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  1. the players need a boot up the arse. fuck wasting the money on a psychologist.
  2. £3 for a coffee and bacon roll is a rip off.
  3. was quite busy. i was in at about back of 10. gonna get myself an orange top. probably a couple hats/scarfs and i like the wee flask box. might get one of the wallets too and some pyjamas 😄 some nice smart casual shirts. i hope they plan to bring more products in.
  4. went into the shop today. it's good to have a Rangers shop again. will be definitely going back in to get some things at the weekend.
  5. no doubt to discuss how they can punish us even more!
  6. Good. Would rather have 50,000 bears and 0 taigs. They are not welcome in our stadium.
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