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  1. Liewell has significant influence on all the Committees that matter within the SFA. You can be sure he was pulling levers to make this happen.
  2. Some people prey on the desperate in society others help them. Alfredo is n the latter some of his critics are very much in the former. You do not need the names work it out for yourself.
  3. A superb coach and great addition to the team at Rangers.
  4. Luckless Leckie....when all else fails be as controversial as you can be....that just might get you a reaction.Forget being objective and professional,just be a walloper.
  5. Wee Davie is in In Newlands Morrison often having a coffee,what a player and team.
  6. Uzbekistan you say. I shared a box of chocs from there yesterday with my wife. Very nice too...the wife and the chocs.
  7. The esteemed Secretary of the tim brighade who normally rants about us,referees and the SFA has been missing in action.I'm sure he would have been delighted with Clancy's performance. Mad Joe,the gift who keeps giving, has provided endless mirth and joy to bears over the years as the 'official representative' of the tim mentalists with his strident,semi colonic laden tirades and obsession about all things Rangers.
  8. He should have buckled under and tried a helluva lot harder on and off the field.A waste of time and energy.
  9. Clancy was their only man to win a 5 star rating for his performance.
  10. The OP is absolutely correct about the sum ,that was the figure being bandied about when we were in our darkest days.
  11. At the beginning of Gerrards appointment Tom English was interviewed at length on his perspective of the new appointment on BBC radio. He was of the opinion that Rangers had made a mistake in appointing a guy with so little experience except at youth level. Countering his perspective was a Journo from the Liverpool Echo who went into fine detail about not just SG but his excellent background team joining him at Ibrox. He was convinced that SG would be a success and as far as he was concerned it was a great appointment as time would show.
  12. I was at the game with my brother and a pal all of those 49 years ago. They had taken the lead and we made our way out of the stadium to Copland Road subway. We left that bit early as I was meeting my new girlfriend(now my wife) early that evening. We heard the roar as we passed stairway 19 as Colin Stein equalised.When I got home my ma had the radio on and told us about the deaths of some fans..6 or so at that early evening time. Meanwhile our next door neighbour was in a panic as her boys had not got back home yet but they were ok. One of my dad's workmates son's died in the crush. The deaths were so tragic and I remember in particular the 5 young schoolmates from Markinch who perished together.The interview with one of their desolate mums who let her boy go reluctantly and waved him off was heartbreakingly sad. RIP the 66.
  13. It truly is staggering and demands action. David Mc Geachie (who has plenty of previous 'history' in controversial decisions against us) and Dougie Potter were the linesmen. Nick Walsh was the fourth official.
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