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  1. A boy hounded by the taig media ,hot head and all the other shite, goaded and kicked off the the ball by the consummate professional players in the spfhell from the dud Brown to every other no mark in the game. Backed up by the compliant referees following big Pete's rules. Their friends in the media constantly down grading him whilst pushing the taig players worth into the stratosphere .No wonder this shit hole of a country can't and will never qualify for a major tournament again , even when grouped with a pile of shite they still manage to fuck it up, the tartan trannies who will boo Rangers Players who ufortunately are selected to represent them. 2012 was the watershed when their bile and hatred was allowed to flourish to demonize Rangers meanwhilst covering up a history that even Satan would be ashamed of. Buff 20 and counting ,still worth possibly 10 Million ,get real for once in your pathetic lives ,if Edouard is worth 30 or more and he is a good player then the Buff is worth more at least 40 or we will go with the Dumbellie dollar and say 90 Million. Vote them Out. Kick them Out.
  2. Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf said: “Stalking and harassment is absolutely unacceptable and I am concerned these figures show that young people are more likely to experience this damaging behaviour. He added: “Anyone who experiences stalking and harassment deserves to receive support and we are providing £17.9 million in 2018-19, to third sector organisations who provide practical and emotional support to victims of crime, including young victims.” “I remain concerned about the level of repeat victimisation, and that people in the most deprived communities are more likely to experience violence. While these findings are not new, we must not simply accept them as a ‘fact of life’, Fact useless should consider is the paedo ring that has been operating out of celtic park ,let's say for the past 50 years but in all probability has been going for at the minimum for well over a hundred. A quarter of your cash could and should have been spent on the the victims of a far more heinous crime recieving the justice they deserve, but you and Jimmy will sit back and do fuck all, why because you think you'll win a few more votes in your obsession with independence, by fuck what a moral dilemma to be in. Cunts have no shame, morality or even the basic tenet of humanity doesn't apply ,beyond comprehension how this Country has been succered into believing these chancers . Then again you only need to look back at Germany and the Nazis along with the papist church to find the answers. Vote them Out Kick them Out.
  3. We were rank but that was up there with Beaton against hivs.Handball numerous times, thuggery from the getgo, every throw in ,foul byekick killing time and the prick plays 5 minutes extra time if t was still 1-1 would be lucky if he played a minute. Shitscene started their coverage at murderewells goal ,no highlights of the elbow on defoe ,all the handball fouls excused ,meanwhile the tarriers were imperious, yes you can play football the way you like when the opposition are no where near you and can't or won't put a challenge in. Corruption from top to bottom, in this shithole. Kick them Out. Vote them Out.
  4. Only if we accept it, we have a fan base in this country that can blow all of the appeasers,facilitators out the water,200,000 at Manchester ,by fuck an invasion of Glasgow, by half this heading towards shamden or the corrupt city chambers would shake these cunts to the core. As a fan base we are split into so many factions when we should be united , we done it when Sandy called for action, so The guys that lead the differring groups drop the egos and do the right thing and demand that justice is done. Kick them Out. Vote them Out.
  5. Slightly off topic but this is what your up against ,themanthebeastcantname has outed a producer from the BBC as the originator of the Rangers Tax Case Blog, none other than a fat obese obsessed fucker Mr Paul Bradley ,no need to guess where his allegiances are, this is one cunt the club should be going after ,he and his ilk built the narrative and no doubt influenced his employers to broadcast hour upon hour of negative information surrounding Glasgow Rangers, portraying our club as cheats , off and on the field of play, denying the public purse of millions ,generating the hate that is still prevalent today,this immoral bastard as you can guess will have nothing to say about the biggest crime in the world of sport. Go on ya fat prick and produce a programme along with Mr Daly and tell the truth for once in your rancid pathetic lives about the real crimes committed by your beloved celtic .You could end your programme with the usual credits of no animals were harmed in the making of this programme but countless children were. All in the name of a club with no shame backed up by a church who have been at the epicentre of child abuse since their inception. Backed up by inept Government officials. Backed up by the Sporting Authorities. Take a look at the Guy leading their sham of an inquiry. Have they an ounce of morality amongst them , they have none , knowingly and willing ignoring the suffering of countless children who fell prey to the pederasts at Glasgow celtic Football and Athletic Club and their rancid Church. God only knows how many victims. How you and your subhuman brothers can sleep at night is beyond belief, not really , you probably go and see a Priest ,say a couple of hail Mary's and all is forgiven. How would they react if it was one of their children,probably wouldn't give a fuck if they could bask in the glory of their child playing for a club that should be removed from Scottish Football . Kick them Out.
