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  1. Was kinda average as I remember. On a separate note, I mind at one time when our 3 keepers were Klos, Charbonnier (who was France number 2 behind Barthez at time) and Antti Niemi. round about the time we played Parma in Advocaat era. Mental strength in depth for that position.
  2. haw you, grew up in Stevenston fuck sake 😂
  3. might take the heat aff me with the mrs 😂
  4. Am calm. Gazza just turned up with a fish supper and a fishing rod and wants to talk me Feel better already mate.
  5. Honestly, man. A fuckin gie up. Even made a wee hing on my profile to say its my surname and I ken the spellin. Fuck it, moderators/anycunt, how do a update my name to Copland83 to get some respect around here
  6. Replacing squad players is not our problem, and there's nothing wrong with Kamberi tbh, the boy has come in and done well so don't get the parallel with Ojo. We need quality in key areas, a few choice signings, big characters to bring out and develop the rest.
  7. I think we have two very talented young central defenders on our books, who with the right partner could be fantastic None of this is a knee-jerk reaction to tonight, they are a fine side. But in all likelihood we are out of all competitions now, so we need to analyse where we are at to move forward.
  8. That moment when I joined Rangers Media and thought "reckon my surname should go down alright - lets go with that" was seriously misjudged. Fucking pelters from day 1.😂
  9. 100%. It's brutal and says a lot about mentality, we're a real quiet, timid bunch.
  10. Cheers for the feedback mate. Will get my surname changed and repost.
  11. Just back from game, only looked decent when Kamberi came on, but up against a good side. Regardless of tonight it's clear we need a new spine of our team (with only exception being goalkeeper). We cannot rely on Goldson and Davis as our 'leaders' (nor Tav), and I think Alfie has now checked out. We are crying out for: A commanding CB that can help to develop the young players like Edmondson and Katic and won't be phased domestically, with the character to succeed and leads from the back. Goldson isn't going to cut it for that role and has shown that over course of season. I don't think Helander is the answer either personally from what I've seen this season. A CM that can win the battles, with personality and the character required to drive the team forward, and impose himself on games and lead the team. A striker thats a replacement for Alfie (no doubt in mind now he is away in the summer). We can't repeat last summer with a large number of players to add 'depth' and not be used. We need big quality in key areas, not quantity, and we need big characters and leaders not young, shy talented kids.
  12. Obviously pissed off with the domestic shambles since Jan but to be fair we have been outstanding in Europe this year - looking forward to a big night and hoping the players step up. We know the size of the challenge and how poor we've been domestically lately, but European nights at Ibrox are fucking magical. WATP.
  13. Lucky bastards getting to play in those sorts of matches in our stadium with our jersey on. Hope they appreciate how privileged they are and show us what it means to them on the park.
  14. fuck off Robbie. "we have had more passes in the opposition half than any other team in the league" is utter shite talk.
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