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Found 3 results

  1. Betting against Rangers?

    Guy at work is a season ticket holder for Rangers and is always complaining he never wins his bets. He says it's because he mostly goes for correct scores and wants decent odds on a couple of quid punt. He got pelters for it at work and in the pub. He says he's going to stick a few quid on celtic winning tomorrow with various scorelines and got a lot of grief for it as a result. He claims, in mitigation, that he'll jinx celtic and if he does win it'll be compensation for the grief he'll feel from the result. Is he out of order, or is that a fair shout? p.s. the poll is, or should be, anonymous.
  2. No more dignified silence

    I have scarce been more angry than I am tonight. The news on legomuncher has put the tin lid on years of corruption and a growing blatant hatred in Scottish society of Rangers . That this bheast has been freed up to play in two matches against us despite his obvious thuggery defies belief. I hate him more than Lennon and Peter grant. I feel that our dignity goes against us at times. We should be putting more pressure on the Sfa. It is no more than a cabal run by Liewells unseen f****n hand. The decisions and attitude to the most successful club in world football since 2008 have saddened and shocked. From the refusal to extend the season to allow us to honour this country by winning a uefa cup, to the desperate measures to kill the club off, relegating us to allow the taigs no competition for champions league money. Only the staunchness of our support and the passion inherited among all true rangers from the gallant pioneers onwards saw us rise back to the top. Enough is enough. We must demand a level playing field. I wish mr King would clearly state that no ranger, from Colt to the hallowed first team, will represent the sfa national teams at any level until Liewell and his ilk are removed. On Saturday we should brandish red cards every time Brown has the ball to demonstrate to the world that we know the governance of the game in this once great country favours only one club- that considers itself Irish! That said, I'm convinced that right and justice will prevail and that we will defeat Timmy. We are indeed the sons of struth and his teachings and wisdom should be used to instil the battle fever in the dressing room. We will prove aye ready. However, This bear has had enough! How can we strike back at those who hate us?