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Found 1 result

  1. With the impending result of the Supreme Court case imminent. Yesterdays lying piece of shite by that cunt Neil Cameron about ref last week Was thinking .Who have been the most hateful towards us in the media . The bastards that have told downright lies about our beloved club in last 4/5 years . I felt compelled to list their names . I'm almost certain they will be writing their pieces of hate ,getting ready for this decision . How many do you think Liewell will have on speed dial ???? SCUMBAGS ONE AND ALL Chris McLAUCHLAN specky ugly mutand bastard and liar. Ewing GRAHAME media whore and complete liar Jane HAMILTON . complete liar ,media whore , real life possibly , republican filth ,Rangers hating ugly mutant that would make Michelle McManus appear good looking . Andy MUIRHEAD . remember this prick .Lying hating scumbag representing Scottish football fans with his undercover beggar rhag . Now working for his paedophile brothers at beggars view Marcello mega . media whore most recently telling his lies for the scumbag bog roll of a newspaper ..Hater and liar Craig SWAN .rebel chief sportswriter in waiting and beggar lover Neil CAMERON. media whore, beggar lover and liar mark DAILY . . Possibly the biggest liar of them all . Backed by his beggar loving employees . Jimmy Salviles friends at the covering up of abuse BBC Alex THOMPSON media whore and liar Britney SPIERS lunatic and in need of an asylum Stuart COSGROVE. media whore and liar Tam COWAN unfunny gob shite and liar Tom ENGLISH crafty Rangers hater and liar Hugh spew KEEVINS . so called neutral but in reality . Liar and scumbag of a man Jim DELACUNT . Beggar lover DRUNK SACKED from beggar loving radio station Snyde and liar of the highest order (karma) Gerry MCCULLOCH . Beggar lover and 4/th/5th beggar supporter in a row , that this cunt of a radio station has had as it's host .Neutral my arse . Angela HAGGERTY . Beggar boot and all round ugly mutant cunt of the highest order . Jim SPENCE . Beggar cunt and a human piece of excrement Roy GREENSLADE . Complete liar and hater of everything Rangers and being part of the Union . Not surprisingly writing for the scumbag beggar loving Gerald Miles CHAMBERS .Responsible for using the photo of children playing football outside IBROX when describing the child abuse that is quite clearly being covered up to protect a certain rancid football club hypocrite and paedophile FC Rachel LYNCH . Irish media whore and hater of Rangers Hugh JORDON . media whore and scumbag hater of Rangers from Sunday rhag Aidan SCOTT up and coming beggar scumbag for Sun Gerry HASSAN . Beggar hating scum from the Scottish review .What ever the fuck they are It is truly amazing when these cunts say they represent Scottish football ,they are all taig fucks Gordon WADDELL and Michael GANNON . Scared puppets for the RANCID DAILY REBEL . Couple of ass wipes frightened to upset paymaster Pedro with honest parity in their reporting . Ok feel free to add to the list bears . Frightening isn't it seeing them listed and I know there are loads more