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Found 4 results

  1. RM Erskine Rangers Recreation Fund - Season 2015/16 Ordinary RM Members Supporting Extraordinary Erskine Veterans. Donate here: http://www.rangersmedia.co.uk/paypal.html Welcome to the New RM Erskine Fund Thread – Season 2015/16 Latest Accounts: http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=284912 (The previous thread can be found here… http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=283308&page=41#entry1062778380 and all the other Fund threads can be found here… http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=search&search_tags=erskine%2Blunch%2Bfund&search_app=forums and here… http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=search&search_tags=rm%2Bsponsors%2Bfund&search_app=forums - That’s a lot of threads! The RangersMedia Erskine Rangers Recreation Fund (aka The Fund) is a voluntary fundraising group funded by RM Member donations (and other occasional fundraising activities). A donation of £5 or more gains you membership of the Fund’s Hall of Fame, which is by far the most respectable list around these parts - but more importantly, it helps us help our Veterans, and our Club. The money raised is spent as follows: Providing Rangers FC Products and Services to Residents of 4 Erskine Care Homes (eg: Season Tickets, Match Tickets, Hospitality Tickets, Stadium Tours, Argyle Restaurant Lunches, Rangers TV, Rangers Match Programmes) Providing non-Rangers-related Recreational Treats for the Residents of 4 Erskine Homes (eg: Boat Trips, Restaurant Lunches, Christmas Party Donations, Palace Visits, D-Day Whisky Miniatures) Supporting The Rangers Family - Rangers Development Fund, Rangers Charity Foundation, Rangers Ladies, Rangers Football In The Community. (we also support Residents of Hollybush House Hospital (Combat Stress) along the same lines as the Erskine Homes) The Fund has no running costs – (except the 6% PayPal fee charged by PayPal on all donations ). So every penny donated is properly spent and properly accounted for. With over £25,000 raised to date (and spent very wisely!), we are now enthusiastically embarking on our 4th Season of Supporting Erskine Veterans and Rangers FC. It promises to be our most successful season so far - and that’s why we’d really like you to join us. We launched this season’s new membership a few days ago, and the response from members has been awesome - We already have over 100 New Members before a ball is even kicked. But the more members we have, the more we can achieve, so please join us. It's easy. To Support our Activities, and Join our Hall of Fame, simply donate £5 or more to the Fund (and PM me). If money is in short supply, that's all we need from you. If even £5 is too much, not a problem - PM me for a full concession - there are other ways to help apart from money! If you earn enough to donate more than £5, then please feel free to donate as you see fit. If you're on holiday, offshore, waiting for pay day etc, then PM me and I'll add you to the Pledged List - then you can donate whenever is good for you. Donation Link: Donate here: http://www.rangersmedia.co.uk/paypal.html
  2. RangersMedia Sponsors' Fund - Hall of Fame 2014/2015 The following Members have donated £10 or more to the RM Sponsors' Fund for us to spend on Rangers on their behalf. As fully paid-up Members of The Fund, they are eligible for all Fund Competitions and Exclusive Offers and have full voting rights, and the right to be heard in all Sponsors' Fund matters. If you think you ARE in the Sponsors' Fund, but you don't see your name below, please PM me (govanblue). If you want to join the Sponsors' Fund, or to know more about it, we're trying to put an FAQ together, but in the meantime, just PM me for anything you want to know. Current Sponsors' Fund Membership - 16710pshortof17pound72BarcaAddaAlBear85AljayBoyAndy Little's BootsAnt_RFCAs I Was Walking….Bears r usbetter than all the restbettertogetherBig Al IIbig_cl_watpBigfcblackpool blueBlearyEyedBearBlink1872bluebell1973BlueboyGbluenose1975bluenosebradbluepeterbluepeter9BluesCluesBobby Humebootlacesbornabearbroxiemanbroxikbroxiteddy19bumpburnbank bearCadmanCairo1calioCaptainOfIndustryCarling1873Carsons ArmyCarsons