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Found 2 results

  1. Just stumbled across this, it provides a bit of insight into PC without the usual Scottish media slant on it. Might explain the method behind some of his decisions, he seems to do things his way and even though it can rub some people up the wrong way it's all part of the plan. Something that stuck out for me was that after winning the Mexican cup for the first time in the club's history in 2014 he did a massive restructure reducing the average age to 23.5 and getting rid of some of the club's most influential players. Well it turned out to be a master stroke because the following season he won the Campeón de Campeones which is the highest honour in Mexican football as far as I can tell and again this was the first time in the club's history. This guy could be the real deal, here's hoping anyway. http://football.fmh.ulisboa.pt/speaker/pedro-caixinha/
  2. Have the board played a blinder

    We looked fantastic today dominated the ball but also looked dangerous in attack for a change. I can't help feel the board have played a blinder getting him to Rangers despite me not having a clue who he was. The difference in the team has been massive after only a week.