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  1. He can't and he won't call it as it is , sorry but "appear to be" is way off the mark, their the biggest cult on earth , proclaiming to be the church of Christ, a leader who is God's representative and he guides the infallible ones past and present to preach to the mere minions of the world on how they should act and behave. The hypocrisy of this mob knows no bounds ,they are a blight to humanity, wherever they go they have brought nothing but pain and suffering to millions. Practice what you preach springs to mind but these bastards have done the exact opposite since their inception , more aligned with the anti Christ in their pursuit of power and the coin. Come out with a load of claptrap on all sorts , spouting its Gods will , maybe if they emptied the coffers and helped the poor, the destitute,the forgotten people of the world ,you maybe would believe the shite they come out with. They have and will continue to give sanctuary to their missionaries by claiming diplomatic immunity, allowing them to evade justice and live out the rest of their perverted lives in Satan's Lair . Maybe that will be the club with no shames next move , It's all an anti Irish Catholic conspiracy , maybe the Fenian Army will accept any invitation from El Papa to escape the persecution. Let's hope so and maybe this country can get back to what it is supposed to be. Go Home. Kick them Out.
  2. Nailed it, Four Priests is another who knew , because of his religion and his ties to the club with no shame his opinion on this counts for nothing, he is a denier, an enabler just like the rest , his ethics and ethos have led him to where and what he is a charlatan masquerading as a journalist. His faux moral outrage over the tax issue , what about the hospitals and all the rest was just that, whilst underneath he is another who wanted Rangers nailed to the floor or finished off completely. He championed the rallying cry through radio clyde, lost his voice on the subject of abuse only to find it to defend the club with no shames current heirachy. This is the self same man that likened Ibrox to a Nuremburg Rally , he is nothing more than a bigoted sectarian fuckwit who has been given a platform to spout his shite by employers who are of the same beliefs. Well Hugh what about the weans , do you care , what if it was one of your precious daughters or their children, would you let it slide if the abuser was a priest or attached to a certain football club. You probably would and justify it by confessing to one of your pals, a bit of hocus pocus and all is forgiven. You and your ilk have known about this sordid affair from the outset, condemning anyone and everyone for making these "scurrilous accusations" against celtic, told they were nothing better than point scoring bigots , well thank God they had and have more scruples,moral fibre, integrity, honesty than you or your abomination of a football club and religion will ever have. It's time to face the music Shug, tick tock. Kick them Out.
  3. He will have confessed , couple of hail Mary's and all is forgiven. He has been well remunerated for his silence. He is not the key, Mcginn, Kelly, the beast on the run, the other 7 named , why are they not being perused by the Police. Could it be pressure from their Political masters then and now for whatever reason. You can throw in Macari, Brady, McCann, Lawell and a multitude of ex players, journalists, all of them knew. No doubt McCanns help line threw up a few names worthy of investigation. Why have none of them been interviewed and in the case of McGinn, Kelly and Lawell it should be done under caution. There has been a sustained effort to pervert the course of justice in itself a crime no one mentions in the on going cover up. All of this needs to be brought out to ensure justice is served. The way is being paved by the SFA to ensure celtic are not censured in any way, that was the way things were back in the day excuse will be trotted out. Look at us now we have policies and procedures in place, oh and by the way celtic were the first guys to employ a safeguarding officer aren't they a great club , putting the welfare of Children at the forefront of their thoughts, showing all the other clubs the way, where in fact they continue to do what they have always done. No compassion, no empathy for the Victims , It's all about them trying to save face .Rotten to the core. It's like an episode of Columbo a cast of thousands,so many suspects to go through before he gets his man , but this is real life, lives have been ruined and the perpetrators, the enablers,the silencers should all be in the dock charged for whatever role they played in this sordid affair. The Juan Guy excuse can't be used this time by the club with no shame, they all knew. Kick them Out.