Dogchris182ComptonCourtyard BearcrackedactorCrackfoxcruixrangercstamomusacushynumberD'ArtagnanDAVIE8CHdexiboydjgazbcmdon logandummiesootDunny_01DuntocherLoyalEck the beareejay the djEKCOekudamramelephants stonedFalcoholicfermblueFlippinEckfraz1rossG13GF7gmcfgordo7govanblueGovanSW1HairyBearyHairy RZheathen fish boyHG5Hoosier Rangeriain1712ianb1547ianrIbrox_NightsInigoj1mggJamessJean-ClaudeDarchevilleJimmyblue9JMac_88JohnHJon-the-StripeJonokJules Winnfieldkaiser1041Keeps01KeyserSozekilwinning_loyallegalbeagleLong ShadowLSGersmacmacMalvernmclarenmick1271Mr BrightsidemusMuz333my shepherdsNamibianBearnewlanarkboynine4eightOne Jock WallaceonslowdriverPerth_Campsie_GerPhilps95v7Pure_Qualitypye1965quintyranterready1873RFC EagleRFC#1.ritchieshearercaldowrobg58RoninJonnysaltire266sandyboybluescottishowlSea BearSiam69SketsmidroSoldierBlue1SportingIntegrityMyArsesprintervanmanSprotson11STEPBOY99stfuStornowayBlueStornowayLoyalStuBlueKPLSW3SweetheartTFP77TheBEST-SimplesthebluedooThe GhostThe Hammer 11thehostThe JuddermanThe Louden TavernThe MongooseTheQueensEleventhe_r_soleTheWhiteSettlerthistlemantopgoalietrainsTravelrugtrublusince1982trueblue68TwadugsWee BudworcesterloyalwotmeworrywrongshapedballsWullies_bowly_legsYoung BobYoung ConquerorZZed All this season's Fund activity will be posted below, but before that, here's a summary of what we've spent our money on so far, from its beginnings in December 2012 to May 2014: ------------------------- December 2012 to May 2013: ------------------------- £550 - Kit Sponsorship for Darren Cole Season 2012/2013 (the less said about him the better) £38 - Christmas presents (official Rangers merchandise) for Young Ant £197 - 2 x Half Season tickets for Ant & his mum £33 - 33 Rangers Christmas Raffle Tickets – we didn’t win anything, boo! £10 - 10 Rangers Charity wristbands from Pam Jackson – these were then sold to members for £2 to buy more wristbands, which were given as bonus prizes to various raffle winners £50 - Ibrox Stadium Brick - (RangersMedia - ThenNowForever) £50 - Ibrox Stadium Brick - (RangersMedia - Ready 2012/2013) – both bricks laid, no spelling mistakes! ------------------------- ------------------------- May 2013 - Dec 2013: ------------------------- Sponsors' Fund: £945 – Match Programme Kit Sponsorship of Nicky Law (full season) £250 - Programme Kit Sponsorship of Natalie Ross (Rangers Ladies) £60 – Founding Fathers Commemorative Print – for Erskine Glasgow Care home £120 – Erskine Veterans Ibrox Tour, Ibrox Lunch and Megastore Shopping Spree (£120 from Sponsors' Fund, £110 from Lunch Fund) £55 – postage costs for 19 raffle prizes £750 - Match Programme Kit Sponsorship of Sebastien Faure (3/4 season) £50 - Rangers Paving Brick - ordered 18/10/13 - inscription: RangersMedia | Ready 2013/2014 £100 – Rangers Lotto, Rising Stars and Scratchcards £52 - Megastore sundries (Christmas cards, Christmas tree baubles, Christmas wrapping paper, Rangers bags for life, Walter Smith CDs) £40 - Rangers Commemorative photo (Ibrox 140 Years) (for our 4th Erskine Home) ------------------------- Erskine Lunch Fund: £440 - Donation to our 4 Erskine Home towards their Christmas festivities £120 - 3 x Rangers Commemorative photo (Ibrox 140 Years) £110 – Erskine Veterans Ibrox Lunch £90 – tips to Ibrox Tour Guides, Argyle Restaurant Waiting Staff and Ibrox Megastore Staff for taking care of our 3 parties £40 - Christmas presents for Alan, an Erskine Veteran (Jim Baxter memorabilia) £80 - 20 Erskine Calendars for resale to members ------------------------- Teddy Bears’ Fund: £300 - 300 Rangers Charity Foundation Lucky Legends Prize Draw tickets ------------------------- ------------------------- January 2014 to May 2014 ------------------------- Sponsors’ Fund £23.50 - Postage costs £10.00 - Raffle prize (megastore) £240.00 - Megastore shopping spree for 2 groups of Erskine Veterans £26.06 – Scratchcards (Rangers Development Fund) £250.00 - Player Sponsorship (Natalie Ross) £150.00 - Auchenhowie Fan's Panel (total: £684.26) ------------------------- Sponsors’ Ticket Fund £252.00 –tickets for Combat Stress and Quarriers Stopover (Rangers v Albion Rovers Scottish Cup Quarter Final) £96.00 - 4 x tickets, programmes, DVDs for Combat Stress residents (total: £348.00) ------------------------- Erskine/Lunch