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  1. Suspend the sheep molesters for a season. Suspend the child molesters for good. Kick them Out.
  2. Already have them,Vatican Assistant Referees. Kick them Out.
  3. "Does he square his conscience up with his confessions, does that make all the guilt disappear to be given penance by someone who by the law of averages may have been perpetrating or certainly enabling these crimes themselves" Well said Robmc1. This is exactly the mindset they all have, when your whole value system is based on the teachings of Roman Catholisim , drummed into you by the Church and Schools they operate . Even when they know the horrors their mother church has inflicted on millions they still entrust their children into their hands. It really is an addiction that they cant break free from, for a drug addict or any other addict to break the habit would bring joy and happiness . To break free from the clutches of this religious cult they will probably find themselves shunned by their friends and families. This is the culture that has permeated their Football club since its inception and no doubt has and does play a leading role in the horrors that have taken place under the umbrella of Glasgow celtic Football and Athletic Club since 1888. They will pontificate on the crimes of Epstein, Weinstein and others. Lecture on the merits of tax laws and how awful they are, but they cant shine the light on the most heinous of crimes committed by the ones they hold in the highest regard. Hypocrites to a man, and good old Shug is the personification of this. He knew . They all knew. Kick them Out
  4. Nuremberg Knows exactly what went on .The 4 Priests also knew.Begining to look like anyone associated with them be it Priests,Police,Players, Journalists, Celebrities , Politicians, Directors, Judges, Lawyers, Financial controllers and last but not least their sanctimonious supporters , they all knew when the crimes were being committed and done fuck all. Burying your head in the sand and to quote the prick Stewart "I don't wanna talk about it" will not make it disappear bhoys. Their day of reckoning is coming sooner than they think. The Guilt lies at all their doors. Kick them Out.
  5. Well done, let's see how laughing bhoy reacts to this , no doubt it will be silence and a few more interdicts to keep the media puppets up here on side. Pretty soon he'll wish he went on the fictitious tour of Japan and never came back. Remember Petey bhoy he who laughs last laughs loudest. Another enabler who has no shame in his quest for cash. As long as it keeps rolling in he doesn't care who and how many suffered at the hands of celtic football club. He is as guilty as the abusers, Seperate entity my arse. Your days of grandstanding and moralising to all and sundry are coming to an end , you'll be seen for what you are. One amoral bastard. Kick him and them Out.
  6. I know but still believe the more journalists outwith scotland who get on board will expose them and show the world what they are all about. Kick them Out.
  7. Just a thought, has anyone contacted Louis Theroux. NETFLIX or any of the major media outlets would broadcast if he was involved. He investigated but felt he was duped by Saville . Don't think he'd be fooled again if he was to investigate the crimes committed under the umbrella of celtic. You never know who might be unearthed. Kick them Out.
  8. Agree with this an excellent post. They can't or won't say sorry, for to do so they would have to accept their guilt in the crimes committed against children at their sordid club. They all knew from chairman to supporters. They'll champion every cause that they believe will show them in a good light but deep down they all know they are rotten to the core. Kick them Out .
  9. Correct. The S.F.A. are as complicit as the ring masters. Who authorised the change to the rules of association. Why were they changed and the reason for doing so. You don't need to be Einstein to work this one out. McGinn chairman of the S.F.A. Director of the trophy shop of horrors. The Japs placemen now in place to rebuff all allegations against the ring . The go to guy leading the inquiry has working and no doubt personal relationships with convicted paedophiles. A spokesperson and advisor to Cardinal Keith. Call me stupid but the 3 wise monkeys would see through this sham. 3 years to conduct a review into the vile practices (let's say in Scottish Football for arguments sake) that could have been concluded in 3 weeks and that's being generous, when every man and their dug know where the epicenter was and is based to this very day. Kick them Out.
  10. There is no doubt about it they are as guilty as their predecessors. They to a man have stood by the Separate Entity shite, heaping more anxiety and stress on their victims. Shows you the type of people who are running them are in the same mould of the Kelly's ,McGinn 's and Whytes of this world. Their pursuit of the Lucre overrides everything thing else"keep the good name of celtic clean above all else" no apologies for the crimes of their forefathers. Even if they were forced into making said apology I believe it would be as hollow and insincere as every utterance that they have ever spouted. The only truth was when they had their first investigation into these "scurrilous rumours " about these good men. Kick them Out.
  11. McAvennie , Prince Andrew will be sweating now. Him and the rest just don't get it. Penny not allowed to drop due to the brainwashing ,if the allegations are true get him extradited and face the music. Does Franky bhoy have the same thoughts on the abusers at Parkhead , another who no doubt knew ,as long as its somebody or someone else's child they dont give a fuck . The more that is gradually being brought into the light makes your skin crawl. It would appear that systemic child abuse is normal and not to be questioned at their Football club or the religion these good Christians follow. To do so you'll be portrayed as a bigot, point scorer,disgusting for even talking about this scandal. That's what they want , keep it quiet and it will all disappear. Tell everyone you know , keep the heat on and the deniers of the truth will be seen for what they truly are. Scum then Scum now Scum forever. Kick them Out.
  12. The deniers of truth. Whatever happened to freedom of speech, they could teach Goebbels a few lessons. The bastions of morality strike again to protect the "good " name of the club with no shame. Hell mend them, their rancid, abhorrent history is slowly but surely coming into the light. They can deny,deflect, brush and sweep all they want but their day is coming and their depravity will be displayed for all the world to see. You can see them tut tutting watching the news on Maxwell's daughter being arrested for playing a"critcal role" in Epsteins case. Who played or should it be how many played a "Critical Role" in the abuse of countless weans at the hands of Torbett, McAfferty ,Cairney and who knows how many others. Separate Entity my arse. Kick them Out.
  13. Just listened to this. Harrowing, Heartbreaking. From top to bottom celtic are indeed a club like no other. No morals,No shame, every player, all their managers, directors and owners all knew ,with a couple of exceptions and yet no one thought maybe just maybe the Police should be involved in this, even an anonymous phone call might have saved countless victims of this vile organisation. They are the main players in this , but questions need to be asked about the Police and the SFA because they also knew . 14 names were given. Kick them Out.
  14. The Einstein of Scottish football knew. Stopped going to the dome because they sang IRA songs. Poor soul what the fuck did he think they sang. So offended by this but not an ounce of concern about those being abused at celtic,no doubts , never crossed his mind that what was going on was wrong in so many ways. What is it with them when it comes to weans being abused ,fuck all to do with them as long as it isn't their weans , he was protected because his Da was doing the coaching. Unbelievable . KICK THEM OUT. Raise the dome to the ground. Leave their statues standing as a reminder of their criminality and immorality towards weans. Sporting integrity my Arse.
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