against the likes of St Joseph’s and Progres It’s clear now that he’s absolute dross and has to go his last contribution was scoring against Feyenoord which was his only contribution in the full game
  4. Was looking at this last night and our pot has a lot of teams I wouldn’t have fancied whereas there aren’t many seededs team to avoid Even if we draw Inter or Man Utd we’re likely to be playing against their B team
  5. No centre half on the bench last night was a concern as well, even if it was a youngster we had to have one there Had serious concerns when Katic went down with that head knock we’d see some nonsense like Flanagan at centre half
  6. I’d have given it to Porto just based on the fact their fans weren’t a shower of cunts and the other two were
  7. If we could’ve grabbed a 2nd tonight it could’ve been an absolute hiding just need to be more clinical
  8. Aye he’s been about for years and I think is usually alright but seemed to have made the conscious decision that Alfredo wasn’t getting anything from him before the game even started
  9. For those who are interested in coefficients APOEL somehow beat Sevilla tonight so Cyprus overtook Scotland for 15th (The final position with 2 CL spaces)
  10. His strength on a couple of occasions to hold off Hoarau who is an absolute monster was impressive Linked really well with Aribo and Kamara down the right in the first half as well
  11. I wouldn’t call Kent a waste but you may be right about the Swedish sloth
  12. Excellent tonight Should’ve done better at the end though
  13. GA1972


    Thought this as well very classy of him, not something he needed to do given what he’s done for us this season
  14. I thought he was being brought on to track their right back who was getting acres of space then he came on and seemed to just be standing as far away from him as he possibly could before he eventually fouled him for the free kick that led to the goal
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