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  1. It's a song stolen by the taigs ,by fuck they would go into meltdown if Ibrox belted this out ,a once in a lifetime chance to get it right up them, but I am uber staunch ,no chance ,fuck that some of our support will cry. Show the cunts up for what they are ,their faux apology and commiserations on Fernandos death should be treated with the contempt it deserves , have they found the lighter thrower ,have they condemned the comments of the little scrote, have they released an apology , no is the answer and that is one of the main differences between us and them, they will use the death of their own to try and gain an advantage. The BBC ,The Sun ,The Record besmirching his life by their childish reactions , no respect fuck all ,they can't help but have a sly wee dig , a separate entity more like a separate species these bastards have no shame, no morals,no integrity and no respect for the sanctity of a life. Fernando gave his all for our club and some of the best days of our lives and no doubt his , if the Feyenord Support feel this is the way to honour him then we should join in celebrating his life, a matter of minutes is all it would take and to see the reactions from the haters at the BBC ,Sun ,the Record ,Radio Snyde and all the rest would be priceless. Remember we are the bigots and H*** who can't do right for doing wrong , let's see them try and spin this one. God bless you Fernando a Prince amongst men.
  2. No doubt, what kind of reptile plays whataboutery with the lives of abused children ,which has led to the deaths and ruination of countless children's lives.They say a Leopard never changes it's spots how fucking true ,the self same rhag that said Liverpool Supporters were robbing their fellow fans who were dead or dying on the field at Hillsborough. Know nothing about Dunn ,but Neely should've and wouldn't have been anywhere near Rangers if the Hibernian Chairman done the right thing and phoned the Police. If and I say if anyone associated with Rangers are guilty then we as a support and club hold our hands up and accept we got it wrong ,when this is proved or not we move on. The Tarrier Scum will not, despite the over whelming evidence, convictions in Court ,from cradle to grave it's driven into them to accept the teachings of the Cult through their schools,through their plastic acceptance of Irish terrorism when in all probability very few of them can trace their heritage back to Ireland but have accepted hook link and sinker the version played out by Adams and McGuiness backed up by their fucked up Church in more ways than one,their willing to accept. Given succour by the Natzi party in Scotland aided and abetted by Labour ,not one of them willing to go against the grain and call them out. What a fucked up Country we live in when the acceptance of child abuse is tolerated ,all for a vote. The cultural war began many years ago with the targeting of the Orange Lodge , out of date blah de blah, anti Catholic, move onto Rangers ,songs of hate blah de blah, they have certainly won on this hands down, Be this through the dignified silence and we are better than this stance has brought us to where we are today, acquiescence and acceptance akin to Chamberlins white hanky "Peace in our time". Time is running out for the indigenous people of this country, we either accept or fight back, the only problem being that their is little in terms of doing this through political means. Vote them Out. Kick them Out.
  3. To live in a land where justice is a Gas. Well folks this is where we are today a country that was at the forefront of the industrial revolution to progress and improve the living standards of the people of the world. A country once founded on the principles of morality and justice for all , yes it had its faults but when the world came a calling in two world wars who led the way , to see this Country and the United Kingdom being strangled by those we gave shelter to in their times of need has came back to bite us on the arse. Where Politicians ,lawyers and judges can thwart the will of the people who have mandated them to act on their behalf. Judges who appear to come up in the trials of in their eyes unionist thugs and the pacifist republicans,they are only to willing to hand down sentences that suit, one goes to jail for singing a song and the other is given a slap on the wrist , with the nod and wink to keep doing as they like. are nothing more than a joke. Politicians who ,manufacture civil unrest under the guise of sectarian bigotry ,by allowing a treasonous bunch of cunts to march through the streets of Scotland glorifying a mob that have killed and maimed countless people from Scotland by the bogus bullshit of freedom of speech who next ISIS , these cunts know exactly what their doing ,banning marches at a ratio of 4-1 suits ,soon it'll be ,0-9. A country taken over by the timmigrants ,the enemy within , the Jesuits have been trying to turn this Country since the days of 1690 and they could be on the verge of winning. These fuckers don't give up , the aquiesent voice of the church Scotland, the apathy of the indigenous population,with our dignified silence and we are better than this approach has led us to where we are today. A propaganda machine that Herr Goebells would have given his eye tooth for is in full play , the deniers of truth,the cover up kings, the abusers of countless children are willing to stoop to any level to achieve their aims ,wether it be the preservation of the vilest club in world football to the vilest organisation in human history these cunts know no shame. Time to fight back and reclaim our country,the United Kingdom could well be on the way to a state of civil unrest, possibly revolution against the political machinations of those who believe and think they are better than the common people. Know who's side your on. Vote them Out . Kick them Out. And for fuck sake wake up before it's too late.
