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  1. WillJoe

    Sports psychologist

    the players need a boot up the arse. fuck wasting the money on a psychologist.
  2. WillJoe

    Elite Sports to open a Glasgow store

    £3 for a coffee and bacon roll is a rip off.
  3. WillJoe

    Elite Sports to open a Glasgow store

    was quite busy. i was in at about back of 10. gonna get myself an orange top. probably a couple hats/scarfs and i like the wee flask box. might get one of the wallets too and some pyjamas 😄 some nice smart casual shirts. i hope they plan to bring more products in.
  4. WillJoe

    Elite Sports to open a Glasgow store

    went into the shop today. it's good to have a Rangers shop again. will be definitely going back in to get some things at the weekend.
  5. WillJoe

    SFA to hold summit over refereeing

    no doubt to discuss how they can punish us even more!
  6. WillJoe

    league table

    can't wait! crayons taste good.
  7. WillJoe

    league table

    aye makes sense now but who the fuck even does that? the season didn't start in january 1st did it? the bbc are just trying to make celtic look better than they are.
  8. WillJoe

    league table

    wtf is this? is this meant to be games in 2018 from last season and this season? wouldn't put it past the BBC to spout this shite to make the taigs look better than they are. any way i only take this as a wee sly dig from big brenda baws. kilmarnock are 1 point infront of us and them yet we have a game in hand and they have 2. that lot in the east are fucking arrogant raging cunts. we better fucking get #55 this season.
  9. WillJoe

    Levein wants us to pay for VAR

    aye that'll be fucking right. every club chips in. if it's only us and the nappy rippers footing the bill then it should only be made available for Rangers vs celtic games. scrounging bastards.
  10. Good. Would rather have 50,000 bears and 0 taigs. They are not welcome in our stadium.
  11. WillJoe

    Morelos discipline

    what's wrong with what i said? he could be a cracking player but his temper is out of control. if he can't contain it then i'd get rid of him.
  12. WillJoe

    January - We need three new strikers

    our attacking players are shite. well except morelos...he can score but he has no control over his temper. sadiq...where the fuck is he? lafferty isn't getting enough game time and even when he does he makes no difference. we desperately need to spend some money on bringing depth to our attack. if only real life was as easy as Football Manager 😂 morelos and sadiq are brilliant but lafferty is still shite.
  13. WillJoe

    Morelos discipline

    morelos needs to get his shit together. if he doesn't then i think maybe we should just get rid of him whenever someone comes along interested in him. how many chances are we going to give him? aye he can put balls in the net but he reacts to everything and just has no self control. keep your head down and focus on scoring. don't even react to other players and do anything stupid. it's no hard to stay on the pitch for 90 minutes is it?