  4. Scottish FA launch five-year strategy to 'transform' child protection By James Cairney The Scottish FA have launched a five-year strategy aimed at offering greater protection to children in football. THE SCOTTISH FA has published a five-year strategy aimed at offering greater protection to children in football. The Child Wellbeing and Protection Strategy has been published following an independent review of sexual abuse in Scottish football and has five key aims, which are: - Embedding a consistent child wellbeing and protection system throughout the game - Promoting children’s rights in all we do - Support and develop learning and knowledge of child protection and wellbeing - Improve standards at all levels - Strengthen leadership, governance and accountability The policy was launched to coincide with the second annual meeting of Child Wellbeing and Protection Officers, and was attended by SFA chief executive Ian Maxwell, Minister for Children and Young People Jackie Brock and former Tottenham player and abuse survivior Paul Stewart, amongst others. Speaking at the meeting, Maxwell said: “As Scotland’s national sport, we have known for a long time about the positive impact football can have on children and young people. It can impact on all of the national indicators of a child’s wellbeing — that she or he is safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible and included. “Above all our children and young people should love being involved in football, enjoying and having fun in whatever way they choose to participate. This can only come about if they feel, and are, safe. “In 2016 the Scottish FA commissioned an independent review into Sexual Abuse in Scottish Football. The Interim Report, published in 2018, reported that football had not always been a safe place for some of the children and young people involved in our game. “The recommendations highlighted that the safety and wellbeing of children and young people in our sport needed to be prioritised at every level of the game. As a Board we are extremely grateful to everyone who took part in the Independent Review and who has therefore provided the catalyst for the transformational change that this strategy seeks to achieve. “The Scottish FA Board is pleased to introduce this five-year strategy for Scottish football and we extend our thanks to all those who took part in its construction. We look forward to receiving and scrutinising updates on its implementation and to fulfilling our leadership role across the game in this essential area of Scottish football.” What a crock of shit, a five year strategy, aimed at offering greater protection, all you have to do is pick up a phone, 2nd meeting of wait for it"Child Wellbeing and Protection Officers". Yet not a peep from Ian Maxwell,Jackie Brock Minister for Children and Young People,Humza Yusaf and Sturgeon on the biggest scandal in the world of sport. Well done on Paul Stewart but I am pretty sure there are countless survivors closer to home who could have been at the launch of this ground breaking initiative, maybe some were but their abusers can't or won't be named as it might tarnish the good name of a certain football club. After all they do recognise that football wasn't a safe place for children , well go ahead and tell us who was responsible for making it so, doesn't matter how many clubs or who these clubs were, get it into the public domain and then and only then can you start the transformational change that you are seeking as the Governing body. How you deal with the guilty clubs ,no matter who they are and the action or inaction you take will determine how you as the Governing body will be judged. If your response is the same as the Government to date you would be as well putting your report through the shredder. Do they really believe that people will fall for this ,too little to late. Grow a pair and do the right thing or you will be as guilty as those who knew and did nothing. Give the victims the justice they are seeking and so rightly deserve after what they have suffered, all because countless officials refused to pick up a phone to protect the name of a football club ,think about it a football club. Kick them Out.
  5. There is no chance of this happening, to do so would accept their guilt. They have learned from the Mother Church in the ways of denial and deflection, the separate entity shite is straight out of the Vatican's book of a million ways on how to get away with all sorts of shite. Mental health,Drink or Drug problem ,you name it these scummy bastards will do everything and anything to avoid facing up to what they are, They proclaim to be the followers of Christ when in fact they are the disciples of Satan, their gullible followers keep handing over the coin, to save the poor unfortunates of the world ,when in reality they see this as an opportunity to carry out their despicable practices , all done in the name of Christ, No shame ,No Guilt , how they have been allowed to get away with their crimes is beyond comprehension. No doubt they have greased the palms of Politicians ,Law enforcement to survive this long ,make no mistake they want to return this Country into a fiefdom of Rome. For a country that brought enlightenment to the world to be dragged back into the dark ages by a Government that is hell bent on appeasing the enemy within to achieve their aims of an independent state ruled over by the originators of the EEC, they could not win a war twice ,but by fuck they have won the peace. No more no less ,quislings acting as mps , officials in office who will not either do the job or they are hamstrung either by their religion and their team of choice. Kick the fuckers out
  6. A well written piece of journalism calling it as it is,but he needs to do a bit of digging, stop the pussyfooting around the pederasts at the infamous club,previously known as celtic ,but from this day will be known as st pats.The enablers, the facilitators,the deniers. Their days in the sun are coming to an end, treble treble ,how apt but you will have to add another five at the least to the list of vile individuals that were allowed to abuse ,the lives of innocent children ,could be more ,we will never know unless the useless government in Scotland grow a pair. It doesn't take a masters degree in journalism ,or anything else , you could be the thickest count on the planet and stop in amazement and wonder why these cunts haven't been shut down.
