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We need to get behind Green..

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Now more than ever. That cunt Rhegan is determined that because his scheme didn't pay off that he will now try to do all he can to humiliate and hamstring us.

Question, what are the terms of the embargo? From memory isn't it no players over 18? Well if that's the case I think we should accept because this total cunt Rhegan has no intentions of backing down now, he's nothing left to lose and is settled on causing as much shit to Rangers before he gets axed.

I think with a team of 18 year olds we could win the 3rd division and get it right up them. It would need to be 18 year olds from lower english premiership/ championship etc who their clubs want to farm out for experience.

Let's face it Div 3 is a part time league and a team full of super fit young guys could do the job.

I'm getting a bad feeling about all this. Even if it takes another year we need to ensure Rangers survival. The SPL clubs cut their noses off to spite their face and look where its got them.

We need to get behind Green and put up a united front. Failing that whats Rhegans address?

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