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Adding Images

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Adding images

Once you have registered and logged in to Rangers Pedia, first upload a file and give it a name then go to the page you want to add it to.

If it's in the Player Profile bit which looks like this:

{{infobox Player

| playername = PLAYERNAME

| image = [[File:UPLOADEDiMAGEfILEnMAE|180px]]


| height = HEIGHT(IN METERS)

| dateofbirth = DOB(DD/MM/YYYY)

| cityofbirth = CITYOFBIRTH

| countryofbirth = COUNTRYOFBIRTH

| clubnumber = SHIRTNUMbER


| debut = DEBUTGAME(eg: 22/5/2008 vs Motherwell)

Just delete the bit that says UPLOADEDiMAGEfILEnMAE which I'v put in bold up above, and replace it with the name of the file you have uploaded.

If you want to add a picture to the Image section on a players profile or in the gallery section, which will look like this:

== Images ==




then just type in the image name eg. Edu.jpg after File: and then put | followed by a caption if you want one. You can add loads of pictures by just adding another line that follows this formula.

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