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Found 25 results

  1. *** RM Erskine Fund – Season 2016/17 - Accounts, Members, Donations, Discussion, Action BUMP! The RM Erskine Fund is a voluntary fundraising group funded by RM Member donations (and other occasional fundraising activities). The money raised is spent as follows: Providing Rangers FC Products and Services to Residents of 4 Erskine Care Homes (eg: Season Tickets, Match Tickets, Hospitality Tickets, Stadium Tours, Argyle Restaurant Lunches, Rangers TV, Rangers Match Programmes) Providing non-Rangers-related Recreational Treats for the Residents of 4 Erskine Homes (eg: Boat Trips, Restaurant Lunches, Christmas Party Donations, Palace Visits, D-Day Whisky Miniatures) Supporting The Rangers Family - Rangers Development Fund, Rangers Charity Foundation, Rangers Ladies, Rangers Football In The Community. We also support Residents of Hollybush House Hospital (Combat Stress) by providing 4 Season Tickets for their exclusive use, Rangers TV and Rangers Match Programme Subscriptions The Fund has no running costs – (except the 6% PayPal fee charged by PayPal on all donations ). So every penny donated is properly spent and properly accounted for. With over £42,000 raised to date (and spent very wisely!), we are now enthusiastically embarking on our 5th Season of Supporting Erskine Veterans and Rangers FC. It promises to be our most successful season so far - and that’s why we’d really like you to join us. We launched this season’s new membership a few days ago, and the response from members has been awesome - We already have over 100 New Members before a ball is even kicked. But the more members we have, the more we can achieve, so please join us. It's easy. How to donate: To donate to the RangersMedia Erskine Fund, simply make a donation of any amount you want via the RM PayPal Donate Page… And then – VERY IMPORTANT – PM me to let me know you’ve donated. Or alternatively you can meet at Ibrox and donate cash.
  2. HI all, just a quick thread. Tickets for the BIG Raffle won't be on sale for at least a week or so.But in the meantime, if you already know about The Big Raffle, and Wee Joshua, and want to reserve some raffle tickets, then just PM me or add a post here. No need to tell mjohnstoe how many just yet. You can buy as many as you want once they go on sale. They'll be £10 each. Here's the list of raffle prizes so far... People wanting Tickets: @Perth_Campsie_Ger - £10 PAID @Bears r us - £20 PAID @Big Al II - £40 PAID @BUILDMYGALLOWS1986 - £40 PAID @Skelf @rfc_watp @Bobby Hume - £50 PAID @thistleman - £20 PAID @Mansion - £20 PAID @bluepeter - £50 PAID @BluebearDory - £20 PAID @Courtyard Bear - £160 PAID @LochendBilly - £10 PAID @MaddistonKnight - £10 PAID @Zetland - £50 PAID @mearns loyal - £30 PAID @ForeverAndEver - £10 PAID @Cottonbudjoe - £10 PAID @Budswiser - £40 PAID @Crispy Bear - £50 PAID @SuperTav - £20 PAID @fermblue - £50 PAID @gazza27 - £10 PAID @TEFTONG - £20 PAID @folkestoneger - £20 PAID @Wee Bud - £20 PAID @LiviGer - £10 PAID @The Girls in the RYDC Office @To Be A Ranger - £20 PAID @thebooler - £50 PAID @sprintervanman - £40 PAID @The Ghost - £20 PAID @DerekJohnstone - £30 PAID @DaleFo8 @Poetry_In_Blue @NamibianBear - £20 PAID @wotmeworry - £30 PAID @johntee - £50 PAID @Wullie72 @William McBeath - £20 PAID @eskbankloyal - £20 PAID @Falcoholic - £20 PAID @don2332 @HairyBeary - £100 PAID @gmcf - £30 PAID @Goggs - £30 PAID @ab4113 - £20 PAID @scottyscott1963 - £50 PAID @PeterM - £10 PAID @scottyc06 @55Bear - £10 PAID @billscott - £20 PAID @TangoRomeo @FlashHarryForrester - £10 PAID @Richie1872 @oxger - £20 PAID Bridgeman - RR @FoxintheBox - £20 PAID LawBear - RR - £10 PAID Ulster Loyal - RR Skipper32 - RR Almacger - RR - £20 PAID AussieGers - RR - £20 PAID @Sparkle - £10 PAID @ccbar-l - £20 PAID @A.T.G - £10 PAID @fuckthespl @Cadman - £30 PAID @bettertogether - £100 PAID Sir_John_Greig - RR - £20 PAID Duke43 - RR - £20 PAID @cruixranger - £20 PAID @oldskoolblue - £10 PAID Alan63 - RR - £10 PAID @RyanMac @tartansmokie @geneva_ger - £50 PAID Hard Hats R Us - twitter - £20 PAID @BluegeneBop - £20 PAID @Bad Robot - £20 PAID @Dave29 - £20 PAID @Dan Deacon - £10 PAID Respect_Is_Blue - RR - £10 paid @mrwin - £30 PAID @Basrah Bear - £50 PAID @bluegecko - £10 PAID Fumare - RR - £30 PAID butterbean - RR - £10 PAID Clubdeck - RR @Sportingintegritymyarse @BlueAvenger - £20 PAID @Travelrug - £30 PAID @Blue Avenger @cstamomusa - £20 PAID @AllyRfc - £20 PAID @One Jock Wallace - £10 PAID @EKCO - £145 PAID @Bill8972 - £20 PAID @Pennyboy - £20 PAID Buckler-scott (RFC) - £20 PAID @Samuel no 1 - £20 PAID @offshoreworker - £50 PAID @LarkieDeek - £20 PAID RangersRadio - £20 PAID @Gurlyblue - £20 PAID @macmac - £20 PAID Shetland Bear - £50 PAID @hammer time - £10 PAID livingston - RR @Virtuoso - £100 PAID @DavidC93 - £30 PAID @Ger_onimo - £10 PAID magpieger9 - RR ----------------------------------------------------------- And here are those names in alphabetical order 55Bear - £10 PAID ab4113 - £20 PAID Alan63 - RR- £10 PAID AllyRfc - £20 PAID Almacger - RR - £20 PAID A.T.G - £10 PAID AussieGers - RR - £20 PAID Bad Robot - £20 PAID Basrah Bear - £50 PAID Bears r us - £20 PAID bettertogether - £100 PAID Big Al II - £40 PAID Bill8972 - £20 PAID billscott - £20 PAID BlueAvenger - £20 PAID Blue Avenger BlueBearDory - £20 PAID bluegecko - £10 PAID Bluegenebop - £20 PAID bluepeter - £50 PAID Bobby Hume - £50 PAID Bridgeman - RR Buckler-scott (RFC) - £20 PAID Budswiser - £40 PAID BUILDMYGALLOWS1986 - £40 PAID butterbean - RR - £10 PAID Cadman - £30 PAID ccbar-l - £20 PAID Clubdeck - RR Cottonbudjoe - £10 PAID Courtyard Bear (& His Busmates) - £160 PAID Crispy Bear - £50 PAID cruixranger - £20 PAID cstamomusa - £20 PAID Dalefo8 Dan Deacon - £10 PAID Dave29 - £20 PAID DavidC93 - £30 PAID DerekJohnstone - £30 PAID don2332 Duke43 - RR - £20 PAID EKCO - £145 PAID eskbankloyal - £20 PAID Falcoholic - £20 PAID fermblue - £50 PAID FlashHarryForrester - £10 PAID folkestoneger - £20 PAID ForeverAndEver - £10 PAID foxinthebox - RM/RR - £20 PAID fuckthespl Fumare - RR - £30 PAID gazza27 - £10 PAID geneva_ger - £50 PAID Ger_Onimo - £10 PAID gmcf - £30 PAID goggs - £30 PAID Gurlyblue - £20 PAID HairyBeary - £100 PAID hammer time - £10 PAID Hard Hats R Us - twitter - £20 paid johntee - £50 PAID Larkiedeek - £20 PAID LawBear - RR - £10 PAID LiviGer - £10 PAID livingston RR LochendBilly - £10 PAID macmac - £20 PAID MaddistonKnight - £10 PAID magpieger9 - RR Mansion - £20 PAID mearns loyal - £30 PAID mrwin - £30 PAID NamibianBear - £20 PAID offshoreworker - £50 PAID OldSkoolBlue - £10 PAID One Jock Wallace - £10 PAID oxger - £20 PAID Pennyboy - £20 PAID Perth Campsie Ger - £10 PAID PeterM - £10 PAID Poetry_In_Blue RangersRadio - £100 PAID Respect_Is_Blue - RR - £10 paid rfc_watp Richie1872 RyanMac Samuel no 1 - £20 PAID scottyc06 Scottyscott1963 - £50 PAID Shetland Bear - £50 PAID Sir_John_Greig - RR - £20 PAID Skelf Skipper32 - RR Sparkle - £10 PAID Sportingintegritymyarse sprintervanman - £40 PAID Supertav - £20 PAID TangoRomeo tartansmokie TEFTONG - £20 PAID thebooler - £50 PAID The Ghost- £20 PAID The Girls in the RYDC Office thistleman - £20 PAID To Be A Ranger - £20 PAID Travelrug - £30 PAID UlsterLoyal - RR Virtuoso - £100 PAID Wee Bud - £20 PAID William McBeath - £20 PAID wotmeworry - £30 PAID Wullie72 Zetland - £50 PAID
  3. First things first - if you're not already an RM Erskine Fund Member, then please join now. Membership for the remainder of the Season 2016/2017 costs only a minimum of £10 (or more if you prefer) That's it. Pretty cheap, huh? PM me to sign up. 213 RM Members have already done just that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are already an RM Erskine Fund Member, and want to make another donation, then who am I to stand in your way. Just PM me for donation instructions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Normally, we'd just give you the link to the RM PayPal page, and ask you to make your donation there, but we're having issues with that PayPal account, hence the need to PM me for alternative payment instructions. Still pretty straightforward, I just don't want to put the link on a public forum. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Every penny donated gets spent on good causes. See below for more info on what we spend your money on. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I haven't updated the accounts for a while. That will need to wait till the PayPal issue is resolved. But in general terms, we're here... £5k - previous balance plus £1300 cash collected since last update plus a few hundred quid (not sure exactly how much yet) not yet collected from PayPal minus £2600 spent since last update Should leave us with a balance of about £4k But £3k of that is reserved for next season's Erskine and Combat Stress Season Tickets, so really we've got a little over a grand left. And a fair chunk of that will be needed to pay for the panto tickets we promised, and any upcoming Home Cup ties - oh, and an Argyle Lunch for Erskine Bishopton. So yeah, we'll be skint pretty soon. But I'm not too worried at the moment, because I expect that once we get the PayPal issue sorted out, we'll get quite a few spontaneous donations to top up the Funds, and make sure we can meet our chosen obligations. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anyway, here's a snapshot of what we've spent our money on so far this season... Wishing Tree Wish 1 12 places on the Waverley Loch Long Cruise - paid for by @Taipan £100 donation to Wee Joshua Adair - the first of several donations to help this wee fella... 2 x Rangers Youth Members Scheme Annual Memberships for Wee Joshua and his brother - £50 21 Championship Medals bought and donated to Erskine, and 2 to Wee Josh and his brother. Medal proceeds to Rangers Former Players Benevolent Fund 2 tickets for the Rangers Legends v Pompey Legends Help For Heroes Charity Match – donated by @jayzer to Combat Stress, Tyrwhitt House, Surrey. 