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  1. Awful lot of hostility on here for new poster.
  2. “Son” !! If only, being going to Ibrox since mid 50’s.
  3. To be honest not a fan of him either. As far as the VB are concerned I have a long list of problems with them which I will not go into here. But 2 actions of theirs stick in my craw; 1. Their support for the spivs when even the most blinkered could see they were crooks. 2. The way they hounded Chris Graham was a disgrace.
  4. Glasgow Labour MP - Sweeney. It really is about time that Glasgow, a city with an Irish diaspora that is amongst the largest and oldest in the world, organised its own official St. Patrick's Day celebration and parade. We are missing a big opportunity. Let's turn the Clyde green once a year!
  5. Some including me will not support any action instigated by the VB. The reasons being the tactics used by them against leaders of other fans groups, plus the VB support for the crooks that were the Rangers board.
  6. A couple of marquee signings😁. We will see.
  7. The UB are acting like Billy big baws when in fact their a very small part of the crowd on match days. How many members do they have ? Their performance on Tuesday night was pathetic, asking other fans not to sing was ridiculous. An “Ultra” group that left before the final whistle on Tuesday. They have totally misread the situation, lots of fans are getting pissed off with them and see them as just a bunch of weans. They may have signed their own death warrant, the club have no reason to open further dialogue with them and Imdont think they will.
  8. Doubt many will be coming down on a Tuesday night. But just to be on the safe side the club should say we have security/segregation problems.
  9. How many members does UB have?
  10. Stolen from elsewhere. The reason for the club not moving them to BF3 has been well known and discussed for many years. I myself when on the Working Group committee back in 2010-11 spoke to David Martin (head of security at the club) at some length to get UB moved to BF3. The reason is the sight lines for those in the areas beside them. If you are in BF2 or BF4 and wish to watch the match from the comfort of your seat, you cannot see a large area of the pitch due to the UB standing in BF3. This is why they are in BF1, it is the only area where them standing doesnt affect the sight lines of other fans in neighbouring sections. The club turn a blind eye to them standing throughout the game in contravention of the ground rules. I havent been in the loop on this issue since the WG stood down in 2012, but I cant see that the argument has changed a bit as the fact remains the same. UB can move to BF3 if they sit down, which goes against everything they are about so they have to remain at the end of the stand where they dont disrupt everyone else. What is the big deal with this anyway? They can expand into BF2 if they have sufficient numbers, which they have never had. I understand their plea for a safe standing area, and that they would be upset that we are not going to go for that. Personally, I am against a safe standing area, so I am delighted the club have decided against this.
  11. I’m a devout atheist. ????????
  12. Thanks. Don't think I willl get anywhere near your number of posts, plenty other forums.
  13. Is this the normal degree of vitriol and insults to those who have a different piont of view on RangersMedia ? Very disappointing for a Rangers forum if this is par for the course.
  14. To hear these things yesterday of all days was disgusting.
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