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Online Heists Gta V

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Any use guys coming on ?

You were racing with me earlier "PeaceSells".

Apologies for the At the Races behaviour :P

Totally out of character as we were testing out the betting system hence me being a cunt and driving the wrong way!!

Feel free to add me on PSN. I am on most weekends in a party chat with my brother and you are more than welcome to join if you like Racing (tu).

Same goes for anyone else!

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PS3 mate, I was late to the party because of my love for Football Manager.

Send me your PSN mate, I'm level 83 on the PS3 and struggling to get through the heists as folk either wont join up as they will lose theie £1million bonus or they are shite.

3 times me and this other guy completed our half of the Prison heist -station mission and the b team screwed us up , or you end up with cunts leaving as there is a glitch where you can get the police uniform so they start the mission then change session right away.

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