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  1. Yes Jones was way off it tonight but lets give him time to get back. Barker is really struggling atm - from what I hear he was igoodat youth level in England and I think thats why why took a chance on him. Its low risk anyway, he's way down in the pecking order.
  2. can see that mate. My twin brother swears Gazza was better. Natural talent wise its hard to argue. But for me I just felt Laudrup was like a perfect footballer, always seemed to consistently deliver. More than a winger, a free role floating and terrifying our opponents. No-one could match him 1 on 1 it always looked like a massive gulf when he ran at defenders in our league. I was just a wean and cldnt believe how much better he was - stood out like a sore thumb. What a choice to have, we were spoiled.
  3. A terrific prospect that needs developed. This kid has a huge future, great energy, technical ability and fits the profile of modern full back. Keep his head down and he can get to a great level. I'm sure Tav can help him as well.
  4. My favourite ever player mate. My first ever game at Ibrox, Auld man took me, might have been 94, I was sitting in BF, Laudrup took it from half way line in last 10 mins and fired one into top corner against Dundee Utd. I was 12. It blew me away and he was the greatest player i had ever seen and probably still is. I wish everyone on here had watched Laudrup in full flight at Ibrox. He was world class. Unreal ability to ghost past players and so clinical.
  5. Surely there is quite a noticable difference between "paranoia" and a recognition of media bias in this country against us. Example: compare the current witch-hunt against Morelos to the reporting of someone "throwing a hot drink" at him. You will struggle to find much exposure on that, consider one of our fans did that to another player. And the examples go on and on. Anyway, each to their own.
  6. nae bother"Sket". Getting called out on spelling from a cunt from Coatbridge. 😞 x 11.
  7. Ramps up when they are shitting themselves. In the last few years the press has been infected by money grabbing tims in a comfort zone. The growing attacks on our players and club is only a sign of fear from a rhat infested mhedia who are only now getting a fucking challenge . Imagine winning "8 in a row" and never having faced a proper fucking opponent consistently. Their "run" was just a freak show in a situation Scottish football never ever had before. The end is coming soon. Watch them get worse and worse with panic.
  8. When We are so good, they fear us so much. They are shitting themselves. Expect it all to ramp up and ramp up. When the noise goes up it means 55 is coming.
  9. Would like an extra striker, every game is huge and with Morelos missing a few through suspension that leaves only Defoe, we'd be fucked if he got an injury. Inside right forward I think we can live with Aribo, Stewart, Jones, with Arfield option as backup.
  10. Best teams already posted so rather than do the same I've gone with a Cult Hero's/mad bastard 11. McGregor Ricksen Amoruso Bomber Papac Gattuso Souness Ian Ferguson Novo Morelos Prso Manager: Jock Wallace.
  11. All the best anyway, what's more important is we fucked them. We are the people and that's what matters. Played off the park again. Fuck them. 🇬🇧
  12. Could be a shite joke btw 😂I've been drinking fae Sunday.
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