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  1. Alright now he has signed let’s get the muscle in to ensure our creative players get space.
  2. Lynden is not a squad option....he would play with Defoe as an alternative when one up front isn’t working....Defoe on his own up front doesn’t work he needs someone to create the space for him. As for Gauld he showed a few years ago that he was good enough for spl.
  3. No more squad players please....we always got enough back up And should bring through youth players if we are really short
  4. We need a big striker to play with Defoe when one up top isn’t working. Lynden
  5. Ok if we can get him for 3m plus his dad on a free it’s a deal
  6. As we showed in the first half of the season we have more than enough skill in the side. What is required is backbone and grit with a taller option up front to play with Defoe. I think we should sign Lewis And Lynden. I also think a cheaper option to Hagi would be Ryan Gauld.
  7. Proven and chirpy chirpy cheap cheap
  8. Let’s get Lewis and lynden signed up and try and get Hagi on loan. 4m is too big a risk
  9. How come Genk are selling Hagi at a big loss if he is so good. Also for us he was good in Europe against Braga but in the SPL and the cup game against Hearts he was ok apart from Hibs goal which was a peach . Also against Leverkusen he was ok but couldn’t get into the game much. What makes people convinced that we can build a team around this player.
  10. We didn’t see Hagi against celtic......Kent we did and he was impressive
  11. Same push to sign Kent last year but he was much more impressive than Hagi in his loan spell From Liverpool.
  12. Ejaria scored winner against some Russian team in Russia and got us through to next round.....cracking goal btw
  13. .We already have the skill in Aribo,Kent,full backs and Alfie etc.. We need to augment squad with bigger ,stronger players .
  14. Lewis Ferguson could be the new Ian Ferguson
  15. Gazza and Laudrup were players that had proven themselves at the highest level when we signed them. But if we sign Hagi I hope he reaches the level these two did. He has the talent but now needs the strength and consistency
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