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  1. The linesman on the far side had a clear view of Brown's arm going into Tav's face ,as is clear from the video evidence.Will the Compliance officer act as has been the case for such missed violent incidents missed by officials ,somehow I do not think so. What does it take for any kind of punitive action against Brown,he is definitely protected and he knows it.
  2. If they get silly...and they always do....we can too.
  3. If Kevin Clancy did as suspected ..it is Callaghan all over again.
  4. Every move and action by Morelos is examined in minute detail to find fault....they want him gone.
  5. It certainly looked that way to me.He put his arm into Tav's face at the time of the Katic booking and Clancy made a double yellow card signal in his direction.He then cautions Brown about 8 minutes later with a yellow card . If it wasn't Brown initially then who exactly did he caution with his obvious hand gestures. If it was Brown ,Clancy has just further demonstrated his clear bias in favour of his team.
  6. Kevin Clancy should never handle another Rangers v celtic match. Yesterday was the worst case of clear blatant bias I have seen in this fixture since Callaghan all those years ago and he was handed an 8 week suspension for his 'ineptitude' and did not handle another old firm fixture. Clancy's shameful refereeing ,with glaring inconsistencies and failure to spot key incidents which undoubtedly favoured celtic, can be seen in irrefutable evidence which have been demonstrated well on this messageboard and many other platforms online. When the facts are clear,the inferences to be drawn are obvious. If it was a few decisions in their favour you might accept that is is incompetence but his 'performance' went way beyond that benchmark. Do not expect the media up here to take Clancy to task but they will be more than obliging to throw their hands up in faux outrage about other perceived indiscretions. Forget all the post match deflection and finger wagging at our management team , officials and players from the usual suspects. Rangers were dominant in performance,tactics and commitment.The haters will try to rain on our parade that is to be expected,gnashing of teeth and the dawning of the realisation that you are being eclipsed by your bitterest rival is extremely painful. After the break we have a 15 game run with 10 of those games at Ibrox.celtic 15 match sequence has 6 home games at Parkhead and 9 away from home
  7. They were not bad,we were dominant but had a luckless day,that is football. They are favourites ,a home game and having won the previous two games. We are overdue a goal against them at least.Hopefully their keeper won't have another faultless performance. Our centre backs performance is particularly crucial....commitment and total concentration. I like the way we are using the full width of the pitch and our play down the flanks...where they double up to stop us.I am encouraged as I think we can expose them in that area,particularly on the right.
  8. I would not post unless I checked with my own contacts the veracity of it.
  9. Rangers are said to have approached French World Cup winner Olivier Giroud over a transfer to Ibrox. The veteran striker is out of favour at Chelsea and soon to be out of contract at Stamford Bridge. Giroud, 34, is free to speak to other clubs given his deal with Frank Lampard's side expires in the summer. And the former Arsenal frontman has reportedly been contacted by Rangers who are attempting to end the prospect of celtic winning nine titles in a row. Giroud moved to west London in January 2018 but has made just seven appearances for the English Premier League club this season. Respected French outlet L'Equipe are reporting the 2018 World Cup winner is interesting Rangers who have Alfredo Morelos and Jermain Defoe as their centre-forward options. The likes of Broussia Dortmund have also been linked with the striker. Daily Record Well you never know,maybe on a short term basis .
  10. Teeth gnashing and utter bile from the ...not Rangers anymore brighade....chants coming back to slap yjem in the face.
  11. Moses was one of our founders.
  12. Can you hear the Hibbees sing no-ah,no ah........
  13. I worked alongside Spoonburners in Leith...make no mistake many of them are sellick supporters without the bus fare.
  14. Against Motherwell Liam and Declan were the worst offenders but only saw yellow. Against the Spoonburners it is Ryan who rightly copped a red card. The way the camera caught him beginning his aggressive galloping lope with clear intent towards Barasic,you knew an absolute shocker was coming. A shocking bit of thuggery if ever there was one. You don't have to be a genius to work out that players of a certain allegiancewould be more than happy at deliberately creating injuries for us, Now who does that benefit? And our bench was right to react the way they did.
  15. Guy is refreshingly honest and telling it like it is...not the norm up here is it?
  16. Hearts midfielder Loic Damour has hit out at celtic captain Scott Brown – claiming he runs roughshod over referees and has licence to do what he wants. The Frenchman, who arrived in Scotland from Cardiff City in August, has not been impressed with Brown as he accused him of dominating match officials. Damour even went as far to claim he is the driving influence in how games are officiated. Damour faced Brown on Wednesday night at Tynecastle as celtic's 2-0 win over the Jambos moved them five points clear in the Premiership title race. Damour feels that Brown has been allowed to unduly influence games in his role as Hoops captain. He told the Evening News: “I was very happy to get the 90 minutes against celtic because that was my first 90 minutes since January. “I was f***** at the end but I continued to work for the team. I enjoyed the battle, especially with Brown, I think his name is. "Apparently he is like the king of the league because he can do whatever he wants on the pitch and the referee never says anything. "He is the referee on the pitch and that is seemingly normal here. I was very frustrated about that so I wanted to let him know we have a referee on the pitch and he is not the referee. Damour faced Brown on Wednesday night at Tynecastle as celtic's 2-0 win over the Jambos moved them five points clear in the Premiership title race. Referee Bobby Madden booked the celtic captain after 17 minutes for a challenge on Aaron Hickey He plays his game but he also plays like the referee so it is like we have no referee on the pitch. "I’m starting to know this league now and I can see that when we play celtic, okay, Brown is the referee. "It’s easy for them just now because they are top of the league and apparently they always win against Hearts at the moment but hopefully we will be in better condition next time we play them and then we’ll see what happens.” from Daily Record.
