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  1. Dundee United were the first ones to put the boot into us when our financial turbulence became known. Hope they fester and die down in the championship where their shitty little club belongs.
  2. Just seen this. Brilliant effort mate. Great cause. Always happy to donate for those who were willing to give up their lives for our UK and our good people abroad. Well done mucker.
  3. Correct. The tarriers that have infiltrated the Snp couldn't give one fuck about Scotland or its people. Their only purpose is to break up the UK and Union.
  4. Great post Bobby. Hate the fenians Fight for Justice.is of course a characteristic that us Protestants believe in. Good Man.
  5. Fair do's mate. I don't even know what you're referring to. I think our wires crossed somehow as I'm only interested in fighting against the snp greens fenian fuckers. You seem like a decent chap to me Bobby Hume so if your'e fighting a diferent battle I sincerely hope you win also mate.
  6. I'm on topic with the current war against us being waged by the Snp greens and other fenians. I sympathise with all those who've been abused of course but also live in the present tense where the fenians are foraging for a foreign occupation of Scotland and am trying to oppose such fenian scum.
  7. Its not just about CFC. The SNP are conspiring against all of us. Get real and get angry not just against CFC but their scottish political wing also.
  8. I'm on the trio of Ricky Fowler, Jason Day and Tommy Fleetwood. The good lady has plumped for Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia. Looking forward to yet another few days of watching the top golfers in action.
  9. Wonder how many snp member messages were quietly sent to rapey salmond with offers of aid in how to control and dampen down the story when his raping became known by the snp hierarchy? Scum.
  10. I think there is a huge number of people who've awoken to the threat of the fenian autonomy being put into actual reality through yet another separatist referendum. The mainstream does not want yet another such fenian vote taking place. Its those who seek change who we have no control over that we should fear such as the illiuminati who see rising populace no matter who they may be as money making machines no matter the misery it causes to those at the sharp end. Greedy horrible fuckers.
  11. @ForeverAndEver would be ideal. A gay bear who can speak well orally. Step forward my man.
  12. I agree albeit disagree that we're too 'tolerant' a people. We would disagree about the person that put themselves forward but be intolerant to the person dependent upon their backgroudn etc. We need to think more carefully about how intolerant we are and put forward a person of human faults to play the fenians at their own pc illiberal 'game'.
  13. I agree we do need a leader whose saying the same as what all of us are that we need to take on the snp greens fenians who're actually easy meat for a skilled political orator. We require men and women willing to stand up against the pc fenian nonsence that only serves the fenians. Where's the men/women of heart willing to talk us out of the fenian bullshit.
  14. Terrific post. Its time for the people to open up and welcome all who'd rise up against the rebel fenian scum.
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