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***Official Taigs v Rangers Match Thread***

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7 hours ago, 1NachoNovo said:

which is what exactly? You can't win it if you aren't in it. We're so fucking far out of it, we'll be lucky to be close.

In reflection, the guys who came from the EPL had a rude awakening yesterday regarding the physicality of the Old Firm games and what's expected of them.

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7 hours ago, Johnny Dangerously said:

Your full off shit, can you not see any out let for your team?

ffs, it's bad just now, you see it, I think, but for ffs is there no positives for this team ? You negative piece of shit ?

There's positives, yes, like Windass and Garner. And Crooks and Holt to come in. 

But 5 league games now the manager has picked a dodgy starting 11. He continues to pick his favourites and those out of form.

He talks about the experience of certain players even though only the inexperienced ones get pass marks.

He is stubborn to the extent he becomes liable.

We have 8 points out of 15. Form of a mid table team at best.

We are likely to talk ourselves up but keep doing what we are doing which is miles from good enough.

You call me a negative piece of shit. I see it as realistic.  You prefer to be positive which is fine but where is the basis for believing we'll either genuinely compete with them or even finish second?

Maybe after the sheep and Hertz away you'll waken up to reality. 

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