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  1. It's normal behaviour for him ,he has a big careless gob and matching ego. Don't give him the attention he craves . Failed footballer, failed politician and failed pundit sums him up. He will disappear up his own erse soon enough...give it time.
  2. Time for fan groups to be expressing concern at the Board's inaction,meekness and timidity. There is no level playing field out there but a minefield with all the nasties in our patch. It is not gentlemanly or good conduct but servile and weak..we are an easy target. It sends out the wrong message to the SFA,the media,referees and others who take decisions in our games,the haters out there who reckon they can do or say anything without any sting or penalty and ultimately and most importantly it lets the fans down very badly,time and time again. Stand up and be counted . Roars not simpering whimpers is what we are after. Dignity for our club and support.
  3. Liewell making sure they get one of their own ...and Kevin Clancy is a home banker.
  4. Jeremiahs coming out in force,no doubt some impostors among them.
  5. Know your enemies and keep them under scrutiny.
  6. I like twitter,it reveals so much about people. Good signposts are who they follow and who is following them. You begin to predict how they will react to different tweets before you read their response.And you can turn their prejudice and bias on its head and use as evidence to support and validate your own opinions and responses to them They openly display their political and sporting biases which then makes sense of who they demonise and attack when working freelance hirelings or employees of TV companies when covering sport including football.Their motivation ,rants and criticisms fit like a glove when the inner self is revealed.
  7. Hope the BBC and others with powerful media influence take heed and properly police,control and if necessary censure allegations from hired commentators on their platforms which may well be unfounded and irresponsible.If they do not have a code of conduct in such matters it is time they put one in place. When an individual who is subject of those allegations is then assaulted you have to review your position and those whom you employ as a responsible broadcaster ,not to do so,is simply not acceptable.
  8. doc holliday


    Hope you are not talking about me.My bowel movements are fine. I am most offended.
  9. VILE ATTACK Rangers news: Media boss Jim Traynor battered by bigots as cops probe sectarian attack Headline Sun Newspaper
  10. I am consulted on many things....................
  11. In tomorrow's Scottish Sun newspaper, he was attacked by two bigots in Cumbernauld apparently. Extract: A source said: “He was set upon by two thugs shouting sectarian abuse. They hit him about the head. It was an outrageous attack. “The guy was minding his own business and they just appeared and set about him on the street. “It’s disgraceful that this could happen.” The attack on Mr Traynor comes amid a rash of accusations of racial and sectarian abuse aimed at footie stars in Scotland. Tonight police confirmed officers were called to reports of an assault on a 66-year-old man in Cumbernauld at around 3.15pm on Wednesday. A spokeswoman added: “Our inquiries continue.”
  12. Barry throws flip flops at the telly when he is annoyed.I would rather be like Elvis and shoot the damn screen out lol
  13. Michael Stewart will want to try out his new word again...veracity. Try these words...integrity,honesty and impartiality...
  14. No surrender...win the outstanding game and hang on by our fingertips. Beat them at Ibrox and the Paedodome. We simply cannot afford to drop any more points while they keep winning. But I believe we are a more skilful side and we can take them out in a direct confrontation with an impartial referee.
  15. This team has lost its self belief and thinks it just has to turn up and go through the motions.The impetus , workrate and urgency only stepped up when Kilmarnock took the lead.
  16. The naysayers will claim it is just incompetence..it is their dismissal clause,head in the sand stuff. Too uncomfortable to think otherwise
  17. Too many lightweightsin midfield,skilful but with no real dig. Admittedly you cannot play your normal game on that hellish surface,it does not lend itself to quick movement of the ball. You need to adapt to the conditions and put the ball in a forward movement as quickly as you can which Morelos, to his credit ,tried to do every time he got possession. Trying to work your way sideways slowly and methodically through two banks of four is a big ask. Kilmarnock were far more threatening in their direct running and forward movement when they battled and won possession.
  18. When refs are in your back pocket why change it?
  19. Another wrong ref decision has cost us.But we lack the killer touch. Too much interplay across the pitch and yes I know it is two banks of four we are up against so often but you would think by now we would know how to deal with that scenario. Too many key players off the boil does not help. We now have to rely on the bheasts imploding.
  20. We will get the money back plus plenty of add ons....i just appreciate the fact that he is our player for the time being.
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