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  1. In fairness that Joelinton lad once scored '1' goal in the champions league a few seasons back.
  2. In fairness it would help if the likes of Aberdeen could do more than round 1 & 2 every now and again...
  3. Possibly but tbh I don't think we should entertain any offers in that region from any club in the EPL or even Championship for that matter. They have money to throw about and any player who they think can enhance their team will easily be worth more than a £5m transfer fee.
  4. Disappointed not to get the win but lets be honest, Porto had a number of chances there that could have easily secured the 3 points for them... The draw is probably a fair result overall.
  5. Don't want to jinx it but big Helander is having a good game.
  6. With Barasic holding down the first choice left back slot for Croatia and playing passes like that on the big stage it won't be long before other clubs start chapping the door.
  7. Definitely. The key to Jack's game is his commitment, he doesn't shirk a challenge but unfortunately these European refs wont be as lenient as you get in Scotland.
  8. I don't think you can use teams like that as an example mate. The teams in the EPL could give away every ticket for free the entire season and still make profit due to the TV money. Our existence depends on the Ticket money.
  9. I firmly believe celtic were founded by the Marists as a way to get easy access to the children they wished to abuse.
  10. That ikpeazu looks a right dirty bastard. He's been reckless in a few challenges so maybe just try and entice him to lay one on and he will be off to fuck.
  11. You forgot sand castle trampling thugs.
  12. I don't think hes as bad as people make out. I think people just have a soft spot for Halliday because hes a Rangers Supporter.
  13. Should be free in you use the Natwest/Nationwide etc Atm's that are dotted about. If you use any of the Gibraltar International Bank Atm's I think it hits you for £3 or so a go...
  14. We didn't really have to get out of first gear to register a 5-0 win, albeit not the best level of opposition.
  15. https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/seething-Rangers-issue-stinging-sfa-15842346 A club spokesperson said: ‘Once again, there seems intent to change the decision of a Referee in a match involving Rangers. There seems to be a steady erosion of respect for Scotland’s Referees and the authority they are meant to enjoy under Rule 5 of the Laws of the Game. The decisions of Referees regarding facts connected with play are meant to be final but Referees are now routinely invited to change their decisions after a game has finished. It is particularly shocking that another Rangers’ player has been singled out for retrospective action and issued with a notice of complaint while Jozo Simunovic, the celtic player who used an elbow to fell Jermain Defoe, has escaped any kind of censure. Why did one incident escape punishment while the other is now deemed worthy of a red card? We cannot understand how these two incidents could be studied yet only one be considered worthy of punishment. It seems as if Rangers’ players are being held to a different code of conduct from players at other clubs. We shall vigorously defend Mr Flanagan and have also asked for full transparency on what matters are brought forward for retrospective action. Are those decisions being made even-handedly?’
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