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Matt McKay interview; a bit more info than usual


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Matt McKay owes Rangers nothing. Despite giving everything he had at Ibrox he got very little in return when it came to a crack at Ally McCoist's first team.

After being handed a three-year deal the Australian had every right to dig his heels in and try to see it out amid the turmoil of administration.

But that's not McKay's style. So when offered the chance to leave Glasgow - and earn skint Gers £170,000 - he jumped at it.

The prospect of saving a Murray Park kid's future was his way of giving something back.

In what proved a disastrous move, McKay made just three starts for Rangers after signing from Brisbane Roar last summer.

At times he was left asking himself the same questions that baffled the Ibrox support: Why did the club buy him? Who actually sanctioned the transfer? Why didn't he get a chance under McCoist?

But that didn't stop the 29-year-old leaving on good terms at the end of last month when he joined South Korean outfit Busan.

Speaking exclusively to MailSport, McKay revealed how an atmosphere of fear and insecurity has engulfed Ibrox as the players face up to the prospect of redundancy.

And despite his frustration at not playing more he hopes the SPL champions emerge stronger from their financial meltdown.

McKay said: "There has been a weird atmosphere in the last couple of weeks, since the club went into administration. It happened so quickly. A few of the players are panicking because they can't be sure of their futures. They are worried for their families.

"Some of the guys are just waiting for a tap on the shoulder, which isn't a great situation.

"But the SPFA have been great and the guys have had plenty support. Everyone wants to see the club move forward.

"If any of the players do have to leave Rangers I'm sure they'll find new clubs.

"It's not in my nature to just sit back and pick up wages. I could have dug my heels in for another two-and-a-half years but it's not who I am.

"The club have got money for me and my salary is off the bill. Hopefully that can mean one of the young players staying.

"There are some really good youngsters at Murray Park and the club needs to keep them to ensure a bright future.

"I'm not bitter towards Rangers and still want to see the club do well. I want them out of administration, to finish second in the SPL and qualify for Europe." But despite his goodwill towards the club McKay can't hide the disgruntlement over why he didn't have a bigger role to play.

He's heard all the rumours about McCoist thinking he was too small for Scottish football - but refuses to believe them.

The midfielder, who was voted the 2011 Australian Player of the Year ahead of Everton's Tim Cahill, feels the A-League in his homeland is underrated in the UK.

But he is adamant that if Rangers had just given him the chance to prove himself he could have made an impact.

McKay said: "I don't know how much respect people have for Australian football. But the national team are a good side.

"We've achieved a lot in the last few years, we're a top-20 nation and I'm part of that.

"I was voted Player of the Year last year ahead of guys like Cahill and Brett Holman of Feyenoord.

"Signing for Rangers was a big opportunity I couldn't pass up. But it just didn't work.

"I would have loved to see out my contract and played well for the club. I thought I could have contributed to the side but there was obviously a difference of opinion.

"I still don't know why I didn't play more. We were fairly strong in the middle of the park and the gaffer saw me more as a wide player. That didn't really suit anyone, I didn't fit into his system of playing.

"I liked being at the club, I enjoyed the training - I just wish I'd have got more of a chance to show what I can do.

"It was frustrating but the manager lives by his decisions. I worked hard every day but could see it wasn't going to happen for me.

"I've heard the rumours about Ally thinking I was too small for the SPL. But my size hasn't changed in the past two years!

"I can put myself about and I work hard but I'm not going to be as physical as an 80-kilo player. I'd be surprised if that was his excuse for me not playing."

He may only have been a bit-part player but McKay was overwhelmed by the backing he received from the fans. The Aussie revealed well-wishing Gers punters stopped him in the street and he couldn't believe the turnout for the game against Kilmarnock shortly after the club went into administration.

He said: "I always felt I had the support of the fans but they don't pick the team. I only played three games for the club but was being stopped on the street and given support.

"The Kilmarnock game was incredible, it was like an Old Firm derby! I was in the stands and the support was unreal.

"The result was obviously disappointing but the crowd that day shows how big a club Rangers is and hopefully that will help them through the situation they face.''

http://www.<No links to this website>/football/spl/rangers/2012/03/04/matt-mckay-i-hope-money-rangers-got-for-selling-me-will-help-keep-a-youngster-at-the-club-86908-23774649/

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Wants us to finish second? Tool. A ridiculous signing and a complete waste of money. Good luck to him in Korea though.

Are you for real? He could of stuck the knife in, and chose instead to take the high road (unlike some posting on here.).

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You must have been watching other games from me.

Yes,he was watching the games I saw where he looked lost not knowing how to get close to the ball or opponents.

Just returned from 4 weeks in NZ and Australia and the A league games I watched, where ageing has beens and players who never made the grade in spl and english lower leagues are stars,made sense of his failure to make any impact here.

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I live in Busan, and go to the I'Park games. I'll be putting up my Rangers flag each home game and cheering Matt on. I hope to have a chat with him. Its really easy to talk to the players after the games as the team isnt that popular and the players are very fan friendly...for those of us that show up to the games. Hope he can bring us the K-League title! It will be fun to watch an ex-Gers man here in Korea! WATP No Surrender.

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Have had the suspicion for a while now, I remember discussing it with Oz, I believe McCoist signed him because he felt Wylde may have left in the summer. McKay was versatile and has played on the left, however, wylde didn't leave and when McCoist got to see McKay play wide left, he wasn't what he had hoped and from what McKay said there, it seems to be the case.

A shame we never got to see him centrally, ally obviously didn't rate him there. He did look quite impressive but I never saw enough to be wholly sure of that.

Good luck to him and i respect that he put his hands up, said it wasn't working and departed without much bitterness.

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