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  1. @Womble72 thanks again m8 appreciated
  2. I think the board will wont the league there is no more excuses for him he needs to deliver domestically aswell when the pressure is on
  3. sibsy72

    Sheyi Ojo

    Hes actual shite and he wouldnt be near the team if i was gerrard
  4. Gerrard fucked up today big time i said to the guys before the gane his team selction and tactics was baffling why he chose aribo in that position was a abysmal and bringing on ojo who is absolute shite.why he didnt play jones from the start and arifeld isnt a winger either he should have dropped aribo for jones and move arfield to midfield. My other concern is every big game domestically it matters eg aberdeen twice last year in cup games he has most amd the players seem to collapse . We need width signed today zoz ojo is garbage and Stewart isnt the answer.
  5. koz i posted on the wrong bit lol and it was aberdeen away ha @Scottywellhousetb
  6. Any one on here help me out tommorow with a ticket @Scottywellhousetb
  7. couldnt agree more with that post
  8. Couldnt agree more if we get a 2-0 lead and morelos isnt booked sub him staright away.no fear of the bheasts weve already proved we can more than compete with the tarriers.
  9. @eejay the dj u defo are .he should have bben onside when we broke up the park and he cost us the 1st goal by giving the ball away.cant fault his work rate but
  10. Candieas has no end product defo need a better right sided winger in the summer.jack hasnt played against aberdeen at all.worral was best player goldson and barisic were rotten today aswell .fell sorry for mccrorie think he should be a 1st team starter
  11. sibsy72

    Joe Worrall

    Joe worral was class today though goldson was dodgy
  12. Was choking on a booze the day aswell.ha got that baldy dick back @Scottywellhousetb heated set on full pelt 😂😂🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 am no deiving aberdeen again fuck that watp
  13. Canny be any worse than you sometimes on a sat in the bus 🇬🇧🇬🇧🤣
  14. Thanks for the ticket mate appreciated
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