160 Whisky Miniatures donated once again by @Keeps01 to Erskine for their D-Day Ration Packs. Season Tickets: 4 Seats for Combat Stress (2 paid for by @One Jock Wallace , 1 paid for by @offshoreworker , and 1 paid for by All Fund Members 2 Seats for Erskine Park – Paid for by All Fund Members 2 Seats for Erskine Glasgow - Paid for by All Fund Members 2 seats donated by Rangers FC – for Erskine Park 4 Seats donated independently by Rangers Supporters Trust – for Erskine Bishopton Although the 4 RST seats were nothing to do with us, we have pledged to pay for those seats for any Home Cup ties that come up. So for that purpose, we count each of those 4 seats, and the 2 donated by Rangers FC as “one of our 14 season tickets” In the League Cup Group Stages for example… Rangers v Annan Athletic. 19/07/16 Rangers v Stranraer. 25/07/16 14 Smartcards activated for both games = 28 tickets. Plus 12 additional tickets Total for the 2 games: 40 tickets Cost: £260 Rangers v Peterhead – 28 tickets - £280 Rangers v QotS – 18 tickets - £150 Rising Stars – 20 tickets (£40) for each home League game = £720 Rangers Lotto – 6 tickets for 52 weeks = £312 Blankets and Umbrellas for the Veterans… Fish and Chips at Saltcoats for 12 – paid for by @smidro Season Ticket Seats donated to Erskine as emergency auction prizes for their Golf Night auction Plus a Star Prize Shark-tagging experience donated by @East Enclosure Row N Together these prizes raised over £1000 at their auction. One for the Ladies… Billy Elliott – The Musical Edinburgh Playhouse, 22 September. 4 Veterans, 4 Carers, 1 Driver. Total Cost: £143.50 Lunch in Palomino’s Restaurant for Erskine Bishopton Residents - £195 Donated £72 to Nith Valley RSC Then another £15 just as it closed, to round it off… Ibrox Stadium Tour and Argyle Restaurant Lunch for 12 from Erskine Park Home They forgot to take a photo of their Argyle Lunch after the tour, but it would have been something like this... Donations made towards the Rangers Charity Foundation Big Ibrox Sleep Out: I’m not sure exactly how much, but a big slice of the £2500 raised by the RangersRadio crew was directly from Fund members. Some more fish and chips… £500 donated to the Erskine Homes’ Christmas Parties… That's some of the more notable highlights. There have also been lots and lots of other news items, like the countless tickets donated to help the Fund, Raffle prizes donated, match ticket bonusball raffles, Championship Medal sales, and of course, the many additional donations made by so many Fund Members. Without whose continued loyal support, none of this would have happened. Oh and no need for "govanblue deserves a medal" - I got one earlier this year from Erskine. So that's me sorted for medals. Let's move on. Spending - Season 2016/17 £1,000.00 4 x S/T - Combat Stress Hollybush House £610 2 x S/T - Erskine Park Home £45.00 To Wee Josh from [ ] £570.00 2 x Season Tickets - Erskine Glasgow £140.00 28 smartcard activations - League cup group stage £30.00 3 medals - John [ ] Erskine RIP £10.00 1 'thank you' medal to [ ] £49.00 4 cup tickets v Annan, 4 cup tickets v Stranraer - Erskine Bishopton £10.00 wheelchair ticket v Stranraer £25.00 2 cup tickets v Annan, 2 cup tickets v Stranraer - Hollybush House £90.00 9 medals for Erskine (12 of 21 already paid for by members) £18.00 6 Umbrellas for Eskine £100.00 200 Rangers Clothing Items for Erskine £20.00 20 RFC Rings for Eskine Park £32.50 13 fish suppers for Erskine £55.00 4 smartcard activations & 2 tickets v Peterhead - Combat Stress £44.00 4 smartcard activations v peterhead - erskine Park £43.24 9 blankets for Erskine £56.00 5 smartcard activations (v Peterhead) for Erskine (1 Glasgow, 4 RST) £10.00 1 smartcard activation (v Peterhead) - Erskine Glasgow £12.00 1 wheelchair & 1 Companion ticket (v Peterhead) for Erskine £45.00 4 more tickets v Peterhead - For Erskine Park (Cottages) £45.00 4 more tickets v Peterhead - For Erskine Bishopton £23.00 2 more tickets v Peterhead - For Erskine Glasgow £143.50 9 tickets for Billy Elliot for Erskine £3.00 1 Umbrella for Erskine Glasgow £40.00 20 Rising Stars v Motherwell £7.00 wheelchair ticket v QoS £143.50 14 smartcards v QoS £10.00 10 scratchcards £195.00 Lunch for Erskine Bishopton - Ingliston Country Club £40.00 20 rising stars v Partick £72.00 donation to Nith Valley RSC JustGiving page £80.00 ticket sales donated to Wee Josh £15.00 donation to Nith Valley RSC JustGiving page £90.00 Wee josh - auction pledge £22.00 wheelchair semi final for Erskine £60.00 6 x lotto - weeks 11 to 20 £40.00 20 Rising Stars v St Johnstone £100.00 RM Fund donation to RR Ibrox Sleep Out £40.00 20 Rising Stars v Kilmarnock £10.00 RM donation to RR Ibrox Sleep Out £7.69 RM donation to RR Ibrox Sleep Out £149.20 Argyle Lunch for 12 (Erskine Park) £20.00 Argyle waitress tip £20.00 Stadium Tour Guide tip £25.00 Saltcoats Fish & Chips for 10 £40.00 20 Rising Stars v Dundee £28.00 lotto - from [ ]’s donation £40.00 rising stars v Aberdeen £51.00 Christmas Chocolates for TO staff, RCF staff, RYDC Staff £500.00 Erskine Christmas Cheques Total spent this season: £5,197.74