  6. When you think about it , in such a small part of their rancid history 14 names were given to plod by McSherry. How many since 1888 is anyone's guess ,giving the vile cunts the benefit of doubt let's just say one for every year. Given that the perps wouldn't limit themselves to one unfortunate child, say 10 out of a hundred and that gives you 1,310 , shocking but if you factor in the McSherry number your up to 18,340 . In all probability the figure would be higher when you throw in the amount of Priests that were regular attenders. That's almost the equivalent of a town the size of Peterhead , think about that and the repercussions that has had on not just the child abused but their family members, their children, their friends and their relationships with other members of society. Them and their Church should be shut down to protect the children of this Country, the damage they have done and will continue to do really needs to be stopped. Kick them Out. Vote them Out.
  7. Here is the link https://spidercatweb.blog Have a look at this and you will see why he has been put in charge. Independent my arse. Kick them Out Vote them Out
  8. "What a tangled web we weave at first we start to deceive." Mr Hendry with his faux concern should really direct his focus a little to the East of Ibrox, are we to believe he is unaware of the horror that has taken place within the grounds of Parkhead and at we will go along with the sham St Pats boys club. Another placeman ,to dilute the guilt at celtic at all costs. Who covered up crimes against children and allowed the perpetrators to move on and commit more crimes ,none other than celtic and Hibernian who by their failure to pick up a phone allowed and were prepared to allow countless children to suffer at the hands of these evil bastards all for the sake of saving face or to stop a rival team picking these unfortunate children up to join a club where no doubt they would have been safe. Go question Mr McGinn ,the Kelly 's the Lisbon Lions and all the rest and maybe just maybe we will accept your faux concern, not a fuckin chance of this happening. Someone should really have a look at your suitability to conduct an independent inquiry or would that just confirm that what we already know the SFA are not fit for purpose and you yourself are a part of the problem and no where near an unbiased person capable of conducting the sham inquiry into the most disgraceful and depraved acts of criminality in the history of Scotland never mind Scottish football. Dig deep Mr Daly , go on and do your journalistic best and produce an honest account of the abuse that has happened, maybe your hampered by the BBC ,doubt it,ask Mr Keevins what he knew ,I am sure he would give you an honest account of what he knew and knows what happened during these dark days, another who is willing to besmirch and tarnish Rangers reputation at every opportunity,Nuremburg rally an example when in truth the only H** supporters in Scotland were and are those associated with Irish Republcanism and Scottish Independence. Kick them Out. Vote them Out.
  9. So by 2003, Hoorah Henry had been a qualified social worker for TWENTY NINE YEARS! & by 2003, he had NINE YEARS extra experience to back up his social work qualifications & his “degree of Master of Philosophy” So can someone PLEASE explain to me how an apparently intelligent man with THREE DECADES of applicable qualifications & experience, somehow managed to share an office wi a nonce who was using the VERY SAME OFFICE to paedo around online & yet NOT NOTICE ONE SINGLE FUCKIN THING?!! The bold Henry on it to add weight to the claim and how it is a matter of concern for the SFA. How come the bold yin hasn't been on the BBC voicing his concerns on the cover up by celtic and let's not forget Hibs knew that neely was abusing weans and told Rangers nothing. Rangers need to react to this , the club is being dragged into this to muddy the waters, if they reported it to the Police then whoever reported it should come forward.If they didn't then shame on them they should apologise and compensate the boy involved. This is the way they want this played out , everyone was at it , that's the way it was back in the day, a get out of jail card for celtic, well fuck that to have one at your club, count yourself unfortunate, in Rangers case if their brothers in the East had done the right thing there wouldn't have been one, but remember the guy McSherry gave 14 names to the Police and celtic replaced Torbett with Cairney and so on at the boys club and still no questions being asked of McGinn ,Kelly and co. Who appointed the independent Hendry ? The way this is being played out, don't be surprised by anything it's in their DNA to deny and deflect anything that shows them up in a bad light, before you know it it'll be ,enquiry concluded nothing to be done to any clubs involved, but we are censuring Rangers on an allegation of not contacting the Police end of SFA statement. Kick them Out.
  10. Here is a representative of the type of people who dominate the political landscape in this country, the lord provost of Glasgow submits a claim for more than £8000 for clothing and shoes. She earns almost £40,000 a year but that ain't enough a bit like Dr Death claiming for £9 toilet seat whilst he was probably earning 3 or 4 times more than her whilst he was a Government Minister. The more you hear and learn about these self serving people makes you despair all of them only interested in making as much money as they can. And it usually comes from the public purse, no chance anyone of them will put their head above the parapet to demand an inquiry into a football club in the city they purport to serve being involved in the largest crime in world sport. The welfare and wellbeing of every man ,woman and child in this country should be paramount but it appears that is not the case, people having to use food banks, people sleeping on the streets, crime going through the roof, a judiciary that is not fit for purpose all willfully ignored by a Government who have only one priority the pursuit of the la la land of a Brigadoon Scotland and they are willing to go to any ends to achieve this. Vote them Out. Kick them Out.
