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  1. 22 bookings for opposition players in our last FOUR games (but no reds) shows the tactics being used against us mate
  2. Having seen it back can see why it might have been given but still think its harsh. Don't think there's any malicious intent. Anyway, think that'll finish Hearts unfortunately, with 11 men they were definitely still in it and might have done us a wee favour.
  3. Sent off for fuck all. You'd never see that decision the other way around.
  4. Home Champions League qualifier v FC Haka in 1999. Remember seeing the Hammer in the flesh for the first time, and the fact we were wearing the best-looking kit in my lifetime ­čĹŹ won 3-0.
  5. Fair play to him! Saw him on Open Goal recently and seemed decent enough... At least it shows he does his own thinking and will stand up for us unlike many other ex players.
  6. Barely touched him. Three games. What a fucking joke. Big mad Boyd was right, we DO need neutral referees, but only to stop the anti-Rangers cabal that run the SFA. Statement time?
  7. That is glorious ­čśé how embarrassing for them...
  8. What we're seeing is the result of them putting public pressure on officials. And you can add Clarke, Conroy and the ever more unstable Tom Boyd. Never a red for Morelos.
  9. Clear penalty. No surprise Thomson doesn't agree.
  10. Terrible to read, can't even imagine what it's like to face such a terrible disease. He's showing immeasurable bravery to talk about accepting it and being happy. No Surrender Fernando! Also petition signed ­čĹŹ
  11. Not sure he really believes this... Think he's trying to put pressure on Rodgers, and more importantly take it off himself when they finish nowhere. He'll not be saying that to his players. Anyway, as has been said, they don't have a realistic chance, and he's a turncoat, so fuck him ­čĹŹ
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