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Daily Record lifts lid on Establishment

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Superb stuff Dado.. Once again you come up with the goods..

Top work agent D.. (tu)


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(tu) started my day off with a good laugh; not sure why, but I found Broxi Bear's name really funny.


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Thats fuckin brilliant. I think i might just go and post it on one of their forums.


funny thing about it is, these cHunts will believe that, the queen, broxy...masons....OO......they will swallow that no problem

FS they believe liewell when he says they are a big club!


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Establishment has been breached: Our Source tells all.

Jan 28 2010 By Declan O' Fended.

THE ESTABLISHMENT was blown open last night in a Daily Record exclusive.

Shocked Celtic fans were left reeling after they found out QUEEN ELIZABETH was behind them being 10 points adrift in the title race.

Furious hoops bosses were FURIOUS to find out that top ranking Establishment officials also included:

  • The head of the SFA

  • Top presenter Jim White

  • A host of other top ranking Ibrox officials

  • Celtic manager Tony Mowbray

Our source who cannot be named for legal reasons said "We have always known that it was not our shit manager, shit fans, shit stadium or our shit squad but it was all a big H*n conspiracy. We had no idea however that Tony Mowbray was involved, his style of passing the ball about for 90 minutes without winning anything is unmatched since Tommy passed away. Its ra pure celic way of playing football."

In an EXCLUSIVE look behind the scenes at the establishment John Reid our annonymous source laid it all out on crayon for Daily Record HQ.

View the EXCLUSIVE diagram below which lifts the lid on the Establishment:



Sources at Ibrox yesterday were said to be too busy "pishing themselves laughing" to comment.

Sources for her majesty Queen Elizabeth had the following statement to make:

Its only natural that Her Royal Highness should follow the "Quintessential British Club" and support their endeavours on and off the park both at home and abroad. We have no regrets and will continue to make sure that Rangers remain a force in the United Kingdom and abroad. Her Majesty would like to remind Celtic and all its followers that the sun never sets on the British Empire!

One is a person of the people after all."


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