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  1. Surely a bunch of utter drongoes with no mind of their own who've been taken in by the likes of the stalinist marxists who want the cream for themselves while we the people are fed crumbs from their loony left elitist fenian fuckers. Not an overly violent man but hope these cunts get a kick in.
  2. It could come to pass where we (good protestants) end up staging a sit in protest at and against fenian councils. Here's hoping Police Scotland would dance around, laugh, joke and treat us with the same kid gloves the metropolitans did with the loony lefties who pretend there's anything we can actually do to prevent 'climate change' that's been taken place since the universe was formed. The foreign fenian lot must never be allowed to separate us from our brothers and sisters across this wonderful force for good in the world United Kingdom and Commonwealth.
  3. Love you Williamson. Old fights are never forgotten.
  4. Some cunts like the mod who banned Oaktreeloyal don't understand the ancient fights old son. Some still remember and always will but some forget or pretend to forget. Mon the ancientandroyal oak against the romans.
  5. Wasn't even that bad. He was obviously pished with Dummies oots way overreacting by banning a normally decent poster. Moderators are turning into blarite snowflakes on here.
  6. Thought he did okay. By the time he came on we had taken the foot of the pedal a little due to the lead and Hearts had come back into the game a bit because of that. Overall a very good performance by most. Thought Kent was the best player on the park but in saying that the whole team deserve plaudits for what was an excellent result.
  7. A fine looking filly x If you're looking in babes feel free to get in touch.
  8. Outrageous disgusting decision to book Morelos for diving when it was a 100% clear cut penalty award after Morelos had been headlocked and forced to the ground when inside the box. If Clancy didn't have a clear enough view in order to award the penalty then how on earth did he have a clear enough view to make the wrongful decision that Morelos had instead dived. Its critical 'mistakes' like the one illustrated that change games. Had the rightful decision been taken with the penalty awarded and probably scored then its a game changer, disgusted at that one in particular among other woeful and weak refereeing decisions last night.
  9. Genuinely undecided as to whether the swine should be locked into an asylum or some other mental health unit as to displaying unsound mental capacity. If a tim player was in very ill health i doubt very much any of us good people would be acquiring tattoos celebrating it. If Paul McStay or Murdo Macleod for instance had come into life debilitating diseases I'm sure most of us would genuinely wish them better despite the Old Firm divide. Theres some very dark forces currently operating here in Scotland. Time to rid ourselves of them as per the snpira/greens, the sooner the better it will be for all of us. Mon Rangers.
  10. They fought very hard for their win. A terrific high tempo scrap between two cracking teams. Home advantage edged it I think as England would very probably have beaten them at Twickenham. A good hard combative match. Well done to Wales.
  11. Scotland don't have the same strength or quality as France and never looked at any stage likely that they'd win the game. Scotland are a decent hard working side capable of odd flashes of brilliance but also have a tendency for making basic mistakes at crucial moments. France thoroughly deserved their win. Hoping for a great contest between Wales and England. England were superlative against France a fortnight ago and hopefully they will turn it on again. Wales at home should provide sterner opposition than France were though so expect a tighter affair points wise. Looking forward to it. Come on England (apologies to Welsh Bears).
  12. Yep, excellent display from him tonight but four goals is phenomenal. Great to get through to next round against the sheep bring it on.
  13. Scotland started brightly enough but failed to turn pressure into points when threatening to. The basic mistakes in the second half were schoolboy errors which ultimately made it easy for the opposition. A disappointing performance after starting the match so well. England on the other hand played some of the best rugby I've seen for a long time. It was perfect rugby for much of the match. Quick, sharp, focused, professional, skillful and a joy to watch. They were absolutely first class. Really looking forward to seeing if they can reproduce or even come close to matching that standard against Wales in Cardiff.
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