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Found 6 results

  1. The RM Bonus Ball Match Ticket Raffle – Win tickets for the Hogmanay Match v the smellies, and help a Wee Teddy Bear. To raise money for Wee Joshua Adair, we are raffling off some match tickets for Rangers v the mhanks (Hogmanay). So a perfect opportunity to nab some extra tickets for yourself or a loved one. We have 5 prizes so far: 2 Adult Tickets (Main Rear) 1 Adult Ticket (Copland Rear) 1 Adult Ticket (Main Rear) 1 Adult Ticket (Sandy Jardine Front) 1 Adult Ticket (Main Rear) Raffle Tickets cost only £7 each. There are only 59 raffle tickets for sale (one for each possible lotto bonus ball number). For each ticket you buy, you will be allocated a different random number (1 to 59) in each of the 3 ticket draws, so you will have 3 separate chances of winning a ticket or two. As soon as we've sold all 59 tickets, we will randomly allocate all the numbers, and upload them here so that you can check which numbers you have for each of the three raffles before the National Lottery Bonus Ball Draw is made. The draw date will be the first National Lottery Bonus Ball draw after all tickets are sold. If you think you want to buy any tickets for these raffles, please PM me or add a post here, and I will give you the (very simple) instructions. Please let me know if you’re interested as soon as you can, because I need to get an idea of whether we’ll sell all the tickets or not, or whether we can allow more than one ticket purchase per Member.. Members who are interested so far: @Perth_Campsie_Ger @Zetland @fermblue @Wullie72 @Assegai @ForeverAndEver @Courtyard Bear @55Bear @billscott @Cadman @LochendBilly @cumnockbear @Hamie @Three stripes @mrwin @The Ghost @SuperTav @HeHaw @born a blue nose @scottyc06 @Crispy Bear @Sasa'onlyPLGsuccess'Papac @stevemartin1991 @geneva_ger @Wee Bud @sandyboyblue @kdybear55 @ManchestGer @bettertogether @Falcoholic @fanaticCR @RyanMac @BluebearDory @rfc_watp @bluegecko @Mansion @gazza27 @BluegeneBop @mearns loyal @blueballss @MasterD @RoyalBlues @Big Al II @DerekJohnstone @fuckthespl @thistleman @NavyBear @Juniorsparkie @johntee @William McBeath @d_nic83 @rfc1990 @plumbGER @ChrisMcb @Rmc54 @Ryan16 @bluewhitevanman @KazzyTI @blueredandwhite and in alphabetical order: 55bear Assegai bettertogether Big Al II billscott blueballss BlueBearDory bluegecko BluegeneBop blueredandwhite bluewhitevanman born a blue nose Cadman ChrisMcb Courtyard Bear Crispy Bear cumnockbear d_nic83 DerekJohnstone Falcoholic fanaticCR fermblue ForeverAndEver fuckthespl gazza27 geneva_ger Hamie HeHaw johntee Juniorsparkie kdybear55 LochendBilly ManchestGer Mansion MasterD mearns loyal mrwin NavyBear Perth_Campsie_Ger plumbGER rfc1990 rfc_watp Rmc54 RoyalBlues Ryan16 RyanMac sandyboyblue Sasa'onlyPLGsuccess'Papac scottyc06 stevemartin1991 SuperTav The Ghost thistleman Three stripes Wee Bud William McBeath Wullie72 Zetland KazzyTI
  2. ALLOA 23rd April

    Tickets on sale now and already looking like it will be packed out. Anyone who wants to be there best get in quick
  3. Semi final tickets

    Has anyone else noticed that there is no mention of Ibrox stadium on the front of tickets. Not right in my book.
  4. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/4483-ticket-hotline-update Very strange. A fire at our online ticketing call centre. They will do anything to hold us back. You can still get tickets. See the linked article for more.
  5. Rangers January home games against Elgin (5/1), Berwick Rangers (12/1) and Montrose (26/1) are now on public sale. So unless you want a restricted-view seat like you got on Saturday, you'd better get your skates on! http://www.rangers.t...roductHome.aspx
  6. Queens Park away

    Got an email for this there. South stand £20 West stand £15. Money taken on Tuesday. Are Montrose emails out yet?