  11. ALL CLUBS MUST REPORT ANY ACTS OF CHILD ABUSE TO THE RELEVANT AUTHORITIES. Who asked for the rule change. Who sanctioned the rule change. Who removed this. These are the questions that need to be asked and answered by the SFA. Big Peter's mitts are all over this , if not one of his toadies perhaps the chaps from hibs or alloa motioned and gave sanction to all of this. All to save the corrupt and depraved violators of innocent children from the east end. How low can you go when you are willing to save your own skin ,the SFA are tied hand in glove with this abuse as the bold Jack was their head honcho when all the shit was going down. It would seem they will sink to any depths to avoid or accept any responsibility. Cunts have no shame, when an institution fails in its duty to act in a responsible manner, you'd expect the Government to step in and take control. Low and behold we have a Government that are unwilling, or won't intervene in case they lose the vote of a section of our society who appear to sanction the systemic abuse of children whether it takes place in a church, school or football club of their choice. What a fucked up sick country Scotland has become, all in the name of Nationalism and a basic hatred of the English . Shame on them all. Vote them out. Kick them out.
  12. Sorry ,I don't think the sheep will do anything along with all the rest,where is the outcry from any of them to see celtic sanctioned, only way the sheep would go for this is in their delusional mindset they might actually believe they could win the league if the taigs were no longer in the league. No outcry from the media to see justice done , where's the nightly phone ins,documentaries, news programmes, hours and hours dedicated by all of them to have Rangers removed from Football, orchestrated by the facilitators in the East end, bombarding all the other clubs fans sites in their lust to kill us of and all the media toadies went along with it. Make no mistake if it wasn't for Rangers Supporters trying their best to get this out to a wider public you would here nothing, yes you'll here of it when a perp is found guilty,I believe this has been orchestrated , trials months if not years apart, to make it look as if the good old boys were most unfortunate to be visited by another Paedophile, even when found guilty the sentences handed down are an afront to humanity and a slap in the face to the victims. Every single owner and chairman of Football Clubs in Scotland should be asked the question, are you happy to be associated with celtic Football and Athletic Club, do you condone the crimes committed by their employees and associates . Make it public and publish their views and reason, break the silence surrounding this affair and give the victims the justice they deserve. The continued silence and low-key approach only suits the facilitators, enablers and their cronies in the media,politicians and their church will do everything in their power to protect them . Kick them Out. Vote them Out.
  13. Well whoopdedoo Mr Wankier ,still can't say sorry ,what is it with these sick fucks ,accept the facts you and your club are guilty, stop trying to hide behind the safeguarding officer pish, have you no shame ,willing to put your name to a crass press release to alleviate you and your rancid clubs responsibility really tells us what we already knew, you and everyone else at this Den of iniquity have the same mindset as the previous custodians, don't give a fuck for the victims,if it was happening today (who knows it might still be going on)would the bold Ian and his master Peter pick up the phone,in all probability they would do what large John done the sum of fuck all. GUILTY THEN GUILTY NOW GUILTY FOREVER Kick them out. Vote them out.
  14. Well done, pity none of the bastions of morality and sporting integrity in the media and Scottish football feel the same. Not a peep, is there not one journalist, one chairman , one politician willing to come out and condemn the activities that took place under the umbrella of celtic football club in public either in print or through the media of television and radio. You have to ask yourself why , are they afraid of the response from the plastic terrorists amongst us, surely they can't all be aligned to the beasts from the east either through their support or allegiance to a certain religious faith. Is it self preservation , not willing to rock the boat, keep them in a job, gain a vote ,all of this could apply and that tells you all about the society we find ourselves in today , those who have the power to take the appropriate action against this vile club are a bunch of amoral cowards. Shame on them all , quick to condemn and punish one club , driven by nothing more than jealously or in one case downright sectarian hatred , we know and surely the penny will drop amongst the duped that the perpetrators of the biggest crime in the world of sport shall receive their just desserts. Remember the jelly and ice cream pish from the jolly craicsters. Nothing less than their removal from Scottish Football will suffice and their rancid history expunged from the records. Maybe just maybe then their victims will receive some sort of solace for what was visited upon them at the hands of Glasgow celtic Football and Athletic Club. Kick them Out. Vote them Out.
  15. Just finished watching this ,by fuck that was a hard watch, a player and a man with his faults ,but thank fuck most of his finest days were played at Ibrox, seen the coverage in the rhags ,most were respectful but the cunt photographer that took the picture " tears for a hero" really needs to realign his moral compass along with his crass newspaper and sink further if its possible into the gutter. Along with the bigoted BBC these cunts should never be allowed into Ibrox , let them bleat, just like the puppet master from the eastend who controls the agenda, get them to fuck , rotten to the core ,can't help themselves ,got to have a dig and even besmirch a man in his death by their crass comments in mentioning his problems in life when there was no need to do so. God bless you Fernando . Kick them Out.
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