Fund £378.00 - 7 Symon Suite Hospitality tickets (v Albion Rovers) £20.00 - 4 x Pie and Bovril for Combat Stress residents £49.56 - various memorabilia including old programmes and DVDs for Erskine Homes £240.00 – Argyle Restaurant Lunch for 2 groups of Erskine Veterans) £180.00 – Whisky donation from Keeps01 (total: £867.56) ------------------------- Teddy Bears’ Fund £252.00 –cup tickets (v Albion Rovers) for Quarriers Stopover and Volunteer Glasgow (Young Persons’ Befriender Scheme) (total: £252.00) ------------------------- Medal Fund: £3152.00 - 351 medals bought from Co. Armagh RSCs - All proceeds to Ibrox Disaster Memorial Fund ------------------------- ------------------------- Total Spent Dec 2012 to May 2013: £928 Total spent May to Dec 2013: £3602.00 Total Spent January to May 2014: £5303.82 ------------------------- ------------------------- Total spent to date (excluding season 2014/2015): £9833.82 ------------------------- Total Funds raised Dec 2012 to May 2014: £13,849.01 Season 2014 / 2015 Accounts 2014/2015 Opening balances pre-spending: Sponsors’ Fund: £2804.53 Sponsors’ Ticket Fund: £220.33 Teddy Bears’ Fund: £384.74 Erskine Lunch Fund: £590.40 Total balance pre-spending : = £4000.00 Spent so far Season 2014/15: £80 – 2 bricks £70 – scratchcards £312 – Lotto (£104 from Fund, £208 from 4 members direct donations) £50 – Rising Stars £31 – 1 ticket v Hearts (from Teddy Bears’ Fund) Total spent so far this season: £543 Current balance in Funds: as of 22/08/14 Sponsors’ Fund: £2293.53 Sponsors’ Ticket Fund: £220.33 Teddy Bears’ Fund: £353.74 Erskine Lunch Fund: £590.40 Total funds remaining to be spent: £3458.00 - so that's maybe enough fundraising for a while - let's start spending the money!
  3. Dear fellow Bears, It’s time! The RangersMedia Sponsors’ Fund Season 2014/2015 Annual Membership Renewal / New Membership Drive has now launched. If you know what that means, and you’ve just been waiting patiently to sign up, then you can ignore all the guff below, click this RM Paypal Donate link, and donate your £10 (£10 is the recommended joining fee, but you can donate more if you’re wealthy, or less if you’re not so wealthy) - add your username in the special instruction bit, and PM me your username (and if you don’t mind telling me the donation amount, then that helps me with my running totals). If you don’t know what the above means, then read on… RangersMedia Sponsors’ Fund is now entering its third season, and in order for it to be as successful as the last two seasons, we need you to join. If you’re not sure what the Sponsors’ Fund is then hopefully this link will tell you what the fund was this time last year... http://forum.rangers...entry1060985307 (it’s evolved a bit since then, but in good ways. ) And then last season’s accounts will tell you what we got up to last season… http://forum.rangers...howtopic=264097 . We’ve currently got about £1000 still in our ‘account’ which is enough to pay for one player’s sponsorship, but we now need to raise another £1000 to ensure we maintain our current sponsorship level of two players for what will surely be the most challenging season since the journey began. That equates to 100 RM members signing up with an average donation of £10. [ EDIT: after agreed policy change, we won't be sponsoring a player, instead, we'll be spending the money (current total: £2700) on assorted Rangers Products and Services as agreed by the members. ] So what are you waiting for? Simply go to the RM PayPal Donate page, and donate your chosen amount. (you can use your normal bank card, even if you don’t have a PayPal account). Somewhere during the donate process, if you look very carefully, you may find a link saying “+add special instructions to recipient” or something like that. If you spot it, click on it and add a message like “donation from (your RM Username)” or something similar. If you don’t spot the link don’t worry, Admin will still hopefully be able to match your donation to your username. Once you’ve made the donation, please send me a PM (Private Message) so that I can add you to the members’ list and update the running totals. Your £10 Annual Membership Fee gets you: Your name in the RM Sponsors’ Fund Hall of Fame Full