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  1. We certainly didn't help ourselves in the latter stages with some of the performances. However the number of blatantly wrong refereeing decisions that went against us which directly resulted in the loss of numerous points was ridiculous. In previous times the call is always "to get the points when you aren't playing well is the mark of champions". However in our case that was simply taken out of our hands. Who's to say the wrong decisions didn't mentally affect our players. It must be demoralising to know your going out there and not going to get a fair go at it.
  2. So do you think celtic fans would accept the title being given to them if they had to forfeit european football for a season? There is no guarantee they would qualify anyway but lets face it every year they fail to qualify for the champions league they have to sell their top player.
  3. Thats Ross Mcrorie got it. Young lad should be ok, be interesting to see if he was in contact recently with anyone at the club...
  4. The likes of Barisic may have come out and said that he sees his future here until at least 2021, however If a bid for the reported figures of 22m+ where to materialise I would be chasing him out the door. Not because I think he's a bad player but purely because hes 27 and this is our business model. One sale like this should allow us to raise quality elsewhere in the side instead of just padding it out with "squad players".
  5. A lot has been made of our defensive errors lately, but if we had a decent midfield creating better chances for our attackers AND our front 3 actually taking the chances that come to them, then you barely talk about those defensive slip ups.
  6. Like some sort of Royal Rumble. New team in every 10 minutes.
  7. Depends what lazio are willing to pay. If i remember right our option to buy was exclusive so you could always exercise that option say at £4m and flip him on for whatever Lazio are willing to stump up. Pretty sure Real Madrid did something similar with Morata.
  8. Did I just hear some cunt on there claiming to be a Rangers supporter saying "I wouldn't really mind if they gave celtic the title". No bear would say such a thing.
  9. No champions declared, no teams relegated. Promote teams and reconstruct league (if even only temporarily) and award next seasons european places based on current position (they wont qualify anyway).
  10. If its a reasonable fee then I disagree. Even with things going the way they have been, he has always looked like one on the park who wants to make something happen, unlike some of our "own" players who have all but given up. His vision and some of the passes he has played have been top notch and tbh I think if given a real opportunity to build an understanding with a good forward, think he could go on to provide alot of goals/assists for us.
  11. Id tend to agree. When you have the midfield 3 that we did in Davis, Kamara and Arfield who refuse to pass forward then what chance do you have as a striker...
  12. 99% of his passes are backwards, usually without looking. The 1% that are forwards are always well overhit...
  13. I think the standard of player he was brought in alongside is superior to what we have now. Not to mention we weren't desperately trying to stop them doing 10 in a row so managers could take a chance.
  14. We can agree to disagree.
  15. We wouldn't have thrown him in at the deep end and even if we did, the hammer throwers of our league would cripple him. Players of this type will not flourish in Scottish football unless the whole "physical" culture we have disappears.
  16. Just have to hope that the players show up or else this could be embarrassing. I didn't even want to draw Frankfurt in the draw and they just got trounced 4-0 by them.
  17. I agree with this. The number of sitters we are missing is shocking. Put those away and you barely talk about the defensive lapse.
  18. Our players shouldnt be going out there with the mentality that its over... At the end of the day none of us should pin our hopes on taking the league now but if we go out and win all of our games and keep the pressure on them, then who knows maybe they will slip somewhere.
  19. Right now hes performing great. What is letting us down in that regard is our team not being clinical enough and putting the easy chances away. I honestly can't recall another side in recent times that spurns so many golden opportunities.
  20. In fairness that Joelinton lad once scored '1' goal in the champions league a few seasons back.
  21. In fairness it would help if the likes of Aberdeen could do more than round 1 & 2 every now and again...
  22. Possibly but tbh I don't think we should entertain any offers in that region from any club in the EPL or even Championship for that matter. They have money to throw about and any player who they think can enhance their team will easily be worth more than a £5m transfer fee.
  23. Disappointed not to get the win but lets be honest, Porto had a number of chances there that could have easily secured the 3 points for them... The draw is probably a fair result overall.
  24. Don't want to jinx it but big Helander is having a good game.
  25. With Barasic holding down the first choice left back slot for Croatia and playing passes like that on the big stage it won't be long before other clubs start chapping the door.
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