  4. Some sad news from Erskine...
  5. Fancy a Fun-Filled Family Day out this weekend?... For Sale: 4 Tickets for Rangers v Partick Thistle. Family Section (BR2 - 2 Adult & 2 Child) £40 Respond quickly, and I'll post the tickets to you tomorrow, in time for the game. Otherwise you can meet me to collect them at Ibrox All proceeds to Wee Josh Appeal. Go on - your kids will love you for it.
  6. Erskine contacted me today about the Erskine Golf Day on Tuesday 16th August (A week today!!) They're planning on holding a fundraising auction after the golf, but apparently they're struggling to get any half-decent auction prizes, and they've asked us if we can help. I'm sure we're all happy to oblige, but I don't see the point of us simply buying something to donate that anyone else can buy at the same price. So I scratched my head to think of something we've got that money can't buy. The answer is of course - our seats! So my proposal is to ask our fellow members if they can spare their season tickets for an upcoming game. The hope is that we will get several members each donating their 2 seats for any upcoming League Game. If we get a few offers, we can then bundle a few games together to make a package which money can't buy - some decent seats at some league games, rather than the club-deck corners, and other rubbish seats available in the public sale. So if any member has 2 spare seats for any upcoming League Game, please let me know. (Sadly, single seats are no use in this instance, which is a shame, because I know we'd get lots of offers from single-seat holders.) Those of you who took pat in our Erskine Ticket Scheme last season know how it works - all I need is you name, Rangers Number, seat location, and which match(es) you have available. So go check your diaries, and see if we can make a difference. Oh, and alternatively, if any of you have any other ideas/suggestions or donations, I'm all ears. Maybe you are connected to a business, and have something related to your business that you could donate. (Especially if you run a hot air balloon company or somesuch! ) We have a very tight deadline on this. I need to have something put together by Sunday night at the latest. So get your thinking caps on.
  7. Rangers v Hibs - Sunday 23rd August, 12:30 kick off (League) If your S/T Seat(s) is going to sit empty for this game, and you'd like to donate it to us so that we can get some Erskine & Combat Stress Veterans along to the game, then please PM me.
  8. Dilemma: The front of the West Enclosure is bloody freezing - especially for the Old Folk. Solution: That's easy - 10 blankets. Only £4 each. Dilemma: Only available from Rangers Megastore / Sports Direct. Ach well - sometimes we just have to sup with the devil. I very much doubt our reluctant £45 will swing his fortunes either way, but it will make a big difference to our Veterans. Warm Veterans are far more important here than petty politics, or even global politics, and that's not up for discussion.
  9. RM Erskine Rangers Recreation Fund - Season 2015/16 Ordinary RM Members Supporting Extraordinary Erskine Veterans. Donate here: Welcome to the New RM Erskine Fund Thread – Season 2015/16 Latest Accounts: (The previous thread can be found here… and all the other Fund threads can be found here… and here… - That’s a lot of threads! The RangersMedia Erskine Rangers Recreation Fund (aka The Fund) is a voluntary fundraising group funded by RM Member donations (and other occasional fundraising activities). A donation of £5 or more gains you membership of the Fund’s Hall of Fame, which is by far the most respectable list around these parts - but more importantly, it helps us help our Veterans, and our Club. The money raised is spent as follows: Providing Rangers FC Products and Services to Residents of 4 Erskine Care Homes (eg: Season Tickets, Match Tickets, Hospitality Tickets, Stadium Tours, Argyle Restaurant Lunches, Rangers TV, Rangers Match Programmes) Providing non-Rangers-related Recreational Treats for the Residents of 4 Erskine Homes (eg: Boat Trips, Restaurant Lunches, Christmas Party Donations, Palace Visits, D-Day Whisky Miniatures) Supporting The Rangers Family - Rangers Development Fund, Rangers Charity Foundation, Rangers Ladies, Rangers Football In The Community. (we also support Residents of Hollybush House Hospital (Combat Stress) along the same lines as the Erskine Homes) The Fund has no running costs – (except the 6% PayPal fee charged by PayPal on all donations ). So every penny donated is properly spent and properly accounted for. With over £25,000 raised to date (and spent very wisely!), we are now enthusiastically embarking on our 4th Season of Supporting Erskine Veterans and Rangers FC. It promises to be our most successful season so far - and that’s why we’d really like you to join us. We launched this season’s new membership a few days ago, and the response from members has been awesome - We already have over 100 New Members before a ball is even kicked. But the more members we have, the more we can achieve, so please join us. It's easy. To Support our Activities, and Join our Hall of Fame, simply donate £5 or more to the Fund (and PM me). If money is in short supply, that's all we need from you. If even £5 is too much, not a problem - PM me for a full concession - there are other ways to help apart from money! If you earn enough to donate more than £5, then please feel free to donate as you see fit. If you're on holiday, offshore, waiting for pay day etc, then PM me and I'll add you to the Pledged List - then you can donate whenever is good for you. Donation Link: Donate here:
  10. Greetings fellow RM Members, Just wanted to let you all know that the RM Erskine Fund's current, and last-ever, annual Fundraiser will be ending at 2:59:59 pm on Saturday 16th July. So this is your last chance to make a contribution to the work undertaken by the Fund, and the last chance for you to put any objections aside, and to become a part of maybe not the coolest gang on RM, but certainly the nicest. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go and purchase 14 tickets for Erskine and Combat Stress for the next two Cup Games. (If we don't nobody else will. That's worth remembering!) Many thanks to all the Good Bears who have contributed to the Fund over the last 3 and a half years for making it all possible. And to the following Good Bears who have made it all possible once again for this final season... 170 Members of the RM Erskine Fund 10pshortof17pound 72Barca Adda AlBear85 Andy Little's Boots As I Was Walking.... A.T.G Ayrshire Blue BallochBear Bandit Billy Bandit Billy's Boy Bears r us Bertent better than all the rest bettertogether Big Al II Bill8972 billscott Blue Avenger bluebovril BlueboyG bluenose1975 blueretro Bobby Hume bo'nessbear borderbear bornabear Brackley BrotherTJ broxieman bump burnbankbear Cadman Cairo1 calio Cameltoe Carling1873 Carsons Dog CF2Winnie crazybawz cstamomusa CooperSF Corky True Legend Courtyard Bear cruixranger dande101 Dan Deacon Darius72 DAVIE8CH Davie Mr Magic Cooper dexiboy DexterMorgan Domthenbud Don Logan dougie76 Dunny_01 Eaglesham Bear Eck the bear EKCO fabric Falcoholic fermblue FlippinEck ForeverAndEver gazza27 geneva_ger ger4life_1872 goggs G13 GF7 gmcf govanblue govansw1 HairyBeary Hairy Rz hammer time HenleyBear Heshootshescores ianb1547 Inigo j1mgg Jack The Flipper jamess jayzer JCDBigBear jim white's a bear JohnH johntee Jonok K.A.I Kai_Johansen kaiser1041 KazzyTI Keeps01 KeyserSoze lanarkshire_bear LegendofCoop legs LochendBilly LSgers mafia32 Malvern mick1271 murzo Muz333 my shepherds NavyBear newlanarkboy nine4eight offshoreworker onefootwillie One Jock Wallace only14me onslowdriver ORANGE PERSSON PaulReid Perth_Campsie_Ger plumbGER Poetry_In_Blue ps95v7 Pure_Quality pye1965 quinty ranter RFC Eagle RFCRobertson Rmc54 RoninJonny saltire266 Sam English Loyal sandyinroyalblue Scott G scottyscott1963 Siam69 smidro SoldierBlue1 sprintervanman STEPBOY99 SteveEarle SuperTav SW3 Taipan TEFTONG terry739 The Beast thebooler thebluedoo The Ghost thehost The New Era The Only Way is Up Thewhitesettler The Wire thistleman Travelrug Truth_is_out_there Twadugs VERITAS VOS LIBREBETS Wee Bud weeneily westieblue wewillfollowrangers wilberforce1 Willis wrongshapedballs wotmeworry Wullies_bowly_legs wullho Young Bob ZZed --------------------------------------------------------------- Pledged: HG5 TEFTONG bluepeter9 EckTheBear NamibianBear SportingIntegityMyArse heathen fish boy jintybear dougie76 -------------------------------------------------------------------- If you would like to add your name to that fine list above, then simply make a PayPal donation to the RM Erskine Fund, and PM me to let me know. (If you can't use PayPal, there are alternatives. PM me for options) Oh and if you're one of the many Good Bears on here who have never donated to the Fund before, for any of a million reasons, why not consider making an exception, just this once, and setting those objections aside for the Greater Good?
  11. Do you sit in the West Enclosure, and are you sometimes a bit lazy? If so, then why not consider signing up to the RM Erskine Veterans West Enclosure Lazy Bastards Club. It's simple - and it's Free! You just give me your seat details, then if you're not going to make it to any particular game, you let me know, and we can give your seat to Erskine for the game. Interested? PM me.
  12. D-Day 2014 Interlude - Hogmanay 2014/15 D-Day 2015 D-Day 2016 - Landing as we speak. Photos will follow once Erskine get their internet fixed. Many Thanks to Keeps01 who has singlehandedly kept this great tradition going for the 3rd year running. Pity about the rest of you though! Oh, and apparently there was some other shit going down back in '44. You can learn all about that with this great sticker pack. Only £2.50...
