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Found 4 results

  1. What is Mark Allen’s role? Clearly had a big influence in identifying and securing Arfield and shagger. They are Allen’s signings and should be judged as such. But now Gerrard has identified a potential signing only for it not to come off in an almost shameful way. Surely it is now down to Gerrard identifying who he wants to fit the style of football he wants to play, and Allen has to make it work - numbers, securing sales balancing the books...etc? I truly hope the gaffer has full autonomy on who he wants in his squad - otherwise I can see another disaster
  2. GERRARD, THE NEXT 3 SEASONS - WHAT WOULD YOU TAKE? [This is obviously assuming he shows sufficient progress to stay with us] * * * * * So...the next phase of our journey back to the top (cynical Bears would say Dave's next experiment) officially starts today. Gerrard needs to make us competitive with a celtic team flying high on success with a far more valuable group of players than whatever we end up with. He needs to achieve a winning formula by somehow getting our (hopefully new-look) Rangers team to play at a level well beyond the sum of its parts. I'm not entirely sure why, but I actually think there's a chance he can do it. I fucking NEED to believe it tbh. We have THREE seasons to stop 10 for the beggars. Tainted titles they may be but it will rip my heart out if they manage it. So whilst I would dearly love to do 55 next season I would actually take failing the next two seasons just to stop the ten the season after. It's not being negative or defeatist, just how I feel about the situation. I'd like to think we can take regular points off them next two seasons and hopefully get a cup (or two), but what I care most about is stopping their ten. Do you agree or disagree? I'm interested to know what others on RM would consider a realistic decent result for us over the next 3 seasons. This is not what you want to happen, it's what you would take at this moment in time given all the false dawns and bullshit we've had to endure over the past 6+ years. Of course, at the end of the day all we can do is FOLLOW FOLLOW and we can change fuck all. But for me as a middle-aged Bear who probably didn't realise just how fucking lucky we were to live through 9 in a row, my priority is certain. Never in my darkest hours of following my team through the deluge of external hatred and bias - not to mention the internal clusterfuck of greed, thievery and incompetence - did I dare allow myself to contemplate those mhanky bastards being able to gloat about doing ten. Stevie "Let's Go" Gerrard - I'm behind you all the fucking way! Please let this be the pivotal point where things start to turn around for our magnificent club. WATP
  3. Liverpool pumped in the final. The gaffer looks raging and i for one am happy with that. Hopefully he takes it out on our squad and has them champing at the bit for the new season
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