  4. Well Mr Finnegan, hope you achieve your aim and we will see who the guilty are, no doubt your club of choice will be at the head of the Queue,Rangers missed a trick there ,should've directed them to your Hibernian brother's in the east,again you and your ilk just do not get it ,if there was abuse happening at Rangers then go ahead and punish, but make no mistake there is not a club in world football who come anywhere near your rancid mob, to have maybe 1,2 or 3 over the time period concerned you could count yourself unfortunate and thats being generous in the extreme,14 yes 14 names were given to the Police all related to celtic and in all probability there will be many more. Your Club chose to deny, re-employ a paedophile knowing full well he would commit further crimes, replace him with another and another, remember these scurrilous rumours, keep the name of celtic clean ,there's a joke, a bunch of the most corrupt devious bastards you would be unfortunate to come across in your life. You and your fellow supporters from then until now are as guilty as the men who abused and destroyed the lives of countless children. Denial, Deflection is your usual way out, maybe you could ask your fellow scum to champion the drive for a public inquiry into your club of choice instead of bringing carnage to the streets of Scotland with their repugnant marches, maybe just maybe the justice minister will respond positively to your request because the thick clown along with his boss will do everything to appease and accquiese to you and your fellow scum. Kick them Out Vote them Out
  5. Hogwash, have the victims to wait until Plod arrest the remainders of the 14, catch the unknown one on the run,take them to trial ,or do their job,remove Pete's fist from their arses and his boot off their collective throats, cowards ,jobsworths to a man. Bought and sold by Timothys Gold ,appeasers ,enablers,and facilitators of the on going destruction of these countless men who's lives have been ruined and no doubt the lives of their nearest and dearest. How these cunts can live with themselves is unbelievable to any normal human being, but when you are given succour and no doubt absolution from the vilest industrialised paedophile organisation in the World of human history ,you'd be willing to accept anything. Kick them Out.
  6. Not anymore, since the SFA tied themselves up with beasts and are nothing more than a mouth piece for big Pete and his cronies, stood idly by when we were shafted, tartan trannies booing Rangers Players , There was a time when it was the majority of Rangers Supporters who kept these clowns in the Game , full houses at hampdump . Like everything else in this country it's going to the dogs ,the tartan army are another bunch of eejits ,when Ian Ferguson gave them the finger after Scotland had been humped tells you all you need to know , a bit like The Sheep supporters ,they are glad to bask in abject failure, another case of ,look at us we're the best supporters in the world, in that respect their the same as the tims, everybody loves us ,in reality they make you cringe ,grown men prancing about in a skirt singing doh a dear, Willie from the Simpsons is worthy of more respect, Iam sure he doesn't pish or shit on peoples property , flashing women ,cause they can get away with it, och it's just a bit of banter (easily replaced by craic) when in reality their a disgrace, but not in the Scotland of today. So I hope they continue to blunder along getting pumped , until they either replace the ones running the SFA with honest men who are not driven by the agenda of one club, hopefully this arrives soon when the beasts from the East are removed from football. Kick them Out.
  7. If and I say if ,it will b a sorry day for the United Kingdom,to go through 2 world wars only to succumb to the treasonous bastards among us . The cunts who ran away,gave succour to our enemies ,and their bastardised offspring are allowed to do as they please. By fuck I wish my Da would have brought me up as a in their eyes a bigot.but he didn't and I thank him for that. These cunts know no shame, from bombing,raping innocent children they don't give a fuck. I am too old to get involved in physical confrontations with the enemy , you can be involved in other ways , teach your children well to the evil bastards that are amongst us. No one wants their children brought up in a country riven by sectarian tensions, but the appeasing powers that be are doing their best to bring this about. Kick them Out. Vote them Out. And if the worst comes to the worst shoot them Out.
