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  1. Saddens me to admit it but we always have had a large number of eejits in our 'support'. They let us down time after time and don't care if it harms our reputation and the club's finances.
  2. More pure speculation dressed up as fact.
  3. 'Sporting integrity' is a one way street in Scotland....
  4. He has a hat trick of fails....footballer, nationalist poltician and pundit. Like the bankrupt Sutton thinks being controversial makes him relevant....it doesn't sonny. A bawbag of the first order.
  5. No more guaranteed 3 pointers for the 'tic then.
  6. You would think by now he would have learned to keep his mouth shut as he constantly gets it wrong. He spectacularly did so with his last attack on Morelos' behaviour when the tables were turned on him about kicking a fellow professional on the head. He talks about judgement and common sense ,two attributes he is completely lacking.But he will get some dosh from Trinity Mirror for this latest bit of pointless drivel and like Sutton he thinks he is giving his pal Lennon a bit of moral support.
  7. Jim Baxter not quite the same after his broken leg.But he also self inflicted with alcohol just like Best.
  8. ...that left back..i can't remember his name
  9. My wife shared a drink......just a drink she told me...with Mark Hateley and Brian Laudrup in the Duck Bay Marina.
  10. Nacho coming out of the piggery front door after knocking them back on his way to Ibrox
  11. McGobblegiver or whatever the mentally ill saddo calls himself these days is a highly contagious virus. The stupid obsessed mhanks will swallow any slime he cares to pour down their throats.
  12. Instead of playing keepie uppie with the toilet rolls I suggest kicking up in the air the idiots who are snatching every multi roll pack they can lay their grubby hands on.
  13. Give our club all the financial support we can as we have in the past.Feck the rest of them.I have a long memory and a bitter aftertaste in my mouth about their vitriolic attacks on us and total lack of empathy.
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