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  1. Goldson needs to just focus on defending. He looks like a converted central midfielder sometimes trying to spray passes, just focus on fucking defending and winning your battle.
  2. Perspective: utter shite Aberdeen team and we couldn't close out a 2-0 lead. Yes we can win on Sunday, but it will all depend on our ability to defend. What i wouldn't give to have the back 4 of Walters eras, instead of these ball playing soft arses that need to realise their bread and fucking butter and keep the door shut.
  3. Your hometown annoys me too mate but let's not split hairs over someone's surname. 😂
  4. Just a personal thing but I feel no need to even mention the filth during our big European games. Happy to abuse them for the entire 90 minutes on Sunday, goes without question. It's all about Rangers, always felt other teams are more obsessed with us than we ever will be with them.
  5. I think Sunday is huge for Helander. I like Katic and Goldson but both have given away chances against the scum and looked a bit raw at times. Opportunity exists for him to really step up and make a name for himself. Hopefully his experience stands him in good stead.
  6. Its a market we should be all over, can offer great value. Look at Morelos and the likes of Haaland just now who went for over 4million from Molde
  7. Donated. All the best to the wee man
  8. I would start Greg Stewart in the inside right forward position. He has goals and trickery in him and a point to prove. Attack is the best form of defence against teams like this - Stewart, Morelos and Kent would give them plenty to think about. I worry if we play Arfield it places too much onus on Kent or Morelos to create something out of nothing.
  9. Classic example of a player who has improved over time as his footballing intelligence has got much better. Was a good, busy industrious player first time around, but now reads the game magnificently and uses the ball extremely well setting the tempo of the game. IMO Jack has undoubtedly been our best all round midfielder this season but Davis offers us something unique in the way that Scholes offered United in his later years (not claiming he is anywhere near the level of Paul Scholes before anyone jumps in).
  10. Greg Stewart is a far better footballer than I thought he was.
  11. Swap Ojo for Sadio Mane in January, Liverpool please. The leagues wrapped up down there anyway so do your greatest ever player a favour. Cheers.
  12. Complete performance again today. Defence splitting passes, first and second balls won, goal and could have had more.
  13. Scott Arfield looks like he needs months rest - shld be nowhere near the team atm. Doesn't look the same player that finished last season. Which leaves us with a few options, a lot of whom are more natural on the left. Jones - started the season well and cld interchange well with Kent and give us some natural width. Ojo - mixed bag, infuriates at times but can pop up with a goal, far too inconsistent but Stewart - not a lot of pace but has looked good at points this season, think he deserves a chance but with the way Kent plays it could end up quite narrow Barker Murphy For me it's a toss up between Jones and Stewart atm - quite surprising given the number of wingers we've signed that to be honest we might even need to look at this again in January.
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