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AJ reported to have reported Whyte for criminal fraud


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Mark Daly @markdaly2




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I've just been told ex #rangers c'man Alistair Johnston today asked Crown Office to launch criminal fraud investigation into Whyte takeover

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Alastair Johnston using Rangers hater Mark Daly. Tells you all you need to know. :angry:

This (tu)

Do people really think he is doing this in the interst of Rangers?

Maybe Whyte is dodgy who knows but the way AJ has been reacting of late suggest to me he may also have something to hide.

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If he is proven to commiting fraud and stealing our money, will some of the debt (his doing) be transferred to him rather than RFC?

Also I've been told directly from an impeccable source that g4s have not been paid for their services since may-ish. The person is high up in g4s (director) and is a bear/ST holder. Whyte is a disgrace, an utter disgrace. I want him out, and I want him out now

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