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A nice surprise.

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So, yesterday morning, there I am logging into my Ladbrokes account to do a football bet before having to head off to a mates funeral.

I've been fairly lucky this season on the football getting a few bets up so far which is very unlike me. I've been doing 4 or 5 time accumulators and firing a tenner on whereas the last few seasons have seen me doing daft 8, 9 or 10 timers with a fiver on them rendering completely useless.

I had a quick flick through the league tables and decided that my bet would consist of:



Leyton Orient

... and then wait for it... Rangers -2. Now, the reason I chose -2 was because it was 17/4 which I thought was an unreal price as we were 1/5 to win the match with them so I thought it might have been a mistake. Anyway I fired it in.

I got back from the funeral at half time and asked me Da what the score was with us.... "3-1" he said... "Happy days"...."to Brechin" .... I didn't have many worries that we could come back from that and felt that if we did, it would do Super nothing but big favours and show that he has the fighting power to win over the dressing room but I just wasn't sure if we could put another 5 past them to bring my bet back on the rails.

So I kept an eye on it through the second half... 3-2, 3-3, and then Nicky Clark pumping one in on the 85th for the 4-3 winner.

Happy days I though, bet chinned but was over the moon for Ally and the squad as this was a massive stepping stone in my eyes and was a big turning point for us (better than the 8-0 win in my book).

Anyway, because I knew that the -2 part of the bet was beat I didn't even bother looking at the other results as there's nothing worse than having your own team fuck your bet up.

Later that night, I log on to have a bit of a flutter on the Frampton fight... then I noticed the balance in my account wasn't sitting at £0 as expected. I went into look at the bet and found this...

Anyone notice why Rangers -2 is a winner? Never been so fucking happy to make a mistake in my life.


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You have clicked looks like by mistake second half handicap mate so in the second half we scored 3 goals to nil so we won -2 haha a bit of luck.

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