  7. Take your self back to 2012 and the feeding frenzy that was visited upon Rangers over a legitimate tax scheme. The frenzy instigated and led by the club with no shame ,their morally corrupt supporters, their friends in the media and elsewhere. The cry was sporting integrity and youse have cheated us out of mullions. almost to a man the lily livered chairmen voted Rangers out. Remember sell out Saturday ,hours of coverage on TV and Radio denouncing Rangers as the most corrupt football club in the history of Scottish Football. A mere seven years after and the biggest scandal in world sport is slowly but surely being brought into the light. No thanks to the courageous journalists, the bastions of sporting integrity, the owners of every football club in Scotland, The Government,The Police and last but not least the Governing bodies of Scottish Football. The fight for justice begins and ends with the victims and their families who are to this day being ignored and subjected to continued vitriol and abuse by the supporters of the club with no shame. The only solace for the Victims and their families is the support they are being given by the Rangers Support , the Times Newspaper and A couple of Politicians. It really beggars belief that the standards of a once proud country have sunk so low that it is willing to accept this as the norm. Let's ask the Chairmen of every Football club in Scotland , ,all their supporters , how would you vote on the acceptance of a club that has harboured a group of Pederasts for God knows how long , are you willing to be associated with them,are you willing to let them into your family. In the name of moral integrity and compassion for their countless victims the only answer possible to any decent human being would be no. Kick them Out.
  8. The enablers past and present at celtic should be in the dock, the journalists,the police, the procurator fiscals, the media, anyone who knowingly played or are playing a part in perverting the course of justice, either by withholding evidence or the suppression of information that would have seen the perpetrators in the jail long ago. How many children could and should have been saved is anyone's guess. 14 names given , who are they and why are they not being brought to book, no doubt some could be dead rotting in hell with their pal Jimmy. The one on the run, are the police trying to catch him , don't think so,it looks to me as if they want this to disappear . The inaction from the Government and the so called Justice Minister tells you all you need to know. There must have been some form of collusion by all the above and I believe this is still being played out today, the football authorities in this country are not fit for purpose, the biggest scandal in the world of sport has been caused by one of its members and not a peep, bringing the game into disrepute, what a joke that is. The club involved should be suspended from football until a proper inquiry is held and when that has concluded ,the only fit and just punishment should be their removal, no paltry fine, no demotion, all their assets should be sold off and the proceeds given to the victims. Kick them Out.
  9. Well let's hope so ,anything and everything is grist to the mill.The club with no shame have had their day in the sun, They claim a gold star built on the ruination of countless children's lives. Their sanctimonious threat from their plastic supporters is beyond parody,I am Scottish,but I think I am Irish ,I might take up planting bombs if I don't get my own way.Kill the odd soldier and I will be happy,we will support any and every tin pot country that shows a total disregard to the lives of British people. These cunts have no shame,they are willing to forego and forget the crimes of their rancid club, the rape and sodimisation of countless children means absolutely fuck all to them. Proud to strut about in the green and grey hoops of shame,stick it on a child all the way up to a pish stained pensioner day in day out they wear it as a badge of hounor. The prick on BBC has the temerity to mention sectarian singing, so it begins ,the bigoted H*** have won and we don't like it. Go and take a good fuck to yourself and in the passing you look like a wrong yin. Kick them Out.
  10. It's actually gut wrenching how these fuckers have got away with all this shit ,in all probability from 1888. No remorse ,No shame ,try and implicate others to lessen their guilt. The Kings of aversion they hold true to the Jesuits proclamation to return Scotland to the Church of Satan. You might find this far fetched but this has been their end game since the reformation. A movement that brought a brightness to the world and the progression of mankind through the industrial revolution. Where would we be now , still stuck in the dark ages ,are we being dragged back into a society with no scruples,no honour, it certainly looks like it, paltry jail sentences for the most henious of crimes. A Government that blame everyone bar themselves for the total mismanagement of the economy and the services they are supposed to provide. A lack of leadership to expose the corruption that has been allowed to fester all in the name of a vote. They are willing to sacrifice the children of this Country past and present n the name of independence . The threat from the fenian army should be seen for what it is, the same as the effigies ,know your place H** scum. These cunts have been given free reign to do as they please, time to fight back is well gone . Learn from the mistakes of discounting them as a threat and we might just find the road to reclaiming our country back. Kick them Out.
  11. Well Chris we all know a game lasts90 minutes ,ask Scott McDonald or your ex partner Thomson ,we know your hurting ,if you knew their history would you have signed ,would be good to know . I was under the impression that sexually abusing children was the antithepisis to any normal human being. And that's the brutal truth. Kick them Out.