  8. He who controls the narrative has the power to see how this plays out, the scum have their placemen ,in the media,theSFA,UEFA, They have played the long game, whilst we sat back,called them paranoid,laughed at them,kept our dignified silence and by fuck where has that got us. They have mastered the propaganda war through all of the above, if anyone challenges them It's whataboutary , point scoring and all the rest. It's got to the stage where enemies of this Country are allowed to march through the streets of Scotland ,portrayed as peaceful demonstrators, who's next will G.C.C allow ISIS to do the same. If you have the temerity to object to this you are a sectarian thug. Think about it, you have the First Minister and the leader of G.C.C. singing from the same hymn sheet, they will reroute Orange Order marches to appease the Roman Catholic voters and pressure from the non sectarian groups like call it out, all under the bogus mantra of anti Irish Catholic bigotry from the indigenous population. They have become emboldened by the lack of censure and sanctions from the football authorities and worse still from the political authorities who it would appear are bending over backwards to appease them. Where did they learn their tactical manouverings you may ask, straight out of the IRA's /Sinn Fein war manual, written by good old Gerry and Martin. These cunts don't give up their Political aspirations of a United Ireland because of the so called peace process, the proxy war is on going and Brexit presents them with the opportunity to achieve what they couldn't through the bomb and bullet. Corbyn ,McDonnell,Sturgeon and their ilk are appeasers in every sense of the word and they will do anything and everything to break up the United Kingdom. Democrats ,my arse they are a bunch of Nationalistic Fascists who can't or won't accept the results of Three Referendums that didn't go their way. The only way out of this impasse around Brexit will in my opinion be played out in the streets of England and elsewhere, politicians who will not endorse the will of the people are and will be responsible for the civil unrest that will come about. Remember Thatchers poll tax ,accepted by the majority up here but abolished within the week when the English took to the streets. Say what you like about the English but they are not shy when it comes to challenging an injustice. History tells us this and if you can't or won't accept these facts then you might have to quicker than you think. Maybe this United Kingdom is heading into a civil war akin to the round heads and Cavaliers , far fetched you may say, it couldn't happen in a civilised country , well when you push people to the extremes it can happen. What you have to decide is who's side you are on, the forces of good or the forces of evil. Vote them Out. Kick them Out. Or if push comes to shove ,shoot them Out.
  9. Yes and he was one of the main players that derailed the thread , it makes you wonder what his and their motives were, surely it wasn't down to petty jealousy that a thread they never started was receiving so many hits or something more sinister. Well done BIB for starting it in the first place ,someday soon justice will prevail and there are some who will try and claim they championed the cause by having the thread removed to a smaller audience. Kick them Out.
  10. How do you compensate the children who's lives have been ruined, who in their right mind can say x amount will cover it, will they arrive at this sum due to the level of abuse they sufferred, to me that is just adding insult to injury. Have they not suffered enough without having to be put through this all again, who decides if a child has found the resilience to overcome the trauma, is he given a lesser amount. What about those who didn't survive are their families to be fobbed off with a derisory payment. Do we leave it up to a judge, don't think so going by the sentences they have handed down so far, another slap in the teeth to the Victims. What about the SFA, are they going to take action against ,not just celtic but all clubs involved especially the ones who knew and willfully withheld the information from other Scottish clubs, enabling the pederasts to carry out further crimes. Are they going to sanction themselves for their part in this cover up as one of their ex Chairmen was at the heart of this scandal. What about the Police , the Judiciary, Glasgow City Council and the Government , questions need to be asked and answers given. Why if 14 names were given to the Police, who made the decision not to persue them. The Justice Minister can't or won't take any action against the main players, previous office bearers at G.C.C should be questioned not only on this matter and the same with previous Government's. The present incumbents at Hollyrood and the City Council have and continue to show where their allegiances are placed either because of their religious ties to celtic or the persuance of a vote. Makes you sick to think that any normal person would be willing to sacrifice children to protect a football club again a football club. If justice is to prevail the only answer is the removal of celtic from Scottish Football, all their assets should be sold and the money raised should be given to their victims. Even then there might not be enough to compensate their victims in a monetary sense. It's the moral thing to do. They like a wee quote do the craicsters well here is one for them. God's curse on you, celtic, you cruel-hearted monster. Your Deeds they would shame all the Devils in hell. Vote them Out. Kick them Out. There's a banner for the Union Bears, don't make it too big , large enough to be taken to every ground in Scotland and Europe, spread the message, plod ,UEFA ,can't take action, It's not sectarian,just fact ,maybe FARE will report it. No children have ever been hurt by a song .
