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The RangersPedia Project

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2009 saw the launch of the RangersPedia project by the site aiming to create the most comprehensive resource of information for fans to use.

Since the launch the site began to build and build on the information it already has published and started to develop. During this development designs where introduced into the site to help give a consistent house style through the RangersPedia site.

Many of you will have no doubt come across the site at least once during your time on the internet and some of you may have also thought "How can I help share my knowledge". The simple answer to that question is that anyone who basic computer knowledge can edit pages and "Microsoft Word" WYSIWYG Editors.

Registration takes seconds and your account goes live instantly allowing you to begin contributing instantly.

Over the upcoming days I will be producing Help Tip Sheets showing how to carry out basic functions on the site to help any people who wish to help develop the site but are unsure of where to get started.

In the mean time, If you require any more information feel free to contact me.

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