  12. You can only be deported if you don't belong an example being an illegal immigrant , or committed criminal offences in the country you have moved to. We know the majority of the plastics see themselves as Irish and a fair few of them have taken out Irish passports. Maybe the courts should take heed of their claims and do just that , probably get rid of a few right away. The enemy within indeed. For a support that proclaim their hatred of Great Britain at every opportunity, why the fuck would you stay here instead of going home. Answer could be a Government that will not take the action required , a Police force that are hamstrung by their political masters and when they make arrests suddenly the evidence disappears. No inquiry on how the evidence was lost, good job their is an abundance of evidence against the club with no shame or the ones already convicted would have walked. They are trying their best to close the debate on the heinous activities of their forefathers but we must hope that justice prevails and their victims can find some sort of closure. Despite the disgraceful inaction of the Government and its so called Justice Minister. Shame on them all. Kick them Out.
  13. Has Broony just come out the secret closet, plenty of secrets still to be revealed from the theatre of shame. Wonder what the next fairy tale will be from their pr company. Kick them Out.
  14. The article from Australia calls it as it is , A Cult foisted on humanity for far too long , the mumbo jumbo, hocus pocus and the use of Latin which bamboozled the human race for centuries no longer works. They have evolved into the most sinister organisation on the planet , their bastardised version of Christianity has subjugated millions , brainwashed and abused from the cradle to the grave. No wonder their victims find it so hard to gain any justice or solace when their families,friends give them no support to challenge the evil that has been visited upon them. Parents who can't bring themselves to face up to the fact that the good old Priests have been abusing children for centuries , give me a child for 7 years and I'll show you the man, the Jesuit mantra that still holds to this day. The self same scenario is being played out in front of us by Glasgow celtic and it's supporters,denial,deflection, it wasn't just us. They don't or won't accept that they are the major players in this sordid affair,yes the perpetrators can wheedle their way into any organisation,knowingly allowing them back in to commit more crimes is their downfall. The founder of cbc we are told was kicked out only to be replaced by another pederast,not once but several times over and the very fact that at some stage they were all there at the same time constitutes that it was an active ring allowed to flourish and operate under the umbrella of celtic Football club. Justice must prevail or we are as well jacking it in , that is what they would like to happen but we should stand firm and ensure that their victims get the justice they deserve. The facilitators, enablers ,silencers will need to be forced into accepting their part in the ruination of countless children's lives all for the sake of the good name of a football club. The only punishment that will suffice and fit the crime. Kick them Out.
  15. The Travelling community have just been advised to add their accounts of abuse ,by fuck when and where does the powers at be grow a pair and call these cunts out,pretty sure it didn't happen at non denominatial schools ,I know there were a few cunts at my schools but they never tried to sexually abuse you, might have took pleasure in giving you the belt ,but by duck I would accept this A million times over rather than be subjected to the shit that they and the Roman children were subjected to. Kick them Out.
  16. When did this happen,knew he would pull a fast one ,van probably drove past at 1 mile per hour ,the bold Jack goes down in instalments,various witnesses in green and grey ,using the Saville calculator tell reporters who just happened to be passing he must've been thrown at the very least 100 feet in the air, poor old guy,ambulance turns up and as this poor old pensioner is walked gently into the ambulance, he turns and thanks these unknown witnesses as they burst into that well known term of endearment in Glasgow when complete strangers meet, hail hail ,job done. Meant to add this on,mysterious illnesses,hits the Kelly's ,Whites and McGinns ,medical experts are stunned ,they've never encountered the bacteria that limits itself to such a small ring of people. Breaking news ,the Chief Medical Officer has just announced that this illness although very debiltating to those who catch this virulent disease and makes it impossible for them to pick up a phone , severe amnesia limited to criminal acts has at last been identified as Fenianitis. Jail Him Kick them Out Breaking news,they've found a cure ,avoid the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and their schools. Avoid anyone who wears the green and grey hoops. Avoid anyone who supports inter breeding with your maw.da , sister ,brother. Avoid anyone who supports or sings songs in the praises of Terrorist Scum Avoid anyone who denies justice for the Victims of the pederasts that were given free reign at Glasgow celtic Football and Athletic Club since it's inception. Kick them Out.
