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  1. We are getting the highest crowds we have ever got but football is dying in Scotland....bit of a contradiction there
  2. Heading wasn’t Lafferty’s strong point
  3. Agree he didn’t get much chances but his lay offs were so poor like he was playing for the other team and sending them off on a breakaway. Even the one chance he did get (BB cross) his control was poor and it was defended easily. Even if he is staying he needs some bench time and intensive fitness training.
  4. Ok for spl and squad player. Seems to have lost something since injury. Offers little attacking threat. Needs to get his old form back.
  5. Average But competent German team. Some of our boys looked overawed. If they all played like Goldson and big Phil we could have won this tie. The German manager must have been thinking how did this bunch reach last 16.
  6. If we had played in earlier rounds like we played against Leverkausen we wouldn’t have made the league stage. Very tame performances last two games.
  7. Good interview but the tie was lost at Ibrox a long time ago.
  8. McGregor Goldson and Helander get pass marks. I though we looked better when Airfield and Jones came on. Cant wait to see Roof and big Cedric up front but we also need a central midfielder.
  9. Tav has been poor....expect more from our captain
  10. The Leverkausen manager must wonder how we got to the last 16......
  11. The Leverkausen manager must wonder how we got to the last 16......
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