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  1. To see our: Colombian Striker, Croatian left back, Nigerian attacking midfielder scoring against Brazil. And more to come. Big change in a few years. And more to come. Onwards and upwards. WATP.
  2. The last Rangers player to score against Brazil might be my all time football hero. Might be wrong but can't think of anyone. In good company Joe. Push on.
  3. Would probably take Papac back in our squad tbh 😂
  4. was great today, seeing the Mols turn and Gerrard wearing number 8 in blue sent shivers. such a feel good factor back at the club again these days, long may it continue.
  5. Gerrard would slip through balls into strikers runs for fun up here
  6. Skipping round Gough at Ibrox a sackable offence IMO. #gerrardout
  7. Pressed really well today, some decent penetration and never stopped. Behaviour you would expect from someone with a mrs like that tbf.
  8. aye, I was the same. "crazy signing that makes no sense" I remember saying at the time. Delighted to be a clueless bastard, thats why I'll be staring at a spreadsheet the morra morning and nowhere near a training ground.
  9. Looked great bit to be fair wasn't tested. But strolled it I'm taking it as a positive on our squad that our 3.5M international centre half from Serie A looks like our 4th best option atm.
  10. Starting to really like Stewart, he gives us something different. Kamara back to his best and Borna really coming on. The players trust him much more now, he's getting the ball, looks confident and he looks like he is now really an integral part of the team
  11. Copeland1983


    Finally the Kamara from last season. Was excellent today
  12. Bit harsh to single out the current Irvine Meadow juniors manager tbh gaffer.
  13. anyway, back to the legend. 😂
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