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What Stand Do We All Sit In At Ibrox?


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  1. 1. Stand?

    • Broomloan
    • Govan
    • Copland
    • Main

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Copland Front , Row S , seat 63. Pretty much bang on down the middle of the goals and just higher than the cross bar .

That is almost exactly where my mate and I sat for years (9 in a row time). You used to have to watch out for some of the shooting practice though. I remember one time going in early and we stopped and got pie/bovrils on the way up and made our way down the aisle and along the still-quiet row without paying any attention to the Rangers players who were warming up. So, I was looking along the row towards my seat rather than out on to the pitch. And right at that moment Albertz hit one of his screamers - it flew over the bar and smashed straight into me side on - there were empty seats all over the shop but no the ball made straight for me like a laser guided fucking missile - and as the unseen ball hit me from the side - whoosh - pies and bovril all over the shop, knocked clean out my fucking hands - I swear the whole fucking place went into stitches - everyone was laughing at me - big Albertz was laughing too but he raised his hand in a wee gesture of apology - me and my mate just sat and laughed too - I was pie-less and bovril-less and soaking wet- it was a fucking bulls eye, a stoater, a belter - so it was a funny moment but from then on I kept an eye on the pitch whenever I was taking my seat...


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Broomloan Rear very back row so i can stand the whole game , in line with the left hand post as u view the goals from behind

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Ive been in every stand at some point.

whats the best stand for the atmosphere at an old firm derby?????

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