participation / opinion / voting rights in anything Fund-related Eligibility in all competitions/giveaways – last season various lucky members received all sorts of goodies, like Bar72 tickets, Auchenhowie visits, signed shirts, framed shirts, So much that I forget! Exclusive merchandise offers only open to Fund Members. (Ask last season’s members – they got some pretty good bargains, and we’ve got some new ones lined up!) The knowledge that your £10 is being spent supporting Rangers. No ifs or buts The knowledge that your £10 will go a lot further when it’s added to your fellow Bears’ contributions than it would on its own So that’s it. Join the Sponsors’ Fund - because supporting Rangers FC is a Good Thing. Donating via the RM Paypal Page... Current Sponsors' Fund Membership - 110 10pshortof17pound 72Barca Adda AlanCompton AljayBoy Andy Little's Boots As I Was Walking…. Bears r us better than all the rest bettertogether Big Al II Bigfc blackpool blue Blink1872 bluenosebrad bluepeter bluepeter9 BluesClues bootlaces broxiteddy19 bump Cadman Cairo1 Carling1873 Carsons Army chris182 Courtyard Bear Crackfox cruixranger cstamomusa DAVIE8CH dexiboy don logan dummiesoot Dunny_01 Eck the bear ekudamram elephants stoned Falcoholic fermblue FlippinEck G13 GF7 gmcf gordo7 govanblue GovanSW1 Hairy RZ HG5 iain1712 ianb1547 ianr Jamess Jean-ClaudeDarcheville Jimmyblue9 JohnH Jonok Jules Winnfield Keeps01 legalbeagle Long Shadow LSGers Malvern mclaren Mr Brightside mus Muz333 my shepherds NamibianBear One Jock Wallace onslowdriver Phil pye1965 ranter RFC Eagle RFC#1. ritchieshearercaldow robg58 sandyboyblue scottishowl Sea Bear Siam69 Sket smidro SoldierBlue1 SportingIntegrityMyArse Sprotson11 StornowayBlue StornowayLoyal StuBlueKPL SW3 Swally TFP77 TheBEST-Simples thebluedoo thehost The Mongoose TheWhiteSettler thistleman trueblue68 trublusince1982 Travelrug Twadugs Wee Bud worcesterloyal wotmeworry wrongshapedballs Young Bob Young Conqueror ZZed Pledged - 3 BLUEDIGNITY ManchestGer QueensEleven
  4. :21: :21: RangersMedia is now the Official Kit Sponsor for Darren Cole for season 2012/2013. :21: :21: _____________________________ RangersMedia Sponsors' Hall of Fame: 'They answered the call' 104 Current Members: Adamtricky Adelaidebear AlBear85 ally62 As I Was Walking.... BEARGER Bears r us better than all the rest Big Al II Bilko89 BillyFC blueballss bluebear1971 Blue corn flakes BlueDignity bluenose_72 Blue-Nosed-Biker bluepeter Bluepeter9 bombaybadboy08 Bouncy Bear bubblybear bump Bufforbero croatianbicycles Count De Monet DaddySpook DarkPassenger Deccy11 devref dexiboy Diuhhivty drunkenfsi Dunny_01 elephants stoned ElleBear Falcoholic fermblue fog FlippinEck frewbear gaz_rfc1972 garfield Ger_onimo gogzy govanblue Hutchy WATP ianb1547 In The Know j1mgg Jadams jack1690 james1690 jamess JohnH joker69 jonok Jon-the-Stripe Jules Winnfield Keeps01 laudrupno1 LiverpoolBlue Lollypop85 lutonblue MaddistonKnight Madina magum1872 my shepherds nacho_nacho_man NamibianBear OceanRain one cutty young One Jock Wallace OnslowDriver paisleyroad peter1872 pye1965 reddrock Redwhiteandblue Rfc52 RFC Eagle RFCstuart RoboProd RyanGers193 sandymcm scarkev SectionRedHMS Senna SkelfMeister Sket skins smidro Swally Tak3rNo1 TannochsideBear Tango The Dude The Mongoose The New Era wewillfollowrangers West_Side worcesterloyal wullyRFC ZZed (Names in Bold: Special Distinction for Services Above and Beyond) _________________________________________ UPDATE: I received the Paperwork from Rangers today, and there's a couple of interesting points in the list of benefits: Being a kit sponsor, you will benefit from: A signed and framed home shirt, worn by your player during the season A signed away shirt Personalised letter from your player thanking you for his sponsorship Commemorative photograph taken when your player presents you with the framed shirt Your company logo and/or personalised message displayed in every match programme Your company name displayed in the Dressing Room (Auchenhowie Training Park) Your company name and/or personalised message on the LED board (when player is announced onto pitch) So there you go - that's what you got for your money _______________________________________
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