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  1. Drop the old guys abnd give youth a chance.Look at Hibs today ..their youngsters were some of the best players on the park .
  2. I hate to admit certain things.But today Gerrard does looked tired and jaded. Distinctive bags under his eyes and a resigned look about him.Today was a harsh reality check for us,a warning that attractive play with no penetration won't get us goals against stodgy defences and that carelessness in defence will cost us dear.The next month will tell us all we need to know...the signs are not good.I am not optimistic,frankly I am depressed about our leadership and direction,a clueless captain running about on the field with his mouth open like a fish out of water sums us up.
  3. Beale gave The Cheat what dor in the scum game and the result was a ban.Clearly Gerrard does not want to go down the same route.But The Cheat's card has been blackmarked again with regard to Ra ngers and our most dangerous player.The scrutiny will now be intense.
  4. Won't make the Red Imps game unfortunately.
  5. Michael Beale gave Clancy his honest assessment of him.Very pointedly.
  6. He is a good bear,a trier who gave his all.I do remember him ,not a great player but you could not fault him for commitment and endeavour. He does not deserve to be slagged off.
  7. eejay has a colourful and entertaining turn of phrase....
  8. Alfredo's agent questions Clancy's motives then deletes the tweet.Michael Stewart states th at Clancy may have had a blocked view. More like a prejudiced view. The classic "I saw nowt guv cop out"
  9. Never had a bad word to say about him.A diamond.
  10. Clancy is like shit of a shovel when it is to our detriment..tells you all you need to know about him .His antipathy against us is beginning to stack up and cannot be ignored by those charged with the stewardship of Scottish Football.It has to be seen to be above board at every level especially officiating.
  11. Ryan Edwards is not a skilled professional but an over the hill journeyman on a career slide ...as his playing record shows.A bit of notoriety is the only way he will get a football related headline
  12. Gerrard(safely and wisely) calling Clancy out.'What would he have done if tackle had bee n the other way? I ,and every Rangers fan can aswer that question, a straight red for the Rangers player delivered with relish by Clancy and immediate marching orders from The Cheat in Black
  13. Clancy should be downgraded as an absolute minimum. He should not handle games involving us particulary against the mhanks. Surely the referee supervisors must put in a nehative assessment of his performance. This barsteward has an agenda against us and it will cost us dearly in crucial games where he can deny us decisions,fail to see infingements against us,and take overly punitive action against our key players
  14. Not incompetence from Clancy just outright cheating and bias against us. The club must call that horror tackle out and his failure to issue an automatic red and act in a professional neutral manner as an official should do. Compliance Officer must take action...no get out clause in this one. Totally unacceptable inaction from The Cheat.But it is what we have come to expect from this teflon coated, self confessed, mhank supporter. He had better not be given another game involving us and the mhanks.
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