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  1. Should be free in you use the Natwest/Nationwide etc Atm's that are dotted about. If you use any of the Gibraltar International Bank Atm's I think it hits you for £3 or so a go...
  2. We didn't really have to get out of first gear to register a 5-0 win, albeit not the best level of opposition.
  3. https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/seething-Rangers-issue-stinging-sfa-15842346 A club spokesperson said: ‘Once again, there seems intent to change the decision of a Referee in a match involving Rangers. There seems to be a steady erosion of respect for Scotland’s Referees and the authority they are meant to enjoy under Rule 5 of the Laws of the Game. The decisions of Referees regarding facts connected with play are meant to be final but Referees are now routinely invited to change their decisions after a game has finished. It is particularly shocking that another Rangers’ player has been singled out for retrospective action and issued with a notice of complaint while Jozo Simunovic, the celtic player who used an elbow to fell Jermain Defoe, has escaped any kind of censure. Why did one incident escape punishment while the other is now deemed worthy of a red card? We cannot understand how these two incidents could be studied yet only one be considered worthy of punishment. It seems as if Rangers’ players are being held to a different code of conduct from players at other clubs. We shall vigorously defend Mr Flanagan and have also asked for full transparency on what matters are brought forward for retrospective action. Are those decisions being made even-handedly?’
  4. Hopefully this is the end of the dignified silence as I honestly couldn't take anymore of it.
  5. Since humans being have existed, people have been using power and manipulation to get what they wanted. I don't know all the ins and outs of the story so if he was really out of order then fair dos but 6 years for that compared to fucking kids?
  6. I work 6 weeks on/off so yes 🙂
  7. I don't have all the figures to hand so dont quote me exactly on it. But iirc their wage bill is almost the same as their turnover (if they fail to qualify for europe or can't sell anyone). Not properly sustainable long term so it's only sensible the celtic board would want to cut that back now. Especially when you think of how much of a closed shop the champions league will be this year onwards.
  8. In fairness you can actually see a big difference in Gerrard from then to now in terms of how much he has grown into the job. I would like to think that we wont see as many of the same mistakes from him next year and if that is the case we should definitely be taking the league from that mob.
  9. celtic actually looked a better side when he was out injured and McGregor took his place. But most of they cunts are too daft/blind to admit that he doesnt have a place in their team anymore, well not if they want to stop their decline that is.
  10. grant_rfc

    Ryan Kent

    You would imagine the player might have some sway over his future though...if Liverpool try to loan him to a championship club for example and he says he doesn't want to go. What would be the point in forcing him to go somewhere he doesn't want to be.
  11. Yet their fans will still come out with nonsense such as " not one of our players would get in their side"... Their problem currently is they are so far up their own arses that they cant actually see the gap in the quality on the park has been closed.
  12. sadly not all of our youth prospects will make that step up. We do however seem to have quite a record of letting boys go and then they turn out alright elsewhere e.g. Halkett. You want the lads to go on and have decent careers but hate the fact that sometimes we as a club missed out for whatever reason at the time.
  13. I think Worrall and Goldson's mistakes dwelling on the ball have been higher profile as we have paid dearly for them. However imo Katic does need to improve his passing, other than that hes a solid defender.
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