  13. I've just received a card from some Residents of Hollybush House... It was sent back in February, after the Rangers v Kilmarnock cup game, but due to an error on my part, it got lost in the post! Anyway, here's the message inside... Dear [RangersMedia Fund Members], My name is [ S ] and I'm an in-patient at Hollybush House. Myself, [ D ] , [ P ] , [ P ] and [ W ] were able to attend the Rangers v Kilmarnock match on the 6th February. This was not only a really enjoyable day, but it was also a chance for us to challenge one of our symptoms of PTSD in being around crowds of people. To some people that may sound ridiculous, but because of your generosity and kindness to Combat Stress Veterans by supplying complimentary tickets, you not only offer us a good day out, but also a step for us on the road to recovery. Again, thank you so much for thinking about us veterans. It is very humbling for everyone to know that people do care about the unseen costs of the risks and dangers servicemen and women face during their service. Your sincerely, [ S ] [ P ] [ W ] [ D ] [ P ]
  14. EDIT: ALL FUND ACTIVITY IS NOW ON THE NEW THREAD... Welcome to the RangersMedia Erskine Fund Season 2016/17 Official Thread. - A Fund made up of donations from RangersMedia Members, to provide Rangers-Related Treats for Veteran Bears. Our aims and priorities for season 2016/17: 1. To provide the following for Erskine Veterans’ Care Homes: Season Tickets Disabled Hospitality Tickets Rangers TV Annual Subscriptions Rangers Match Programme annual subscriptions Cup Tickets (home games) Whisky Miniatures for Erskine ‘D-Day Ration Packs’ Erskine Wishing Wall wishes 2. To provide Hollybush House (Combat Stress) with some of the above too. 3. To support Rangers Youth via support of Rangers Youth Development Company Products and initiatives (Rising Stars, Rangers Lotto, Stadium Bricks) How much of the above we actually manage depends on you. To donate, please use the PayPal link… And please PM me to let me know once you’ve donated. Note: Please do not set up a monthly payment on PayPal - we appreciate the sentiment, but prefer to work on single donations only. Feel free to make as many single donations as you want though. Oh and this season, no beating about the bush, we'd like as much as you can possibly afford to give us! Unlike previous seasons, we won't be splitting it up into three separate Fundraisers through the season. There will just be the one, and this is it.
  15. Dear RM Members, Erskine Bishopton have asked me to pass on this message to you... And here are some photos from the Stadium Tour (none from the lunch yet) As you can see, they were all jolly excited... (left to right: Tommy, Dinger, John, Donald) Always Remembered. And for good measure, we managed to squeeze in a couple of Veterans from Erskine Glasgow too. So quite simply, if you want to see these chaps smiling again next season, then you need to donate some money towards it.
  16. So after much deliberation, I've decided it's time to retire from the Fund. I think it's run its course, and judging by the lack of posts on the Fundraiser thread, I think it's lost its novelty value. Luckily it achieved all its aims before that though. The only issue is that it will leave us with no money to spend on our Veterans next season. So to get round that, what I want to do is to start the Mother of all End-of-Season Fundraisers, and nail you all for every penny you've got right now. If we're lucky, we'll raise enough money to buy some season tickets for Erskine for next season. Then we can all just sit back and put our feet up. Whaddya think?
  17. Rangers have now announced the launch of the new Colin Stein Wall Panel. It will be situated next to the new Fernando Ricksen Panel (underneath the Sandy Jardine Stand, behind Argyle Houe) Bricks cost £50 - unless you're a RangersMedia member. For you it's only £40 Yes that's right. Once again, the RM Erskine Fund is delighted to bring to you the best price for the best bricks in the best stadium in the land. For each £40 brick purchased via the RM Erskine Fund, £40 goes to Rangers Youth Development Company, and £10 goes to MND Scotland. Yes I know that doesn't add up - that's the magic of the RM Erskine Fund. So, we are now taking orders. All orders completed before the end of October will be guaranteed installed before the Boxing Day game. Demand for this wall be very high, so don't hang around. I'm sure you can think of someone who would appreciate a nice surprise on Boxing Day. PM me for more information. As well as saving £10, RM members also receive several other brilliant brick benefits which I'm not going to tell you about publicly. But you might be able to guess at least one of the benefits if you look closely at the Ricksen Wall Panel. And a message to all existing Brick Purchasers - our extra Warburton-approved Certificates will be ready for collection as soon as I get around to it.
  18. Erskine Veterans Ibrox Day Out We haven't had one of these for ages, so it's time to put that right. Many thanks to Rangers Charity Foundation who have once again donated 10 Stadium Tour Tickets Free of Charge for our Erskine Veterans. (That's 50 they've given us now in total) So a group of Veterans and Carers from Erskine Bishopton will be heading along on Tuesday 5th April for that. After that, the RM Erskine Fund will provide lunch and a beer for them all in the Argyle Restaurant. (That will cost £150) Also, I was chatting to one of the Erskine Staff today, and he was telling me about Wee Frankie. Wee Frankie hadn't been to a Rangers game since the 70s I think it was. So they got him along to the last game, and apparently after the game, he was buzzing about it for the next four days or so. Needless to say, he's got his name down for the next game. For some reason, Frankie wasn't on Santa's list of Erskine Bears, so he didn't get any Rangers Clobber for Christmas. Luckily, we've still got some kit left, so I'll rummage through it, and find some items in his size. Here are some photos from some of our previous Erskine Ibrox Days Out...