  17. Maybe Jack has been briefed by Hollicom to maintain the separate entity hogwash, him and Kelly are at the heart of this ,follow the money that was paid to the trophy shop ,who signed of the payments,none other than Lawell Their knee deep in shit which is rising fast and this will not only have consequences for celtic but also the SFA as the bold Jack held sway over them just as Peter does today. Their internal investigation is no more than a smokescreen, just the same as McCanns help line, which by all accounts was inundated with victims. Contact the club and we will deal with it,never a thought given to contact the Police leaving the perpetrators to carry on as before. Maybe the money that was flowing to Torbetts company wasn't just a sweetner for him to keep his mouth shut but was used to pay of some of his and others victims off under N.D.A.. All to protect the good name of Saint Patrick's Football and Athletic Club. Pretty soon their will be an outbreak of serious illnesses to the main facilitators , not fit to answer any questions,they can't remember, collective amnesia, signed off by some highfaluting Doctor ameniable to their cause. Their festival of football ,the safeguarding and all the other bullshit that's coming out won't cut it ,oh look at us ,we are helping everyone ,what a nice football club we are, we bring billions into the economy. Don't be surprised when the S.F.A. Finally release Mr Martin Henry's report it will be a sanctimonious crock of shite, oh people didn't know any better in those days , it would be wrong of us to condemn celtic for the crimes committed , as after all St. Patrick's boys club was and is a separate entity. We know this to be true because Peter told us this and we have had testimonials from the leadership of none other than the Roman Catholic Church, ex Chairmen of the S.F.A. , the esteemed Joe O'Rourke, the well known author Phil Gillivan , countless Lord Provos and distinguished Politicians ,Media personalities and any one denying this is the case is none other than a point scoring bigot ( H**). End of Report ,nothing to see here , move along now and let us ensure that the referees meet their targets for the next couple of seasons and the compliance officer is ready to deduct as many points for singing songs as we can get away with. All done with transparency, sporting integrity and the good of the game. A nest of Vipers , nothing has changed with them since the bold Jim started the CBC , nah never mind that , since the great waldo shat them out in 1888 they have brought nothing but shame to the game. Always cheated never defeated, always the victims , when in truth the only victims have been the countless children that have suffered at the hands of this vile institution. Kick them Out.
  18. Had no idea who this guy was but there is no way he is going to be independent with his background, Worked beside convicted paedophile , advisor to the church of shame , now we know why he was picked , the brass neck of these fuckers ,they know no shame,they will deny and deflect anything that shows them in their true colours. A sham report that will no doubt absolve the scum , they were under no obligation to report the crimes to the police , keep it in house , that's the way it worked back in the day. That might have been the case at the chamber of horrors but in every other normal organisation they would have been reported to the police. What is it with these sick fucks ,their Church,their Football Team , their Terrorist Hero's all have one thing in common they will abuse and destroy the lives of innocent children with impunity . To live in a country that is governed by a bunch of chancers that will put votes before the well being of Children makes me sick to the stomach. How many inquiries do you need to realise that the mammoth in the room is none other than the Roman Catholic Church. Time to put a stop to their separate apartheid schools,if they want to continue to brainwash their children let them pay for it themselves, see how many would take this up if it means that much to them . A cancerous blight on Scottish society ,their insidious influence has been the ruination of a country that not so long ago was at the forefront of the progression of mankind. Our forefathers were right in kicking them out and we should follow their lead. The quisling politicians ,Kick them Out. The Church of Satan, Kick them Out. The football club of shame ,Kick them Out.
  19. How is this guy leading the inquiry is not the question but more importantly why he is . Could it be that he has a vast knowledge of the predilections of the Ministers in the Roman Catholic Church and how to avoid any bad publicity being associated to them. We are to believe he is independent and will present an honest account of all the wrong doings that have been committed not just by Glasgow celtic Football and Athletic Club but also by The Scottish Football Association , both of them are up to their necks in this, both culpable in the on going cover up of the biggest crime in the world of sport. Forget Penn State and all the rest including the English paedophiles already convicted this is by far the largest ring that was given Carte Blanche by the powers that be at celtic to do as they please with the unfortunate children who fell into their hands. The bullshit statement issued by radio Clyde tells you all you need to know ,they are beyond the pale and will stoop to any level to protect their Church and celtic. It's akin to Goebbels presenting the case for the Nazis at Nuremberg,we were only obeying orders and didn't know any better , a shower of immoral bastards that would fit like a glove in the corridors of parkhead and hampden. They will do anything and everything to avoid the punishment they so richly deserve , this includes their supporters who also knew along with Big Jock,the Lisbon Lions and everyone else associated with them ,including their Church. But maybe just maybe this was the raison d'etre why they were founded in the first place. Kick them Out.