  11. Where will it end , the more you learn the worse it becomes ,Walker refusing to present awards because the pederasts had been sacked , Nicolas, parents told he would not be harmed at the bhoys club, him ,burns and a few others threatening their team mates if they made allegations against Uncle Frank ,were Tommy and the others given a guarantee by the big club that they wouldn't be abused but the poor weans who were most likely not to graduate to the big team were thrown to the wolves.(Sorry for insulting the wolves). Meanwhile the bold Charlie and Andy are free to pontificate on football matters in particular matters that relate to Rangers, always ready with a wee sly dig. How they can live with themselves knowing what happened at their rancid club is beyond me . If any normal person found themselves in the position they were in and your pals were being abused,you would have told your parents and they would have told the police or kicked the pervs head in. Therein lies the difference,they would in all probability have ran to the Priest, he would've told them he would deal with it and subjected the Victims to more horrors. Its dawning on people that it just wasn't big jock who knew , I would suggest that 99% of the R.C. Community in the West of Scotland knew and did fuck all to prevent it, all to protect the good name of Ra celtic. We have the plastic IRA parading through the streets of Scotland threatening the local populace, the first minister or should that be priest makes it clear that these pacifists should not be challenged by in her words sectarian bigots. The inaction of her and Glasgow city council are taking this country down a very dark road by their appeasement of the Ira scum. When and in my opinion it's only a matter of time before this country ,including the U.K. falls into a state of civil war ,what will they say then when people are dying in the streets. No doubt it will have fuck all to do with them and the divisive policies they have put in place and their continued refusal to accept the results of referendums that didn't go in their favour. Democracy my arse ,only when it goes your way. Vote them Out. Kick them Out.
  12. Nuremberg Shug is as guilty as the rest ,he knew ,keeps boasting about the 4 priests who officiated at his daughters wedding ,such a trusting fellow ,blinded by the sins of his church and club of choice,can't see the wood for the trees. Compare and contrast. 4 Lads had a dream. Stop the souptakers at all costs. Kick out a perv . Re employ a perv. Support your Country in its time of need. Support the Enemy at all times. Fight for justice for the Victims of celtic F.C. Deny the justice for the Victims of celtic by deflection and denial . (Cover up the truth by any means. Political Corruption at all levels. Tacit support of terrorism.) You could go on and on. The only answer is to Kick them Out. Justice for victims of celtic Football club since 1888. If you know their history, how apt that they sing this ,again like everything else stolen from another team, everything about them is a sham ,unfortunately for them the only part that is true is that they have been riddled with pederasts for God knows how long and have chosen to remain silent. Hell mend them.
  13. Do they really believe that the 14 named limited themselves to 7 unfortunate children during this heinous period when they held sway over the club with no shame. Yes let them apologise and all is forgiven, the SFA are up to their necks in this, McGinn ,Kelly et al ,the cover up and greenwash go on. Why are plod not going after the ones who have not been convicted, why has the one on the run not been extradited from his place of hiding. Maybe plod have something to hide, they knew what was was going on and they chose to ignore or were told not to peruse the guilty,Pressure applied from their Political masters who in turn were either subjected to pressure from the R.C church or their Alliegance to celtic. The club with no shame should be subjected to the severest sanctions available not just for the crimes that were committed but because of their continued callous disregard of the children who have suffered years of agony and continue to do so by their actions to date. Is this the end game, a mealy mouthed apology and they walk, if this happens then this Country is truly fucked. A haven for Paedophiles and terrorist sympathisers aided and abetted by the religious cult they adhere to and the spineless politicians who will not do the right thing,all for the sake of a vote, whilst the suffering of Children counts for nothing. Justice for the Victims. Kick them Out.
  14. Don't be surprised if the offended try and get this banned, It's part of the crusade , go for Orange Walks as is in their warped minds it's a sectarian fest, no place for celebrating the armed forces in football, meanwhile they will allow the rancid mob to march through the streets of Scotland celebrating the IRA , glorify in the deaths of young men who died in countless wars to preserve the freedom that they besmirch by their ingrained hatred, they call us H*** but the very cunts they glorify helped the Enemy in both world wars , treacherous,treasonous bastards to a man. Why Britain bailed out the ROI during their economic crisis amazes me as this mob have allowed terrorists to operate against the United Kingdom for years , they forget that one of the main players in their economic crisis was none other than Dodgy Dermot and his cronies. Meanwhile here you have a mob at local and national level who will not take the action required against the plastic terrorists who imitate the nationalist terror groups , threatening the local populace ,know your place H** scum. When the powers that be embolden all theses terrorist supporting scumbags with their lack of action against them and choose to portray them as peaceful protesters whilst their opponents are described as sectarian thugs . Don't be surprised if this Country turns into a state of constant civil unrest and who will the appeasers turn to , none other than the armed forces. Vote them Out. Kick them Out.
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