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Where do you sit in Ibrox

Found 1 result

  1. mitre_mouldmaster

    Patience needed

    Everyone had their hopes up yesterday because we were in good form and a win would have given us a proper title race. We lost a game to a team who have 3 times our wage bill, to a manager who took them to a treble last year and went a season unbeaten domestically. Even up until the sending off, it was a pretty even game. After the sending off, we should have won, but didnt. The team and Murty need to shoulder the blame for that. I cant help but feel that people calling for Murty's head are being premature though. We are in danger of changing and swapping managers every 6 months and hoping for a miracle rather than giving someone the time required to actually build something. Yes, Murty made mistakes, but he is a young manager and is still learning. Even though he is a young manager, he is IMO miles better than anyone we have had since Walter. The improvement in form under him raised expectations and gave some false hope. He needs time to continue to improve the squad. He has to the end of the season to be judged. I think it is stupid to say that unless he wins the semi final, then he has to go. How can it be 'expected' that he go out and beat a team who have 3x the financial backing? They are the favourites. A win against them would be amazing, but it would be unexpected and him over achieving. If he consolidates 2nd place and gets us competing well against them, then I will be happy to give him more time. If we drop many more points to other teams, or get thrashed in the semi final, then it may be a sign that the progress he is making is stalling and should consider our options. What I dont want to see is our fans demanding that we bring in a manager to win the league instantly, and then start calling for his head if he does not look on course to do so after 6 months. It is just a perpetual cycle of failure where the gap just increases rather than closes.