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Where do you sit in Ibrox

Found 1 result

  1. ZZed


    In 1964 we won the league, we did not win it again until 1975. We won 3 Scottish Cups and 2 Scottish League Cups during that period. Things were bleak during that time and it repeated in the early 80s. Rangers have been through this kind of slump before, things changed and we became a winning force again. Things will change again. We are coming back from the biggest hit any football club could have taken but we will win titles and cups again, change will happen. We have not lost a generation of supporters if that was true, then the two periods out lined would have killed us; they didn't and this time now will not kill us. When we have a team that plays like Rangers, Ibrox will be as it should be. We are feared and hated because all the rest know we will come back from this, then they will be the ones grinding their teeth again. Moan and demand that Rangers start to be Rangers again and start to put others to the sword, second best is not good enough. It is hard putting up with this but we will come back, they know it, even we know it despite our despair, we are looking for a way forward and we will find it. I have not given up hope, I have lived through this type of thing before and seen Rangers change in front of my eyes and take titles and cups, even 9 in a row. Keep demanding success and Rangers will give it to us but our job is to demand success. This is what No Surrender means, we do not surrender and accept second best. Scream and demand Rangers standards and it will come. Tell the board and the players what they represent and demand of them, win. And when the good times come back, savour them because this is where we paid for it.