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Found 2 results

  1. *** 6 things about Combat Stress that you need to know right now!! 1. Combat Stress is the UK's leading veterans' mental health charity. We treat a range of mental health conditions including PTSD, depression and anxiety. Mental health issues can affect ex-servicemen and women of all ages. Right now, we have more than 6,000 veterans registered with us for support. We're a vital lifeline for these veterans, and their families. Our treatment and support services are always free of charge for veterans. We are Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered and the NHS England PTSD specialist treatment provider for veterans. 2. Hollybush House In some cases, Veterans may be offered a short period of treatment at one of our three residential centres, in Ayrshire (Hollybush House), Shropshire and Surrey. The length of stay will vary from two days to six weeks, depending on the treatment package that we agree with you. The warm and friendly atmosphere at all of our centres allows Veterans to feel at home, amongst other Veterans whose experiences may be similar to their own. At all three centres, we have a team of dedicated professionals (trained in several different and complementary treatment and care methods), who work together to provide treatment and care. 3. A large number of Residents at Hollybush House are already big Rangers fans. Some hold season tickets, some are RangersMedia posters, and some are RM Erskine Fund Members. A lot of Residents of Hollybush House leave the centre having BECOME big Rangers fans. One or two have even gone home and bought season tickets. (I’ve actually got an update about that, but I’ll save that for now!) 4. Recent reports from some of the Hollybush House Residents indicate that funding has been drastically cut across the board at Hollybush House, and that one of the areas most affected is funding for recreational activities. We contribute a little to their Recreational Activities by providing those 4 Season tickets, and a subscription to Rangers TV – but it would be nice if we could do something more. Apparently there’s not much else on offer! 5. On Saturday 10th June, Hollybush House will be holding their Annual Fete. Admission is £2.50 (£1 concession) and all money raised will go towards their Funds. I’ll be there and I’m planning to make a wee donation to their Recreation Fund from our Fund. 6. (this is the important one!!!) If you can’t make it along to the Fete, you can still contribute to the cause – simply donate the admission price (or whatever you want!) to our Fund, tell me it’s for Hollybush House, and I’ll make sure we use that money to help provide some other form of Recreational activity for them. I haven’t figured out what yet. I plan to talk to some former Residents about what they think is needed. Message Ends.
  2. I've received this message from one of our members, who is currently resident in Hollybush House... ( The member in question is a season ticket holder btw, so he's thinking of others here, not himself. ) So in the unlikely event that any member has a seat (or preferably a pair of seats) going spare for this game (Sat 29th April), please let me know. (As always, I don't need your smartcard, just your Rangers Number) If not, no worries. Those Veterans that don't get a ticket will have an alternative activity provided... I'm sure that will be just as good.