  20. The whole justice system is a joke, a guy gets 5 year for abusing a child at the Sheriff court ,who decided that he should be tried there instead of the High Court,you have people sentenced to probation,community service for the vilest of crimes. Meanwhile the jails are full with in the majority a bunch of dafties who get blootered maybe get in a fight with some other daftie and end up doing a couple of year. Men and women who have serious addiction problems in and out of jail and 99% of them will be the victims of either physical or sexual abuse through out their lives . Middle class or the upper classes making and dispensing justice on people they haven't really got a clue on their everyday living experience. Most will never have encountered someone from a scheme , can't associate with the pressure that is ( in their eyes the underclass) on young people to conform ,you either join the gang,go with the flow or your fucked. When you are raised in the "Little house on the prairie" how can they possibly know what it takes to survive and work your way through this. it's like everything else ,as long as someone is making money they don't give a monkey's , they know who the major players are in all the areas of criminality but as long as it is not affecting them and theirs it will continue. Police,Politicians,Judges the lot have known what has been going on at celtic before any of it came to light , how you break through the wall of silence is anyone's guess but the only hope is that their are good People who will expose them and bring justice to their victims . Kick them Out.
  21. The Justice minister is coming off Twitter because he is sick of the abuse directed at him and his ! Daughter. Where have we heard this shit before,none other than mad Phil and his poor daughter being upset by a few songs. It doesn't take long for the victim card to be pulled out wether it's to do with their religion , plastic heritage or the colour of their skin. He will not or can't say that the questions being asked of him on Twitter and elsewhere is why he will not respond to a family who have suffered more than enough at the hands of a football club. He should be ashamed of himself trying to use his child as an excuse whilst countless real victims of abuse are left to whistle in the wind. Not fit to hold the job he has , not morally fit,a chancer who has climbed the greasy pole by hook or by crook. Time this clown resigned or was kicked out along with his club of choice. Vote them Out. Kick them Out.
  22. Well sorry to tell you it's true, but only if any of the chairmen including our own could grow a pair and call these cunts out. Why they don't is anyone's guess, every person that is involved with the running of Scottish football should hang their heads in shame, along with the Government that will stoop to the levels of hell to achieve their aims, How anyone with a braincell can vote for these cunts is beyond me. Aint no Tory but by fuck I will never vote for Labour when you have the Ira lovebhoys in charge Kick them Out.
  23. Dear Ian, You will already be well aware of the convictions of various officials at CBC relating to various events that took place at celtic Park and other locations not only in Scotland but elsewhere, are you not duty bound to contact these football associations to establish if they were aware of the crimes being committed in their countries. The situation at celtic has attracted little or minimal exposure from the media and your organisation ,is this by design or pressure from celtic and Others . Are you a willing participant in the cover up as previous incumbents linked to celtic clearly were. Compare this with the feeding frenzy that was visited upon Glasgow Rangers for a legal Tax scheme which attracted a huge level of exposure and comment over a number of years , none of it favourable. The SFA has supposedly held its own investigations into issues associated with the child abuse and the prevention of same, although I gather you are still trying to obtain all the relevant information here's a hint. Have you asked celtic to comment and if so what was their response ,have you asked Jack Mcginn or is that to close to home. The affairs of celtic and others in relation to the systemic abuse of Children should come under even greater scrutiny. If the "allegations "of child abuse are true, and a breach of SFA and/or SPFL rules is established, the eligibility of Glasgow celtic Football and Athletic Club to have competed in domestic league and cup competitions will be called into question, in turn, the integrity of the football results achieved by them would by necessity also fall into question. Any wrongdoing then established would have to be subject to fair and proportionate sanctions, including retrospectively. However, at a higher level, in our opinion this whole affair is causing lasting damage to the reputation and integrity of Scottish football. We appreciate fully that this will not be an easy task for you . But in the interests of fairness and Scottish football we now demand that the SFA act decisively. An independent inquiry should now be convened, or a new panel led by a judge or senior lawyer should be formed with no connection to celtic or the SFA, to investigate and report on Glasgow celtic and Others involved in child abuse and the subsequent cover up and consider whether there has been any further breach of the Association’s rules, including those on disrepute. The roles of individuals (past and present) subject to the jurisdiction of the Association should also be examined with an air of transparency to protect the integrity of the game. I look forward to hearing from you with confirmation of the SFA’s intentions. Yours sincerely, A. Concerned Chairman. Kick them Out.
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