  19. Christmas Presents for Erskine Veterans. With the help of Santa's Little Large Helpers... Bad RobotBandit BillyBandit Billy's BoyBEEben51BilbluegeckomamageckobluebovrilBluepeter9Bobby HumeCorky True LegendCourtyard BearCarling1873DomthenbudEaglesham bearEKCOfanaticCRG13Ger77gmcfgovanblueHG5Jasper BluesK.A.Ijamessmearns loyalNamibianBearNavyBearpcbearrab wilsonRangersRadioTaipantangoTEFTONGthistlemantravelrugYoung Bob Many of the Erskine Veterans, have few surviving relatives, and rarely, if ever receive visitors. So Christmas can be quite a lonely time for some Veterans. Luckily the Erskine Staff do as much as they can to make Christmas a Great time for all, but I imagine it must be quite sad for some residents whose only Christmas Presents are the ones provided by Erskine. Luckily, I have an idea. Mrs Eagle's Rangers Charity Shop will soon be launching its Christmas Catalogue, and it's full of Great Official Merchandise, at Ridiculous Prices! Mrs Eagle's Shop has generously agreed to knock an extra £1 per item off anything that's for Erskine. So I've asked Erskine to give me a list of Erskine Bears who would appreciate a wee extra present on Christmas Morning. I estimate there are at least 12 who would be delighted to receive some Rangers Goodies from a fellow Bear. We've picked out some items which we think they'd appreciate, and if you would like buy that gift for a Veteran, here's your chance. Simply PM me or post here, and tell us what you'd like to buy. I'll then send you the payment link (it's not via the RM PayPal!). We will then gift-wrap your item and add a personal message of your choice to the gift tag, and ensure that Santa delivers it to a Bluenose Veteran in time for Christmas. Here are some of the gifts available, at the exclusive Erskine Discount Price... Polo Shirt - £3 Training Top - Blue - £3 Home Shirt 2012/13 - £4 Training Top - 1/2 Zip - Navy - £4 Hoodie - £5 Training Jacket White/Navy - £5
  20. Dear Members, Yes, it's that time of the season already - the Dreaded November Fundraiser. This is where we try to raise the money to pay for Christmas for our Erskine Veterans... We need £500 to give each of the 5 Erskine Homes £100 towards their Christmas Dinner Celebrations. That was money well spent last year, allowing one Home to buy their very own Santa Suit, one Home to buy a new Christmas tree, and all the Homes to buy some decent Whisky and Christmas Crackers. So same again this year hopefully. And we'll obviously want to provide some Boxing Day Hospitality and tickets, so we'll need a few hundred quid for that. And a couple of hundred quid to pay for some Wishing Wall Trips would be nice too. If you are an existing Fund Member, you've already done your bit for the season, but if you can afford it, we'd appreciate another small donation from you. If you are not yet a Fund Member, now's your chance to become one. Simply donate £5 or more and earn a place in our illustrious Hall of Fame. Our target is to raise £1000. So if just 200 members each donated a fiver, we'd make that no problem. But I'd be very surprised to see 200 donations, so hopefully a few more generous donations will help bump up the average. If you can afford more, then as always, please feel free to donate a bit more, but don't go mental! Here's the donation link... (You don't need a PayPal account, you can use that link to pay by debit card too.) Please try to find a way to add your RM username in the "special instructions" box, but if you can't find the special instructions box, don't worry about it. Just remember to PM me as soon as you've donated, then we can identify the donation by the date/time. Please PM me once you've donated. Oh, and if you're not ready to donate just yet, you can still let me know you intend to donate, and I'll add you to the Pledged List. RM Erskine Fundraiser - November Donations: 10pshortof17pound6superbarry672BarcaAceAddaAGC123Andy Little's BootsAs I Was Walking....Ayrshire BlueBears r usMrs Bears r usben51better than all the restybetter togetherBig Al IIbillscottbluebell1973bluenose1975bluepeterBluepeter9Mrs Bluepeter9Bobby Humebo'nessbearbornabearBrackleybroxiemanbumpBurdyBurdyCadmanCairo1calioCarling1873Carsons ArmyCarsons DogCF2 WINNIEcharleyfarleyCorky True LegendCourtyard BearcruixrangercstamomusaCumnockBearDande101DAVIE8CHDarius72D'ArtagnandexiboyDexterMorganDomthenbuddon logandummiesootDunny_01Eck the bearEKCOMrs EKCOex-guardsmanFalcoholicfermbluefolkestonegerG13gazza27ger4life_1872GF7gmcfgovanblueHairy Rzheathen fish boyHeshootshescoresHG5iain1712ianb1547InigojamessMrs jamessJean-ClaudeDarchevillejimgersJimmyBlue09jim white's a bearJonokJohnny DangerouslyJohnnyrenjuve78Kaiser1041Keeps01legslegalbeagleLSgersmearns loyalMuz333my shepherdsNamibianBearnewlanarkboyNorth RdoffshoreworkeronefootwillieOne Jock Wallaceonly14meOnslowDriverOrange&BluepcbearPerth_Campsie_GerPrince Georgeps95v7pye1965quintyranterRedsox1RFC#1.RFC EagleRFC Eagle's Lady Friendrobg58saltire266sandyinroyalblueScott Gshowtime69Siam69SoldierBlue1Mrs SoldierBlue1sprintervanmanSW3TaipanTaipan's palsTEFTONGterry739The BeastthebluedooThe GhostthistlemanTo Be A RangerTravelrugTreble99TwadugsWednesday LoyalWee Budweeneilywewillfollowrangerswilberforce1wrongshapedballsWullies_bowly_legsYoung BobZZedPledged: Bellshill_BeartheiconicmanThe JuddermanThe Man in the HAT
  21. Mrs Eagle’s Rangers Charity Shop Long-standing Fund Members will already be aware of the great bargains Mrs’ Eagle’s RangersCharity Shop has provided for RM Members over the last few years, but for those of you who don’t know, Mrs’ Eagle’s Rangers Charity Shop was founded by RFC Eagle (but run by govanblue), in memory of his late wife, Nicola, who loved Rangers, Charity, and Shops. The aim of the charity shop is twofold… To raise money to support our Rangers-Related Causes To ensure our Members get Great Deals on some Great Items.The Charity Shop will soon be back with some fantastic deals on some excellent merchandise. We’re just sorting out the delivery, and should have lots of 2012 Shirts, training tops, polo necks, jackets etc available next month, at ridiculously low prices. But in the meantime, maybe we can interest you in some of the items we currently have available. Prices quoted are for cash payment, and collection at Ibrox. But we can also do PayPal, and post worldwide. All proceeds to Rangers-related charities. (Full details and cost breakdowns etc. will follow when we unveil our latest project.) Kid's Home Shirt 2011/12 Size: LB (11/12 years) Short Sleeve 5 remaining Amazon price: £5 Our Price: £3 Kid's Home Shirt 2012/13 Size: XLB (13 years) Long Sleeve 3 remaining Amazon price: £5 Our Price: £3 Kid’s Goalkeeper shirt 2012 Colour: Black Size LB (11/12 years) Long Sleeve 4 remaining Amazon price: £ Unavailable Our Price: £3 Official Rangers FC “Dogtag” Pendant and Chain 4 remaining Amazon price: £16.54 Our Price: £7 Official Rangers FC Bracelet - SOLD OUT Official Rangers FC Ring (available in Small, Medium or Large. Limited numbers remaining) Amazon Price: £12.34 Our Price: £3 Official Rangers FC Dog Lead Size: Large 8 remaining ebay price: £5 Our price: £4 Official Rangers FC Dog Shirt Size: Large 10 remaining Amazon/ebay price: £ Unavailable Our price: £3 Official Rangers DVDs Nacho Novo: There’s Only One Michael Mols – Behind the Smile £3 each, or two for a fiver. Division 3 Champions Pennant 4 remaining Amazon/ebay price: £ Unavailable Our Price: £2 Anything you're interested in, just PM me and we'll sort it all out.
