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  1. The SFA’s Martin Henry doesn’t instil any confidence in me....... Placeman,until that was aired last night he and his bosses were saying nothing,no doubt the original report will have been shredded last night. Search him out at spidercatweb and see how much of an expert he is. Kick them Out.
  2. "We do have substantive information to suggest that has been the case,” he said. “If you’d asked me that question a month ago I would have said no." From the guy heading the inquiry up here, supposed expert in abuse ,makes you wonder,if one of the victims didn't link them then it didn't happen. Like the SFA he is not fit for purpose, another placeman . The whole place needs cleansed from top to bottom, it would appear an awful lot of people knew what was going on and chose to do nothing. They are as guilty as the perpetrators. Dig deep Mr Horne and you just might find it involved more than football coaches.
  3. Ability to control a ball, composure and the energy to match,Hagi ,Aribo ,Alfiie have it, midfield and defence, too slow and passive ,40 passes sideways, I'd, drop Davis ,Kamara and Arfield ,play Aribo ,Stewart ,Jack, go for it ,the dross we play week in week out ,love the slow turgid shit. McGregor. Tav. Katic (Helander) Goldson Barisic ● ------ Swap ----- ● Jack Stewart Kent Aribo Hagi Kamberi Morelos ,
  4. The games rigged, two decisions have went the way of Rangers,Morelos goal against hearts and Goldsons handball,last night a prime example Dicker booked takes a dive, nothing to see ,move on,Alfie dives booked right away, for cheating Beaton if the foul on Alfie wasn't a penalty why didn't he book him for diving,these "inept " officials know exactly what they are doing and for the goal chalked off, watch it again, Killie player realises he has misjudged the flight of the ball and almost does a double twist in the air,he should've been booked for diving and the goal given. Yes we have been shite from the break but that doesn't give the referees a get out as the honest mistakes they are making have a direct bearing on the outcome of our games causing us numerous points. These things even themselves out over a season we are told, bullshit, Refereed to a different standard you bet we are , show me a game where the honest mistakes are all given against one of the teams playing you'd be hard pushed to find one other than when celtic are the benefactors of the honest mistakes. For the custodians of our club to continue their silence on this and other matters is nothing more than gross corporate mismanagement. We are going into games hamstrung before a ball is kicked it's a kin to a boxer entering the ring with one hand tied behind his back. If this is allowed to continue the support will in my opinion vote with their feet. Our club, founded on sound sporting principles have been out smarted by the beasts from the east for years and the dignified silence has only benefited them. The cry was "No Surrender" well I think the white flag has been flying since 2012 not by the supporters but by the ones entrusted to fight our corner. Grow a pair and call the lot of them out the proof is there of the cheating that continues and will continue if they maintain the dignified silence. If they can't or won't, sell the club to someone , anyone who will .
  5. Beaton had 3 major decisions to make and surprise surprise they all went against us, yes we were shite ,the leagues over, time for another rebuild , the majority of our players can't handle a bit of pressure, sideways football going nowhere , rely to much on a boy to dig us out a hole of our own making ,their 2 goals should've been mopped up by the defence ,Goldson with his 1 in 20 good passes fucked up again, midfield slow as fuck in making a decision, usually a back pass and start again, I'd promote the boys from the academy to start ,don't see what Halliday offers ,Flanagan on the bench,and a few others who need removed, at the least we would get some drive into the way we play instead of the turgid shite we have been watching since the New Year
  6. "The first thing to be made clear is that even though many others commented on the issue of abuse (racial and sectarian) directed towards Alfredo Morelos, " That's a subtle kick in the baws to celtic ,the holier than anyone mob who can't help themselves jumped in with both feet going after sky, no time for sky but maybe just maybe they take the hump and go for a full investigation into all things celtic and expose them to the world. Good statement but the club need to go for all these fuckers ,ban the lot of them ,take them to court and sue the bastards. When they have to fork out money for compensation their pay masters will not be happy. Kick them Out.
  7. Thought for a minute , thank fuck someones grown a pair and banned the lot of them. Wishful thinking, carry on let the cunts continue to tarnish the Rangers name and brand with no hint of a comeback.
  8. The 5 man Panel consisted of ,Sutton ,Hartson,Stewart,Keevins and Clancy . Know your place "H** Scum" they know they can do what they want with no repercussions. The game is rigged and in our case you reap what you sow, mealy mouthed statements along with the dignified silence has all played it's part. Is this all a part of the secret 5 way agreement that has our club hamstrung and over a barrel. It's a so fuckin brazen and right in your face get it up you to all the teams in this tin pot league. The untouchables , no matter what they do on and off the park there are no repercussions. A protected species, no doubt about it. Someone anyone at Ibrox needs to grow a pair and call these cheating child abusers out. The games up we will win absolutely nothing never mind this year or for the foreseeable future. Go nuclear and call them out on the unmentionable. What's there to lose when your beat before a ball is kicked Kick them Out.
