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  1. Heroes that stood tall and steadfast against the rhebel scum. Total respect.
  2. Extremely saddened to hear of the big man's passing. Taken at far too young an age. Hope he's at rest now, RIP Mr Ricksen.
  3. Don't seem to recall @falkirkNS positing his views much on the politics forum where there's differences of opinion certainly however the overwhelming majority agree that the snp are a bunch of chip on shoulder rhebel scum. Maybe if he visited the politics board more often he might find common ground on his viewpoints.
  4. @Bluepeter9? Separated and isolated exactly what his parties pet policy would inflict upon scotland.
  5. Excellent signing. A fine player and a good man.
  6. Sickening vile outbursts from a pair of snp scumbags. Where's the expected condemnation and seeking of root and branch inquiry regarding the bunch of ira terrorist fanboys that were GCC/Police Scotland authorised to roam around Govan on a Friday night? The snp have stepped over the line. Who in their right mind would vote for these fuck ups.
  7. Are you taking pledged donations now? I'm ready to make mine by way of usual paypal method if so.
  8. Hoping to see a Rangers win tonight (edit - in normal 90 mins game time) but if not at least progress to the next round in any case (edit - in the event of extra time or penalties) Mon Rangers!!!
  9. Take a 1-0 win. Now here's hoping the Jam Tarts can damage the tarriers. Mon Rangers!!!
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