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  1. Jeffers and Beattie I am sure Jeffers scored
  2. Got 1, thats me probably fucked until March officially for an away ticket
  3. Bump to keep this near the top and raise awareness to fellow fans
  4. Hope he is home safely very soon. Absolutely terrifying for his family.
  5. The Sinner


    Not disagreeing, I think that broadfoot who has had a decent career since he left us at a higher level than the lower leagues of Scotland would have strolled those leagues, and would have been a much better option than crabari,faure,moshni.
  6. The Sinner


    I think Broadfoot would have strolled those leagues.
  7. His goal against Hibs also cane from him having another pathetic cross into the box. I could deal with him in the early parts of the season as a squad player but he seems nailed down starter at the moment and that’s worry.
  8. Said it from day 1. Any big game his delivery is disgraceful and he is a shite bag. As for Kent he is mcgeady with a Rangers top on.
  9. Hi do you still have a kilmarnock ticket avalible 

  10. Was great when all these folk were queuing up in the championship....
  11. Pulled in at Laurencekirk as well
  12. We learn from it we go again. Sanctimunious cunt
  13. I agree with you. Thought he was rubbish mostly. I get the European run argument incoming I just didn’t get it with the guy from his debut at tannidice the most negative midfielder I had seen until that point and if the pass was more than 5 yards then the ball was given away.
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