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  1. I like Murphy and his style of play.
  2. 16 year old Leon King,very highly rated centre half on our books.Will he get a chance to shine.Very unlikely you may think.But remember Derek Johnstone .
  3. Gerrard needs to install a mix of fear and respect and make sure he takes decisive action when players let us down,irrespective of who they are;you don't get anywhere in football management being Mr Nice Guy.
  4. Big Pete to Ian Blair....here's the fixture list sonny.I ran it on ma home computer . The H*** get the sheep away on Day 1 whilst we get a tough nut to crack in the Accies at home. I wanted the H*** at our place in mid October and by sheer coincidence ma computer came up wi the date and venue I was hopin for. Submit a pm to me if you need further instructions.
  5. I was 21 years old when I attended that game with my brother and a pal.We were just outside the ground on our way to Copland Road when we equalised,heard the roar of our fans and headed home totally unaware of what was unfolding until we got home.
  6. Robertson had an absolute nightmare ...suckered time after time and hopelessly out of position when City were on the attack.Not impressed at all.
  7. Bongani Zungu, approach from Rangers for Amiens midfielder.
  8. Is that freebie for producing another Bernadette or a Rosette
  9. Maybe not,on second thoughts...Whittaker,anybody?
  10. Hibs in fire sale,forced to sell their better players to try and stem the level of financial losses.I expect incoming on this,but would be make a cheeky bid for Scott Allan or is that a total non starter. What do you think?
  11. I don't know about Dykes joining us but his hair in a blue rinse has already made the switch.
  12. Energy Check Partnership is our new shirt sponsor
  13. Docherty was seen as the dogs bollocks but it didn't work out.Ferguson and Dykes will need to step up at least one level if not two.
  14. The Club can have my money.But ,I accept, others may need that refund.
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