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Found 1 result

  1. *** RM Erskine Fund Christmas Fundraiser - Donate now, or Christmas gets cancelled! *** As you know, the RM Erskine Fund has a long tradition of donating a last-minute cheque to each of our 3 Erskine Homes, for them to spend exclusively on extra treats for their Christmas party. This season is no exception, except that it's even more last-minute than usual - and this year, we'll probably want to make a donation to Bravehound and Hollybush House too, if we can raise enough. In years gone past, our Christmas donations to Erskine have really made a difference. For example, Erskine Park had to borrow a Santa suit for their annual Christmas party, before we bought them this one: Now they have Santa whenever they need him. Brilliant, eh? The other novelty costumes that they bought are sadly falling apart now, So they're at the top of their wish list: These decorations we paid for should be good for a few years to come... ... but I'm sure they'd like to add a few new decorations to freshen things up a bit, so hopefully we'll raise enough to help with that. Erskine Bishopton will probably use their donation for another pantomime. They like a good panto in Bishopton. And a few single malts too, I'll wager. So without further ado, let's get on with it... If you're already a Fund Member, then £5 would be a more than reasonable amount to donate, thank you very much But of course many of you will insist on donating more, and that's fine too, but don't go too mental! If you're not already a Fund Member, then please consider donating £10 or more, and that way you will also become an Honoured Member of the RM Erskine Fund for the full season. You can donate via PayPal (it's the same PayPal address that we've always used. PM @Zetland if you don't know it already) Or you can donate via Bank Transfer (Not the old 72 account though - we've got a new account, so PM @Zetland for details) Once you've donated, please PM @govanblue or @Zetland to let us know and we will locate your donation, and add you to Santa's Good Bear List.
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