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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings Fellow Bears, You may remember that around this time last year, @Darth Bear put himself though a Tough Mudder (10-12 mile assault course designed by British Special Forces), because: 1. His employer (DHL - Good Guys!!) will match any money he raises for Erskine up to £600 2. He’s a nutjob Darth is still a nutjob this year, and has put himself through yet another Tough Mudder, and once again he was looking for our support. But unfortunately this year, it clashed with our own End of Season Fundraiser, and it didn’t seem fair to hit you with both at once. See?? I do have a heart!! But now that our own End of Season Fundraiser is well under way, we probably have enough slack to give a little attention to Darth’s efforts. So if you would like to help @Darth Bear in his efforts to double our support for Erskine, then simply PM me for donation instructions. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME PAYMENT DETAILS AS USUAL. So please PM me for donation instructions first. And here’s your real incentive… Darth sent me a couple of pics of himself in the mud, and if we get enough donations, I’ll let you see them.
  2. Welcome to the RM Erskine Fund Members Thread. All good Erskine Fund Members know that @govanblue set up the Fund to allow us to do what we can to support the Residents of the Erskine Veterans Care Homes. Hollybush House Hospital (Combat stress) has also been able to benefit from our efforts. We also have a good track record of supporting Rangers Youth Development and of course not forgetting our BRAVEHOUND DUG, BROXI. HOW TO DONATE: Donation via PayPal or by Bank Transfer, PM @Zetland for help or details. NEW MEMBERS ALWAYS WELCOME. You can pledge your support below and will be added to the Pledged List and then transferred to the Donated List, once your donation has been received. Minimum donation £5 on this Fundraiser but obviously it’s your cash, so your choice! PM @govanblue when you have Donated, please. Thanks as always, Bears.
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