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***Hamburger SV v Rangers***

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We need to use this to experiment with the midfield. No Davis, Edu, McCulloch or Lafferty. At the same time, no Ness because he is a certainty to get injured again. Like the look of some of the midfields I've seen here. Id go with


Aluko - McKay - Wylde

---Fleck - Hemmings

Think we have to explore the option of using Bartley in the middle as we are currently out of ideas. Not bothered about the defense really, not an area to cause concern. I'd use 4 younger players. I don't think these games are as pointless as we make out, especially right now. We know we need big changes but it's risky to do it in competitive games.

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:McMillan: :Bartley: :Perry: :Broadfoot:

:Ortiz: :Bedoya: :McKay: :Aluko:

:Healy: :Hemmings:

Hopefully get a morale boosting win and see some other faces, eg. :Kerkar: :Bendiksen: :Ness: . Plus get Aluko and Ortiz some vital game time :) To all the bears going over, enjoy and have a right good swally :D:uk:

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last thing we need right now imo .

hopefully a few of the fringe players and youngsters start and if the impress at least a few of them should get a start at the weekend because things seriously need freshened up

starts for wylde mckay fleck perry mcmillan and maybe mccabe although i dont think he is ready yet

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