  9. No he wouldn't a prick like Stewart ,Sutton or one of the honest refs would interpret it as a coming together.
  10. Taken from FF. "This is fairly long winded however it’s only due to the amount of cheating that has occurred since the start of December. Night of Aberdeen away - Cosgrove let off with a red card and 3 yellow card offences in the first 5 minutes. Rangers denied a stonewall penalty late in the game with the score at 2-2. On the same night, celtic allowed to commit 2 blatant fouls in the build up to their last minute winner at home to Hamilton. LC final - celtic win the cup with a goal in which 3 players were offside. Rangers denied a second blatant penalty. Forster allowed to come at least a yard off his line to save the penalty we did get. Weekend of Motherwell away - Morelos sent off for celebrating a goal after having missiles launched at him and receiving racist abuse. Weekend of Hibs away - Rangers charged for misconduct of staff. Cosgrove sent off against celtic for a foul less severe than his over the ball studs showing tackle on Davis that he didn’t even get booked for 2 weeks earlier. Griffiths allowed to stamp on an Aberdeen player without any card or follow up citation. Weekend of Old Firm - celtic allowed to equalise with a handball. celtic awarded a penalty for shirt pulling. Rangers denied 2 penalties for shirt pulling. Julien awarded a free kick for pulling down Morelos who was last man. Julien, Christie and Bolongoli not sent off for blatant bookable offences whilst on a yellow. Morelos sent off for diving. Rangers charged for misconduct of staff. Night of St Mirren at home - Simonuvic allowed to elbow an opponent in the face away at Kilmarnock. Mickey Johnson allowed to dive. Griffiths allowed to goad a pundit and throw objects at opposition supporters without any booking or follow up citation. Weekend of Hearts away - celtic awarded a penalty at home to Ross County for Mickey Johnson diving whilst celtic were struggling with the score at 0-0. Weekend of Aberdeen at home - Cosgrove and Logan allowed to kick and wrestle their way through the game without even getting booked. Goldson booked for questioning it. Griffiths again allowed to stay on the park after stamping on an opponent. Griffiths allowed to dive without receiving a second yellow. Taylor allowed to commit a last man foul whilst on a yellow. The above is just in 2 fûcking months. It’s absolutely staggering that our club just sit in silence whilst officials are cheating us on an almost weekly basis. It’s quite literally costing us trophies now. Our entire game is run for the benefit of one team and the most tragic part is that the rest of Scottish football don’t give a fûck as long as they have a chance of taking points off of us." Since December, Corruption,Intimidation and out and out cheating. And there are plenty more examples.refeerees are incompetent, bad at their job and we should be better these are the excuses for all these honest mistakes that have cost us a cup and countless points. They know exactly what their doing and are excellent at their job ,the dignified silence has led us down this road.
  11. Where did I say it was because of the referee , by the way we didn't lose. I am highlighting the blatant decisions that are continually given against us and the leniency that is shown to the opposition,from broken noses to having 3 players offside, kicked off and on the ball,its been happening since we started the climb back up the leagues,it is crystal clear that we are refereed to a different standard than all the rest, ask yourself why and you might find the answer.
  12. I am not desperate and blaming the referee, I want a fair crack of the whip, if you believe that the refereeing has had no impact on the results of our games this season your kidding yourself. We have lost a cup final , at the least 5 points through their honest mistakes, you go on and keep telling yourself the games not rigged, Cosgrove should have been off,then their down to 10 men and that would have no bearing on the game ,don't think so , keep stchum ,the dignified silence,we are better than them pish ,should be highlighting everything they get wrong ,missed an open goal with Clancy ,so let's carry on and get fucked over week in week out and as the saying goes "Know your place H** Scum"
  13. Sick to the back teeth of shite teams who continually waste time from the 1st to last minute. Today a prime example ,how does it take another cheating referee to virtually the end of the game to book the goalkeeper, watch this game again and you will see him telling him to get on with it but conveniently strolls up the park with his back to the offender therefore its fuck all to do with him. If it's a booking at this time then it's a booking from the first minute onwards.Do your fucking jobs honestly and apply the rules to all, again the sheep were allowed foul after foul worthy of in some cases more than a yellow but low and behold as usual it's a Rangers player who cops it. Once again the referee has had a direct influence on the result, yes we were shite but if he applys the rules they would've been down 2 players and their goalkeeper would've been booked after let's be generous and say 5 minutes which would have stopped his play acting and feigning injury at the end. Take it out of the cheating referees hands . Do the same as rugby, play the allotted time . Ball goes out clock stops and doesn't start until the ball is back in play, the game might last the full 90 minutes that's its supposed to be instead of if your lucky 70 minutes of actual football. Used to be a 6 second rule for goalkeepers kicking it out ,more like 6 minutes now. Fuck the SFA and their cheating Referee's
  14. When are some people going to wake up from the stupor their in . It's an agenda against Rangers end of. Kick them Out.
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