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  1. How many votes would the snp lose if they done the right thing?
  2. This country has given a big thumbs up for paedophiles to come & have cart blanche,
  3. If 100of the abused successfully sue seperatey entity fc & are awarded £1 million each will that heinous club be put into administration?
  4. My local mp is James dornan, think he would refer to me as a bigot if I stood up to child abuse
  5. Think we should contact the Boston globe
  6. It's the de lai lama's favourite online casino, well he loves Tibet
  7. On a side note, note dame being burned to a crisp, was it God's retribution against those who seek to torture & rape children?
  8. Can anyone say with 100% certainty that child abuse at parkhead has been eradicated?.
  9. Why doesn't he pop into Cathcart cemetery & ask why there are concrete bollards in front of Christian graves, its in his constinency,
  10. It's like the 1930's " German bier halls rise of the nazis
  11. The whole world seen effiges of protestants being hanged that day, very sinister that the evidence has gone missing, if police Scotland can't defend us who can?
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