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  1. First one that came to mind was Tony Vidmar. Performed well in some big games.
  2. Thought the pitch looked weirdly sticky, like the ball wasn't running smoothly and felt that contributed to us leaving some passes a bit short at times. Also thought Ojo looked tired and would have put Jones on after about 70 mins. Decent result though and one game at home to get to groups is a decent proposition, would have taken that at start of season. Onwards and upwards and hope for a win at Ibrox in a weeks time.
  3. That was fucking stunning! Notable mentions to big Katic and Jordan Jones
  4. In this case it makes sense, Premiership probably a better level, though I must confess I’m no expert on second tier Dutch football. Also easier to keep tabs on his progress. Just wish it wasn’t Hibs is all 😂
  5. Certainly wouldn’t have wanted Middleton to go to the junkies. Loaning him out for game time makes sense but not keen on him going there. May have been only offer on table.
  6. Sorry buddy my bad, genuinely thought you'd said you got 52 above but turns out I can't read Must be a Tim after all!
  7. Good one mate, scored more than you because I'm a Tim 👍
  8. Haha yas fuck him! Bet he was seething off-camera too 😂
  9. 22 bookings for opposition players in our last FOUR games (but no reds) shows the tactics being used against us mate
  10. Having seen it back can see why it might have been given but still think its harsh. Don't think there's any malicious intent. Anyway, think that'll finish Hearts unfortunately, with 11 men they were definitely still in it and might have done us a wee favour.
  11. Sent off for fuck all. You'd never see that decision the other way around.
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