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Found 1 result

  1. Imran Hits Back Posted on August 13, 2013by billmcmurdo I spoke to Imran Ahmad about the story he is suing Rangers for £3.4 million. He confirmed the story is true that the club owes him money and he is regrettably taking this action. However, he has vowed that, whether the matter goes to court or whether there is an out of court settlement, he will plough whatever he gets back into the club. Imran explained to me it was a matter of principle and that he is still committed to seeing the club do well. His claims are based on a 5% commission he is due for profits on deals he brokered as Commercial Director. I have received a breakdown on these deals and they stack up to a staggering £67 million which will benefit Rangers. The real question about Imran Ahmad’s forced departure from Rangers should be: Why was a man responsible for bringing millions into the club in a short period of time sent packing and who benefits from this money machine’s removal? I am not saying Imran is a saint but I could put up with a lot from somebody who is working the Midas Touch on behalf of the team I love. Here is a statement from Imran regarding both the commission due him and the Rangers Media incident, which I am reliably told is a possible breach of the Data Protection Act: “Its true the club does owe me money. In my view the full £3.4m is only due because of the way Chris Graham and Malcolm Murray leaked a story about me without any investigation or proof. I believe they continue to leak confidential club information such as this to the press in a misguided attempt to wage a propaganda campaign to win the forthcoming EGM. As far as EGM is concerned it does not matter what they say as I know we have more shares than them. I think this says more about the so called Rangers Men than me as the leaks are directly from their camp and everyone knows they’re very close to Keith Jackson and the Daily Record. If the real Rangers Men want control of Ibrox the morally correct thing to do is buy a controlling stake in the market. Not try to continually seize control without investing a penny. Charles Green has agreed to tell the truth if it goes to court i.e. I am due 5% bonus on all the commercial deals I negotiated on behalf of the club. I am hardly going to turn my back on a bonus which is due to me when I’ve directly negotiated £67m worth of contracts which benefit the club over the next 5-10 years. Neither myself or Charles have ever wanted this to go to court as we are substantial shareholders and in fact Charles had already brokered a deal with the club for a fraction of the full liability but the club has not signed up to it. I had also offered to reinvest all my bonus proceeds plus an additional extra £500k of my own money back into the club. At least this shows how much I’ve contributed to the club and the fact that I am prepared to put more cash into the club.” Ahmad reiterated to me that he wants to buy more shares in Rangers and is determined to defeat the smear campaign being conducted against him. People keep asking me why I support Charles Green and Imran Ahmad in the Civil War being waged at the club. My answer is always the same. I support The Rangers, However, I think people who bring such sums of money into the club deserve support for that. And, as I said earlier, who would benefit from removing these people and conducting a media smear campaign against them almost unparalleled in this day and age? Why would anyone who purportedly loves Rangers have an issue with the club prospering? Or seek to vilify and remove those who were making it happen?
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