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  1. Still have nightmares of Alnwick getting lobbed by Louis Moult
  2. My god lets just fucking win this next one They will be beyond insufferable with a tainted ten
  3. We haven’t really achieved anything In 20 years time a young fan trying to find out more about his clubs history will look at our honours list and wonder why we disappeared off the face of the earth winning nothing for 9 years We’ve spent plenty, recruited horribly on and off the field and failed miserably to this point. We as fans have had to pay more attention to off field garbage rather than just the football. The support has been first class and more passionate than I can ever recall in my time, this will be the one thing that benefits us when we’re back on top.
  4. Van Bronckhorst for me was my hero when I was a kid, always thought he was wasted at left back after leaving us though he was still world class playing there
  5. Sign him Play him in the middle, get an actual right winger in, let the 2 behind him in midfield do the dirty work and let him create He’ll rip teams to shreds and fetch us an absolute fortune
  6. I know some probably most wont be happy but this could be a good thing With Adidas, Nike, Puma etc we’d be a small player compared to their teams in the top leagues and even their big clients get cut and paste garbage. Castore have a clean slate, a lot of ambition and we’ll likely be their biggest client. I’m not saying it’s going to be a success but there’s more potential to get a unique kit that we all like rather than an Adidas kit or a Nike kit that I could mock you up right now. Nike don’t even try any more, most of their tops are just plain t shirts
  7. Not sure we’ll see anything quite like that day again No matter how much of a wee prick he was I couldn’t ever manage to completely hate Scott McDonald after that day
  8. Daniel Cousin was a better player than Morelos
  9. I’ve always had a soft spot for Hajduk, had a few of their tops over the years. Hope they can get back to the top of the Croatian game
  10. Sadly we’re the only club being shafted by their corruption, which the other clubs are happy to see so no one other than us cares Juventus met their downfall because they had shafted just about everyone in their league
  11. I’d have to say yes, personally I’m of the opinion that if leagues are getting voided there shouldn’t be a champions league next season This though would open the door for UEFA to turn it into a money league farce featuring premier league teams plus Barca, Real Madrid, Atletico, Bayern, PSG and Juventus so for that reason the Champions League has to go ahead and the only logical option is to give the place to them sadly
  12. And let me tell you something you’re absholoooootly shhhhpot on Chris
  13. Can’t see why he’d want to stay tbh other than the love he’s received from supporters Playing in a team full of players well below his level who don’t look anywhere near on the same wavelength. Being shoehorned in at right wing because the manager won’t change formation to facilitate a number 10. Not starting him at home to Leverkusen was criminal, I suspect he felt more than a little aggrieved at that
  14. We all know what will happen, SFA will put it to a vote to wash their hands of the situation 10 clubs will vote for the league table to stand Us and Hearts will vote against
  15. In Scotland to get the fixture list done we could easily just shorten next season and play each other twice to have a 22 game season I know the chances of us winning the title this year are slim but they absolutely cannot hand the scum a title. The teams have played a different fixture list and we still had a game in hand and 2 Old Firms to go
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