  22. WW2 Pilot Aged 101 Finally Caught In Raid You may have heard the recent reports of the recent spate of thefts in Erskine… 0min 45s: Burglar “Bomber” Bill (101) from Erskine Mains Home has finally been captured, and brought down in this, his latest audacious raid. Our Sources have obtained exclusive CCTV footage from the scene of the crime… Last night, Victims spoke of their terror… (They might look happy enough here, but underneath, you can tell they’re still hurting - there's only soor plooms left. ) Sadly, Erskine have been told that these incidents will not be covered by their insurance, and so the jars will just have to remain empty.
  23. If you have activated your SmartCard for the Burnley game on Tuesday, but you won't be able to make the game, you can donate your seat to the RM Erskine Fund and enable a deserving Veteran to get to the game. All you need to do is PM me a couple of details, and I can get a paper replacement for your seat, and give it to a Veteran from Combat Stress on Tuesday. No smartcards need to change hands! If your seat is just a single seat, that's still okay - We can probably buy the seat right next to it for this game, so the Veterans can sit with a pal. Each seat donated has a value of £10, so that would also cover your annual RM Erskine Fund Membership, if you haven't already joined. For each seat donated, we will also buy another seat at £10, so the club will benefit too, and there will ultimately be more bums on seats. So if your seat is paid for, and going to waste, feel free to PM me, or add a post here (but don't post any personal details here of course!)
  24. Bear with me on this one, I'll get there... In only one month's time, it is the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings. Many of the current Erskine Residents either served or lived through WWII and so as you can imagine, D-Day Celebrations are a big thing for them - especially such a significant one (70th). Erskine Homes always have D-Day parties, complete with Bunting, Spam and Vera Lynn etc, but this year they're wanting to push the boat out a bit more. As part of the celebrations, they plan to give each Resident a "Ration Pack" of goodies, and in amongst this pack they want to give everyone a miniature of Whisky. The Residents fair love a wee dram. Erskine Park have asked me to ask you to see if any of our members have any connection with the trade (retail/manufacture/distribution bootlegging), and might be able to point them towards getting a good deal. They're looking for quite a lot - about 30 for Erskine Park Home, and 30 for Erskine Mains Home, and the other 3 Homes may want to do similar) - so they're not expecting such a big donation (not from us at least!), they're just hoping we can point them to the best price/trade discount or whatever. Obviosly any donations won't be refused though But who knows - maybe we have a member who's a whisky distributor with a shed full of unsellable whisky miniatures?? Or maybe we have 30 members who would each want to post an unwanted miniature to the Home?? Or maybe we have a member who has a spare pile of something else, like After Eight Mints, or jam, or tights(??), or anything else you think they could make use of. Any other ideas are welcome. Oh and for the younger ones amongst us - we won the war.
  25. On Wednesday, I’ll be visiting Erskine, and dropping off all the stuff that I’ve collected over the last few months. A lot of great stuff has already been posted or delivered directly from members (I’ll try to get some photos of it all when I’m there), and this is the remainder. Here’s a list of what I'll be dropping off: Donated by Co. Armagh RSCs: 4 Barcelona 40 Year Anniversary Commemorative Medals 4 SPL Division 3 Winners Commemorative Medals 4 Copies of The Official Rangers Hall of Fame (book) by Lindsay Herron Donated by Mrs Eagle’s Rangers Charity Shop: 4 Rangers Beanie Bears – Excellent sensory therapy for dementia sufferers 14 Ibrox Stadium Snowglobes – as above 2 Rangers Salt & Pepper pots 4 SFL Division 3 Winners Pennants Donated by the Sponsors’ Fund and various Fund Members: 2 copies of The Rangers Miscellany (book) 6 Assorted programmes from 1977 to 1988 2 issues of Seventy2 Retro Rangers magazine follow!follow!RANGERS – 1969 LP 4 copies of The Jim Baxter Story – DVD 4 copies of Michael Mols: Behind The Smile – DVD 4 copies of Nacho Novo: There’s Only One – DVD 1 Vintage scarf