  17. Madden putting in the usual cowardly shift. He knows they are aware of his background and over compenates in their favour to a disgraceful and disgusting level.
  18. Hearts can get a draw against them ...press high and crowd the midfield.Wee Naisy could sneak one in.
  19. Ex Paisley Grammar and famously led a campaign to stop it being closed down enlisting the help of Maggie Thatcher's office no less. Anti poll tax and this may surpise you, an advocate of the UK as a republic. The most capable interrogator on the political scene.
  20. Too many apologists and cowards in our support . There really is an agenda out there and we are regularly and very unfairly targeted...Halliday.Candeias,Morelos. While others get away with it....Lennon,Griffiths,Brown(just for starters) not just single incidemts but repeatedly. We have an uphill battle to even get a fair break. Those of us who have operated at certain levels in Society are acutely aware of it . It permeats every meaningful theatre of life not just guys kicking a pigs bladder on a football pitch. It is extremely nasty and insidious and not hard to find. Time for all those of our persuasion to wake up and smell the coffee but I fear it is way too late.
  21. We get singled out,no doubt about it. That's Scotland for you now......a monstrous little republic. Get your credentials ..do Rangers.
  22. Liam and Declan niggled and did their utmost to upset and pick a fight throughout the game with tunnnel antics thrown in too. No surprise really given their bitterness and loyalties. A clean sheet and Alfredo red carded for upsetting the Motherwell young morons in the usual neds corner at Fir Park. Will they be punished for chucking coins,lighters and otherobjects on the park at Rangers players...don't hold your breath. One of our players blows a kiss in a previous gamehe gets done by the same referee who cheats us in the Betfred Final by his cowardice and bias..our player gets done. Another today gives a deserved get it up you to his abusers he gets done. The key is the blue shirt and the need to do us no matter what. Funny how Rangers players get punished for upsetting opposition fans. When the likes of the Lemon ,Broonie and Thumbheid do it ,nothing happens...it's banter,man up and all that. If you can't take it don't dish it out etc.... Is there an agenda against us...undoubtedly..the evidence wallops you in the face. I will be accused of whataboutery ....the classic get out clause of Rangers haters.
  23. Rangers have slammed Alan Brazil over "grossly inaccurate" claims Sir Rod Stewart was angrily confronted by an Ibrox director's son following Sunday's Betfred Cup Final . And the club insist celtic fan Stewart was taken away by stewards for "goading" the youngster after the Hoops' 1-0 win. TalkSPORT host Brazil, speaking on his Thursday breakfast show, alleged the youngster "went for" the 74-year-old singer after accusations he lay on the floor and goaded Rangers officials. A club spokesperson for the Ibrox side, however, are adamant Brazil's version of events are "spectacularly wrong" and demanded an apology from the former Manchester United and Tottenham forward. In a statement given to The Scottish Sun , Rangers claim Stewart had to be removed from the room after approaching the boy. It read: "Rangers are seeking an apology from Alan Brazil after his crass and grossly-inaccurate comments on talkSPORT this morning when he said the son of a Rangers director had confronted Rod Stewart in the director’s lounge at Hampden after Sunday's cup final. "The truth is Mr Stewart, who was witnessed lying on the floor of the VIP area, eventually got to his feet and approached the youngest member of Rangers’ official party. "The teenager was sitting alone looking at his phone when Mr Stewart approached and started goading him but the young man had the good sense and dignity to ignore the comments. "Mr Stewart’s behaviour was witnessed by a number of Rangers directors and he was asked politely and quietly by one of them to leave the boy alone and return to his own group. "Yet, Mr Brazil, who was not even there, actually commented that the son of a Rangers director ‘went’ for Mr Stewart, who was later directed towards an exit by stewards after Rangers had asked that they attend. "Once again Mr Brazil has contrived to get it spectacularly wrong when talking about Rangers and the very least he should do is broadcast an apology for what many will regard as a calumny." “celtic won the cup. Rangers played very, very well but lost. “And Rod by all accounts lay on his back on the floor in the directors box in the lounge rubbing his tummy laughing and giggling saying: ‘You just can’t beat us can you?’ “One of the Rangers officials, I think it was his son, went for him. He had to be grabbed and pulled back. “It all kicked off in the directors lounge by all accounts. So Rod, be careful what you are doing.” Brazil's comments were broadcast live on air earlier on Thursday, with the pundit relaying a version of events which had Stewart rubbing his stomach while sprawled on the floor of the Hampden director's box. He said: “By all accounts after the final at the weekend at Hampden. Rod went into the directors box and he had had a few. “I’m not saying he was hammered but he’d had a few. Daily Record
  24. Naivety and inexperience to a certain extent. On one notable occasion near the end of the game we should have ran the ball into the far corner but gave it away as quickly as we got it.
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