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Found 1 result

  1. The RM Erskine Lunch Fund Patrons 2014/2015 Current membership: 133 10pshortof17pound54 @ counting72BarcaAddaAs I Was Walking....BeaujolaisBears r usBellshill_BearBertentbetter than all the restbettertogetherBig Al IIbillscottbishopsgateloyalBlueboyGbluepeterBluepeter9Bobby HumeBrianfantanabroxiemanbroxiteddy19BroxiKbumpBydoCairo1CalioCarling1873Carsons Armycooper007Courtyard BearCrackFoxcruixrangercstamomusaD’ArtagnanDAVIE8CHdexiboydrewgardiner88dummiesootDunny_01eck the beareejay the djEKCOeskbankloyalfalcoholicfermbluefraz1rossG13GerBearette21GF7gmcfgovanbluegovansw1HairyBearyHairy RzHG5Hoosier Rangeriain1712ianb1547Ibrox_NightsInigojamessJasper BluesJCDBigBearJohnHjohnteeJonokJRJules WinnfieldKai_JohansenKaiser1041Keeps01LaptopluluLSGersM4XGERSBF3MalvernmarkemMr BrightsidemusNamibianBearnewlanarkboynine4eightOffshoreWorkerOne Jock WallaceOnslowDriveronly14mepaisleyroadpaulreidPerth_Campsie_GerPhilPure_Qualitypye1965quintyRangersChatRedsox1RFC#1.RFC Eaglerfc_watprossco87robg58saltire266sammy coxsandyboyblueshowtime69smidroSoldierBlue1SparkleSportingintegritymyarsesprintervanmanSTEPBOY99SW3SweetheartSweettartangirlTaipanTFP77thebluedooTheBest-SimplesThe GhostThe Hammer 11The_Ibrox_PreacherTheQueensEleventhistlemanTravelrugTreble99trublusince1982Wednesday LoyalWee BudwotmeworryWullie72Wullies_bowly_legsYoung BobYoung ConquerorZZed RM Erskine Lunch Fund – Emergency Measures Required MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! So we'll be buying a dozen tickets v Motherwell for Erskine, and about a dozen for Combat Stress. That's already been agreed, we've got the money for them, and that's all excellent! But when I was talking to Carol at Erskine Park last time, she was talking about one of her residents. Let’s call him Cammy for now. Cammy is in his forties, one of Erskine Park’s younger residents. As I understand it, he was in an accident some years ago, and the injuries he received have left him permanently wheelchair-bound. Apparently he is the biggest bluenose you’ll ever meet. Unfortunately, Cammy has been unable to take advantage of any of the tickets we’ve provided for Erskine this season or last, because of the wheelchair. It’s well documented that wheelchair seats are heavily over-subscribed at Ibrox, and the only time Erskine get wheelchair tickets is for things like the Armed Forces Day. But even then, the tickets go to Erskine Glasgow and Erskine Bishopton, so Cammy and the other wheelchair users in Erskine Park and Erskine Mains have never had a chance of any of them. We’ve managed to get a couple of wheelchair users in before – but only ones who can manage one or two steps with assistance – then we can buy them an aisle seat in Row C of the enclosure, and they can enter via the wheelchair access, and hobble up the two steps to the seat. Not so with Cammy. He is 100% wheelchair bound, and has not made a single game. It’s obvious when you hear Carol talk about Cammy that it’s breaking her heart not getting him to a game, and therefore it’s now breaking mine too, and I'm unable to ignore it. So as I see it, there are two possibilities: 1. Somebody reading this can get a hold of an unused wheelchair ticket, and donate it to us. Although this has happened before (thanks again to Co. Armagh RSCs for that!) it was a one-off and it's very unlikely that there will be any spare for this game, given its popularity and the lack of time. 2. So that leaves only one other option – Hospitality! It’s expensive (£130 per person) and we can‘t really afford it, but fuck it, I’m not going to let that stop us. So I’m sorry, but this may well require another emergency fundraiser. I know I promised there would be no more this season, but tough - I'd rather break a promise to you guys than do nothing for that guy.
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