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  1. GA1972

    Mohanad Ali

    I know you were coming from but not too long ago this kind of player would be miles off our radar while we chased someone from league 1 or some ex Premier League player who was 35+ that had never been any good anyway
  2. GA1972

    Mohanad Ali

    Glad that we’re actually looking at players like this, what a difference some scouting makes
  3. GA1972

    Brahim Hemdani - Video

    Brilliant footballer, I don’t think he got the love he deserved from our supporters or Smith while he was here
  4. GA1972

    Return always on mind after painful exit - Davis

    Schedule was too busy 😂 liked the bit about landing us a fee as well, only because Southampton were good guys and fuck all to do with the player
  5. GA1972

    Ryan Kent (permanent)

    Hope we are rather than being happy with another year loan. Having him for another year would be fine but I’d love him to be our player
  6. GA1972

    Ryan Kent (permanent)

    Think we should be pushing to buy now with favourable sell on/buy back clauses to Liverpool before his performances for us increase his value further.
  7. GA1972

    Nikica Jelavic - Video

    I loved this man, what a player Honestly thought he could’ve played for anyone, as a striker he just had everything. Sadly things didn’t go his way down south but he deserved better as he was outstanding
  8. GA1972

    Andrew Gutman

    If he was that good we’d have took him in December. I think we’ll end up with Polster but want to watch him as much as possible due to the fitness issues, Gutman didn’t have that hanging over him so I think we’d have went for him if he was good enough during his trial
  9. GA1972


    Seemingly they want 30 million for Tierney so I don’t see how 20 million for Tav is unrealistic/funny If you’re a fan and you’d be happy at us letting Tav go to the Premier League for 10 million you’re insane. The fact he’s English would make him worth even more.
  10. GA1972


    Dembele went for 20m and he was overrated as fuck and Tav is likely to go down south which is a far richer market. These teams have the money and we should make them pay it. We might see different in some games but the stats say there aren’t many better right backs around at the moment and he’s the best one in the Scottish league by a country mile and better than a lot of them down in the Premier League. Hutton went to Spurs for around 10 million before football went completely crazy so I don’t see how 20 million for Tav is something to be laughed at.
  11. GA1972


    £7m for Tav would be a travesty He might blow hot and cold but he’s a big part of how we play and our captain, should go for no less than 20m or 15m with a sizeable sell on percentage. January transfer prices are meant to be higher as well, there’s no chance we’re taking 7m
  12. GA1972

    Welcome To Ibrox Jones + Kamara

    Was about to post this, couldn’t believe my eyes the first time I watched Toral play and he got done for pace by Keith Lasley
  13. GA1972

    Official: Steven Davis Returns

    Think absence has made the heart grow fonder for some on here His initial spell on loan aside I cannot remember him ever being particularly creative first time round but I’ll reserve judgment until I see him in our side. He’s capable of controlling the ball so it can only be an improvement on Coulibaly
  14. GA1972

    Bradley Loved the Rangers.

    Really special what Jermain did for that poor kid to make the last part of his sadly short life as happy as possible, you can see what Bradley meant to him when he speaks about it in interviews as well. Football aside I’m proud to have a man of that stature joining our club
  15. GA1972

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    The bad news for us is I think Burke is a really good player or at least he has the potential to be The good news is they won’t drop Forrest or Sinclair for him so he’ll barely get a look in And even if he’s any good he’ll be back down south in the summer Also the more pointless cash they spend on areas they’re already no bad in like on the wing or up front, means they’ll have the same soft underbelly at centre mid and all across the back line to exploit for the rest of the season. No amount of unheard of African strikers or half decent wingers will make you good enough to stop Boyata and Lustig gifting the ball to the opposition