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Found 1 result

  1. Again another absolutely horrific performance and again we will no doubt be treated with the same dross after match interview from Gerrard. High block blah blah poor in final third blah blah well fucking change something!!!!! Now Im sorry, I have backed him since day one however its clear he does not have the tactical knowledge to change a game or make impact subs at the right time. We progressed from Pedro sure but we are back to Warburton style where plan B is to play plan A better. and we still cant do that with slightly better players Our team and specifically our midfield are full of cowards who dont want to take any responsibility. Ive seen Kamara hung out to dry on here (and rightly so) however its Davis who is the biggest pretender on the park. A guy with 'big game and big league' experience again goes fucking missing, how many chances does he get? We then have Ryan Kent the 7m pound man brought in to make a difference, he has been fucking rubbish and needs to effect the game more. Is this the right formation to get the best of these players? results and performances say no but we never change anything. Aribo has flattered to deceive after one or two decent performance...... the answer to this? Oh lets bring on Ojo to change things up. No wonder our title challenge is hanging by a thread. If he appears in a Rangers strip again Gerrard should be banned from getting anyone from liverpool fc on loan again. Ridiculous. The ref was shocking today but that had no bearing on the game the result was all on us thank god for Shagger without him we would have lost. gutted
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